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20 Enchanting Christmas Lights to Lighten Up Your Space

When it comes to Christmas decor, lights are the key to a perfect Christmas-theme decoration. They will bring a warm and cozy feeling in your home. You can wrap them around the window frame or Christmas tree, place them on the mantel, or hang them on the walls. You never go wrong with classic string Christmas lights.

However, there are so many ideas on how to decorate your room with Christmas lights for the holiday season. Check out these enchanting Christmas lights to lighten up your home!


1. Wreath Decorated with Christmas Lights

Either you make a wreath from fresh greenery or buy it at a craft store, you can always make it more stand out by wrapping tiny red Christmas lights around. Then, place an oversized big red wreath to bring joy into your home.

Combining pinecones and cypress leaves to make a beautiful wreath. Then, beautify it with string lights that will make this wreath looks perfect.

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Green wreaths combined with string lights are equipped with ribbons and other decorations to make these wreaths look beautiful for your Christmas decorations.

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Forming a wreath that looks like a snowman which is really creative. Then, beautify it by using string lights that will make this wreath look special.
A wreath made of pinecones and a few pine leaves makes this wreath looks natural. Moreover, equip the wreath with string lights will make this wreath looks beautiful.
Pine leaves can be made into beautiful bouquets combined with string lights to make this bouquet looks fresh but natural.

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2. Snowflake Christmas Lights

Who said that Christmas lights always shaped like a bulb? Try these LED snowflake lights and hang them on the ceiling to make a charming, comfortable space in your room. Then, you can place a rose-gold-themed Christmas tree below the snowflake lights. It is a beautiful yet adorable Christmas decor.

Snowflake-shaped lights that look amazing can be applied to decorate your home at Christmas

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Christmas lights do not always use light bulbs, now with LED lights in the form of snowflakes will make your Christmas decoration looks beautiful.

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Making snowflakes from string lights to make you look perfect to decorate your home at Christmas.
Using snowflake-shaped lights for your Christmas decoration is an amazing thing. You can choose blue lights that make the side of your house looks beautiful.
Using iron formed like snowflakes combined with string lights that follow that shape will make your Christmas decoration looks perfect.

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3. Fairy Christmas Lights in a Jar

It might be our favorite for Christmas decor this year. It’s simple and inexpensive. Fill a mason jar with a bunch of Christmas lights and ornaments, then place it on a tray. Decorate the tray with green pine branches, berries, and pine cones. Finally, you can put a silver star ornament to make it look fancy. 

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Using jars for Christmas decoration is a very creative thing combined with Christmas lights then beautified with pinecones to make this decoration looks amazing.

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Making Christmas decorations by using jars and string lights inserted in it makes your Christmas decorations look stunning.

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Unused jars combined with a light string placed inside the jars will make this decoration looks perfect at Christmas.

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The mason jar combined with the colorful lights included in it makes this decoration looks beautiful.
The decoration that combining the jar and blue Christmas lights looks elegant. Moreover, it is also beautified with ribbon tied on top to make your Christmas decorations look perfect.

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4. Classic Burlap Garland with Christmas Lights

If you are into something classic and rustic, this lighted garland is probably for you. It is a simple Christmas decoration. Prepare a very long string, and tie brown, red, and green burlap ribbons. After that, wrap the Christmas lights around the garland. You can set it on the stair rails or the mantel. 
Classic warm white bulbs Christmas lights are always the most popular string lights. However, when it comes to Christmas decor, you can try our idea of using the unique string Christmas lights decoration to make it, even more, stand out.

Garland decoration that combining the brown, green and red burlap fabric which neatly cut and combined with string of lights make this decoration looks beautiful when installed in your home.

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Garland light
Making a garland with burlap fabric combined with Christmas lights that can beautify your Christmas tree.
Garland decoration using burlap material combined with light strings that can be applied to decorate your fireplace at Christmas.

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Making garland using burlap material with red and brown neatly cut combined with string lights make your Christmas decoration looks perfect.

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Garland that made using patterned hessian combined with string lights that will make your Christmas decoration beautiful.

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