For a good outdoor gathering reason, patio deck can be the best choice for you. If you have enough space in your backyard, then make sure that you utilize it maximally. Since you are going to use it as your gathering spot just like the living room, then you should consider some things. As your viewpoint, here the most important is on how you make your patio deck as comfortable as your living room.



When you look at your living room, the first thing that you see is the furniture. Well, it is no wonder because furniture will be the media to make you can do the gathering there. Most importantly, provide the comfortable seat before you move to the other furniture. If it is possible you can put sofa there, but if not then simply have the common seat by adding some throw pillows or bench’s pads. After that, you can move to the coffee table, stand lamp, and more.

Beige rattan chair for your outdoor relaxing moment while reading books and have some beverage
Brown rattan coffee table and seats with pads on it to make it comfortable. The throw pillows are useful to add the beauty.
Another rattan seats with flower soft foam fora pretty impression
Black iron and round coffee table with the chairs as the complement furniture
White iron chairs and round table with a classic and pretty style
Black iron chairs and round coffee table with glass surface which is topped with flower vases to make it more attractive
Wooden chairs and long bench for your farmhouse style

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Well, don’t forget that you might hold an outdoor gathering at night. Here, you must need a proper lighting so that your gathering will be really fun. What is mean with proper lighting could be different from one to another patio deck. Basically it will be based on te design and the wide of the space. If your patio deck is quite small then you won’t need too many lighting. In contrary, you have to install lot of lighting for your spacious deck because your patio deck won’t bright enough with only one or two lighting.

Firing lights to light up your terrace which is placed on the pergola
Stairs lighting to give a very pretty entry
Lighting applied to the tairs and at the corner of the patio deck to get good lighting
Flooring lighting and ceiling for a good lighting management
Extending light bulbs to get good lighting and feel serene at night
Another light bulbs that are arranged in the ceiling
Floor lighting in the stairs and under the seats well decorated lighting

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For the fresh and peaceful atmosphere, greenery will be the important part for your patio deck. Basically you can have some different kinds of greenery, but for the good one adjust it based on your patio condition. For example, if your patio deck is in a small one, then you can have small plants like decorative plants or flowers. In case your patio is spacious and located in spacious yard, then you can have some big trees for more greenery.

Big trees for your wide space yard and patio deck
Some different decorative plants with planter variations
Hanging planters combined with another unique planters for your adorable greenery
Well arranged and decorated decorative plants
Plenty different kinds of flowers with some different colors to give pretty atmosphere
Purple flowers for your chic yet classy patio deck impression
Flowers and decorative plants in a good arrangement

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Fire Pit

Fire pit will work well when you have the gathering in fall or winter. As long as it is not raining or snowing then you can have the gathering. Because of the function need, the you can have the design just in whatever you like. You just need to consider the function of it, as long as it works well to warm up your body then it will be ok!

Simple bowl fire pit
Brick fire pit in round shape
Wood arrangement fire pit in square shape
bowl cement fire pit addd with fire inside
Iron fire pit in a high position with rocks under to avoid the hot temperature
Big and wide round fire pit designed with rocks as the material
Well decorated fire pit in unique shape for your farmhouse patio deck

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