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20 Things That You Should Have for Your Winter Decor


Winter is actually a fun season. Because in this season, we can experiment with various styles of clothes to home decor. For home decoration problems, we must prepare everything or objects that can warm our home. One way to create a warm and intimate atmosphere at home in winter is to provide things such as faux fur blanket, knitted cushion, warm rug, and candles.


Faux Fur Blanket

In addition to pillows and bolsters, items that can make you comfortable and warm in winter are fleece blankets. Blankets are a must-have item in winter because in addition to a good model this blanket also has a very soft texture. If you have this fleece blanket then you don’t need to be afraid anymore in the cold temperatures.

White furry blanket combine with gray knit blanket, gray pillow and gray bedroom
Brown white furry blanket with white pillow, classic pattern pillow and white bed
Brown furry blanket wit white bed , white and brown pillow
White pattern furry blanket in the black color with white bed and white pillow
Brown white furry blanket with classic pattern bed and pattern pillow

Image source

Knitted Cushion

Pillows have a very complicated texture and can beautify the house. Not only that this pillow is also comfortable to use. If for a sofa that has a soft seat and backrest, the placement of a knitting pillow is certainly more directed as an accessory and beautifies the concept of decoration. It is different if you place a knit pillow on a chair whose base and back are made of wood, bamboo or rattan, then the presence of a knitting pillow is certainly needed to be the back and seat backrest.

Square white knitted cushion with round white Cushion in the gray sofa

image source

white knitted cushion combine with white blanket in the rattan sofa

image source

Round gray knitted cushion with gray blanket in the white sofa

image source

Square yellow knitted cushion in the gray sofa to look beautiful

image source

Square white knitted cushion combine with gray sofa to look cool

image source

Warm Rug

The function of the carpet is not only as a floor covering but can provide its own color in the room. Soft carpet material and can create comfort that makes the atmosphere of the house feel increasingly familiar. You should be able to choose a carpet that is suitable for the order of home decor. Rug made from wool or acrylic is very fitting to be selected.

Square pattern warm rug with gray sofa, gray and black pillow
Line pattern in the pink warm rug with red sofa and flowers pattern in the white pillow
White blue pattern warm rug combine with white sofa and colorful pillow
Round brown warm rug with a small table, green sofa and pattern pillow

image source

The white pattern in the red warm rug with square wooden table, brown sofa to look amazing

image source


Winter is the right time to decorate your home to look sweet and romantic. You can use candles as a material to decorate every corner of your house’s room, looking both romantic and warm. Its beautiful candles and light give a romantic, calm and peaceful atmosphere. Even with its simple shape, candles can create a cozy atmosphere inside the house, however, to present an elegant impression, try to use a candle container or candle holder.

Square candle ideas combined with green plants and red plants decoration
red wax art with green pine leaves, pine fruit in a container
White candle design combined with colorful patterns that look very cool
The red candles in the container are combined with green leaves, twigs and red lights
White candles in glass containers are combined with greenery and placed on wood

image source

So that the house feels more cozy to live in during the winter, you must prepare a variety of goods. These items can help you in warming your body and also make your home look attractive. Hopefully, this post can provide inspiration in decorating the house in winter.

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