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32 Proper Countertop Designs with Farmhouse Style

To give your kitchen a farmhouse touches, you can start with the countertop. Due to the reason where countertop is the spot in the kitchen that mostly used, it is really worthy for you to apply the farmhouse touches into it.


Because of the farmhouse style that you apply for your home theme, consequently you have to be able to manage the farmhouse touches. Commonly people only focus in their living room or front part of the home. Basically the reason is clear because those two spots are the public area where your guests may visit. Anyway, you still have one more public spot in your home although it might be rarely visited by your guests, that is the kitchen.

Moreover, to give your kitchen a farmhouse touches, you can start with the countertop. Due to the reason where countertop is the spot in the kitchen that mostly used, it is really worthy for you to apply the farmhouse touches into it. Seems like you have known that farmhouse must be closely related with wooden material, and that is completely right. Even more, the are also some materials that can be used for your farmhouse countertop. Check out the references below!

light grey granite with wooden cutting board
natural wooden vinyl in rectangular pattern to add beauty
silk wooden countertop under unfinished red brick wall
fierce black granite combined with white brick wall
grey unfinished granite countertop and white brick look ceramic wall
wooden surface L-shaped countertop in layered and white brick wall
natural wooden countertop and dark iron sink color
bright wood material for your L-shaped countertop
long wooden countertop in solid wood material
wooden vinyl countertop with rectangular pattern

Image Source

black granite countertop and two wide sinks
Wooden countertop in unfinished design and pallet wood as the cabinet under
grey granite Countertop and wooden kitchen island with unique wood shape arrangement
large dark brown wooden countertop for a really classic look
light grey countertop and black sink
L-shaped wooden countertop with vertical striped pattern wood
Silk L-shaped wooden countertop with white wooden kitchen cabinet
Unfinished wooden countertop design
natural wooden countertop for small kitchen
soft white granite countertop paired with dark brown wooden cabinet under
brown rectangular pattern countertop in wooden material
white kitchen with natural solid wooden countertop
bright brown wooden countertop with classic sink

Image Source

all wooden materials, with the same color and wood type related with the countertop
black granite countertop design combined with wooden kitchen island
dark brown wooden countertop with its natural wood color
dull brown wooden countertop with green wooden pallet cabinet under
grey countertop and black stone classic sink
light grey granite countertop and classic white sink
light grey countertop and long classic sink
wooden countertop in brown color and unique pattern surface
white thin granite surface countertop paired with wooden pallet wall

Image Source

As the result, after you looked at our references above you must be recognize that there are not only wooden material that is available. Because of the farmhouse is also related to the nature element so that you can still the other material. Again, don’t forget that you should make sure to use the nature elements because that is the key of this style. Probably you can have stone as your countertop material as long as you can provide the one with flat surface.

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Above all, let’s back to the wooden countertop. Because wood has the characteristic that may can’t be durable enough in humid condition so that you have to consider some things. Firstly is the wood kind where you have to choose the one that has a good durability although it will be a little bit expensive. Second, look at how the wood is being processed. Due to the durability, there must be some wood processes that should be through so that the wood has a strong form.

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