Talking about the Christmas design theme, we can never move on from classic Christmas décor. It’s always unbelievable how classic décor themes could both share the iconic festive celebrations and spark the joyful spirit of the holiday. All you need to prepare is to list several typically unique Christmas decorations and a bunch of spirits to make them happen.

Get inspired by our recommendation below on classic Christmas décor ideas for your festive space.


1. Crochet Christmas Stocking

Santa Stocking is another classic Christmas décor you can’t miss. If you want an unexpected idea for your Santa Stocking creation, opt for handmade projects you can create, like crocheted Santa boots! You can start to make your stocking in various sizes. Pick festive colors, such as warm white, yellow, bright red, or green. You can hang them on the mantel of your fireplace, on your Christmas tree, and on the front door, too.

Classic Christmas décor ideas with belle-inspired princess crochet yellow stockings dress from beauty and grace.
Classic Christmas décor ideas with fair isle snowflake crochet stocking pattern. Your favorite holiday can be captured in a stocking you’ll love every Christmas.
Classic Christmas décor ideas with reindeer crochet Christmas stocking idea. This crochet stocking will fit in flawlessly. The pom-pom bow makes it looks even more comfy and cozy.
Classic Christmas décor idea with this wintry reindeer stocking. You can even add a red button for the Rudolph’s nose.
Classic Christmas décor ideas with unicorn theme. Complete with a mane and pretty eyelashes, the the unicorn can go from dream to reality in your holiday décor.

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2. Gingerbread Cookies

What is better than edible décor with inviting and delicious aroma in the air? Gingerbread cookies can be your definite solution for classic Christmas décor you can eat. You can bake these yummy cookies in different sizes and shapes. A gingerbread cookie house is a wonderful décor, too.

Classic Christmas décor idea with gingerbread cookies with homemade dulce de leche filling makes this dessert downright decadent.
Classic Christmas décor ideas with gingerbread with cheese cream cookies. You can utilise it for your classic Christmas décor.
Classic Christmas décor idea with gingerbread cookies. This classic, the no-fail recipe will make your serving perfect every single time.
Classic Christmas décor idea with soft chocolate gingerbread cookies. The recipe made with cocoa powder where each cookie adorned with a chocolate star.
Classic Christmas décor idea with white chocolate gingerbread star cookies. Feel free to add the sprinkle as much or as little as you like.

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3. Welcoming Wreaths

Welcoming wreaths are a must to have for your front door. Collect organic materials, such as Fraser fir, branches, and twigs, for creating your customized wreaths. Adorn your wreaths with tiny rustic flowers to enhance your design with more chicness and style. Then, you can arrange your wreaths on the front door to welcome and charm every guest you’ll have.

Welcoming the Christmas with front door plaid wreath. This wreath simply attached with wood crossbars for a completely different look.
Decorate the front door with beautiful wreath would look so cute with a pair of worn cowboy boots.
Front door decoration with plaid fabric material and burlap as the ribbon. This blogger simply attached wood crossbars to a store-bought wreath for a completely different look.
Retro wreath with colorful ornament vintage-inspired craft is sure to make your front door pretty and bright.
Blue wreath is also beautiful and proper for your Christmas front door decoration. Then, add it with green color ornament for more fresh impression.

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4. Festive Christmas Tree

A focal point for the Christmas celebration? A festive Christmas tree is an absolute answer. It’s brilliant how the Christmas tree could both represent the spirit of the holiday and deck out your space. Beautify your Christmas tree with ornaments, such as hanging pinecones, paper snowflakes, ribbon, Christmas balls, and tinsel décor. 

Classic Christmas décor ideas with Christmas tree decorated with snowflake ornaments, garlands, ribbons, and mini LED lights.
Classic Christmas décor ideas with Christmas tree decorated with colorful lollipop ornaments, snowflakes, garlands, craft houses, and mini lights.
Classic Christmas décor ideas with Christmas tree decorated with snowflake ornaments, garlands, small gifts, dolls, and mini lights.
Classic Christmas décor ideas with a beautiful white Christmas tree decorated with red and silver ball ornaments, gift presents, and mini LED lights.
Classic Christmas décor ideas with an enchanting mini Christmas tree decorated with shiny red ball ornaments, handmade paper birds and garlands.

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Hopefully, the ideas on making your classic Christmas décor happen will keep you inspired. Come give it a go!

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