When talking about Christmas, certainly it can not be separated from the Christmas tree and all its ornaments. But not only that, but the house also needs to be decorated so that the Christmas atmosphere is increasingly felt in your home. Decorating a house at Christmas is a fun activity. Christmas decorations always bring a warm and cheerful effect that can always make anyone smile when they see it. Christmas decorations don’t have to be fancy and expensive, we can buy or make simple but cute for Christmas decorations.

Making a variety of Christmas decorations by using used items is very easy and simple. Just need a little creativity in processing these used goods. You can also easily change a wine bottle into a classy decoration for display at home. If you want a warm table decoration, you can put a glass filled with pine cones and decorate the glass with a pink ribbon. Easy enough right?


Perfect JOY Sign

This JOY sign is made in red which is perfect for Christmas decorations. With a bouquet of flowers in the middle will make the decoration very festive and simple. By using a cheap budget you can create an elegant decoration like in the picture.


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Old Wine Bottles

If you are interested in making this Christmas decoration, you can simply buy an old wine bottle available at the store. To make this decoration, you just need paint, laces, ribbons and several other materials. You can already make beautiful decorations like in the picture. Enjoy!


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Affordable Glitters Decoration

The decor is very easy to make and is certainly also very Low Price to make it. By using a white stand and the top is equipped with artificial snow that is formed round to beautify the sparkling decorations. Try it will be very fun to make it.


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The Christmas Table Decoration

You can make decorations for Christmas by using some of these materials, such as pine cones, empty glasses, and plates that are decorated with stone or sparkling works. Arrange and place these decorations on the table according to your taste and you will get an amazing Christmas decoration. Enjoy!


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Tea Lights On The Wall Decorations

This is a very creative Christmas decoration. By using tin tuna cans, flawless tea lights, and wooden boards, you can be with your family and it’s great fun. This is a simple and affordable idea for Christmas. Try!


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Paper Ornaments For Christmas

Very affordable decoration and easy to make it. Prepare paper according to your taste and make beautiful paper decorations to hang on the Christmas tree. Add a red ribbon to beautify it. Try!


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Beautiful Front Door Decoration 

Christmas decorations for your front door will look adorable and creative, by using floral arrangements made of wooden frames combined with pine leaves and small bells. Not to mention coupled with a white ribbon that will make this bouquet more beautiful. Try!


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Yarn Ball Wreath

Make balls using yarn in various colors and make a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the front door. This decoration really accentuates the beauty at Christmas. By making garlands with this yarn you can save a lot of expenses. Try it!


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Christmas Pillow Decoration with Ribbons

If you want to make a simple yet elegant Christmas pillow decoration. this is a suitable decoration for it. Make your own with a simple white ribbon. They look very elegant too.


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String Lamps Tree On The Wall

Christmas trees don’t always use evergreen trees. By using a rope that is shaped like a tree on the wall, will make your Christmas decoration more beautiful. This decoration is simple, affordable and very adorable. Color settings make a lot of difference in this regard. Try it!


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Christmas decorations are incomplete without the use of charming lighting decorations. For those of you who like a classic theme, you can make decorative lights using candles, wooden boards, and tin tuna cans. Put the decorations in the family room or in the living to welcome your guests. String lights are lighting for Christmas with small lights and connected to each other. This decoration gives a modern impression in your home. This type of lamp can be used for interior and exterior Christmas lights.

Christmas ribbons are one of the important objects that will definitely appear in December because they are often used to wrap gifts and decorate the walls of a house on Christmas. Ribbons can be made to wrap gifts and also decorations for your door. if you are having trouble making a bouquet of flowers, you can replace it with ornaments made of ribbon to be installed at the front door of the house. Hopefully, the picture above can inspire you in making Christmas decorations.

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