Ready for a season of cold hands and numb feet? Yes, winter is near at hand, so that you need to prepare your home for a chic and warm space. These winter decorations below will help you achieve an elegant place to hibernate during winter. From the simplest to most complicated décor ideas, your home improvement won’t take too much time. 



1. Place Some Wool-Covered Items

Don’t let your adornments frozen! Cover them with your old sweaters. Cut off the sleeves then slip over them over glass votives, bottles, and vases. Then, Use the rest of your sweater for the lampshade cover. It’s lucky if you have many old sweaters in different colors. That means plenty of things to adorn. 

Utilizing used sweaters that are not useful for wrapping pots like in the picture above is the right way. Because by wrapping a flower vase, your flower vase will remain durable in winter.
Using a used sweater to coat a glass vase and a candle holder in winter is one way to keep your things durable. Besides that, a sweater can also beautify your candle holder and vase.
One way to make your chandelier look attractive and durable, you can use a used sweater to attach your lamp shade to the picture above.

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2. Hang Pom Pom Garland Over a Fireplace Mantel 

The best winter fireplace is the one that warms you up, and at the same time, has its warm look too. Help it achieve the look by hanging pom pom garland in front of its mantel. Opt for colorful pom pom so that it exudes the best match to your room atmosphere. Yet, colorful garland on a fireplace mantel is such a classic look too.

Decorating the fireplace with a white garland pom pom is the right choice. With a decorative pom pom garland your fireplace will look attractive in winter.

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Pom pom garland is one of those winter fireplace decorations that is suitable for you to use. Using white pom pom garland will make your fireplace more beautiful.

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The colorful Pom Poms Garland mounted on the fireplace like in the picture above is perfect for you to apply. Because with this garland pom pom your fireplace coat will look classic.

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3. Diffuse Your Special Winter Essential Oil

It’s pretty simple to provide summertime smells to your house now. You only need a diffuser and some essential oils to blend. A drop, or two, of peppermint, oregano, frankincense, thieves are great for your immune system support during winter.

Thus, placing a diffuser in every room you have is the smartest idea to keep fit and warm during winter. 

If you want your room to smell, you can put a diffuser essential oil like in the picture above. Besides being able to make your room a diffuser fragrance, it can also make your room beautiful.

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One way to make your room beautiful and fragrant you can install essential oils that use rods like in the picture above. Because the oil is placed in a glass bottle and given a rod can make your room look cool and fragrant.

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Garnish using essential oils for a room in winter is the right choice. Because this decoration is a multipurpose decoration that can beautify and make the room fragrant.

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4. Utilize the Ceiling-to-Floor Glass Window

We all know that we spend too little time outside during winter. So, why not implementing a more nature-inspired décor to your room. How? Bring into play your ceiling-to-floor glass windows to reflect the outside view. This décor creates no other warmer and more elegant place to have a hot chocolate drink than your room.

Giving a large glass to the room in your winter house like in the picture above is a great choice for those of you who like the wide view. With a large glass like the picture above will make your room look elegant.

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Decorating the living room with large glass like in the picture above is the right choice. With glass like in the picture above will make your room look attractive.
Choosing a living room decoration with large glass is perfect for you to apply. Because with the glass like in the picture above you will feel more comfortable being in the living room during winter.

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5. Organize a Large Fur Rug and Chunky Knit in the Living Room

Who can resist the ease of soft fur rug and knit blanket? They do not only offer an appealing display of a living room to see but also an extra-cozy place to snuggle comfortably. These are only a few adorable winter decorations. You can surely seek more by yourself.

To make the most of the warmth in the living room, you can put on feather rugs and knit blankets. With these blankets and rugs you will feel warm when in the living room.

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Using knit blankets and fluffy rugs like in the picture above is the right choice for winter living room decor. With this blanket and rug you will feel comfortable when in the living room when the temperature is cold.

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The living room that looks attractive and feels warm with a blue knit blanket and a white furry rug is perfect for you. Because the winter living room like in the picture above will be very comfortable to use.

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