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25 Amazing Candy Cane Ornaments to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays


What are you reminded of when looking at these candy cane ornaments? It might tell you of the holiday season and bring the Christmas vibes into your home. That is why we give you these amazing candy cane ornaments ideas and decorations. 

You don’t need to use the real candy to do this project, replace it with the artificial ones, or make your own. There are a lot of candy cane ornaments ideas that you can try, so here are our five amazing candy cane ornaments to decorate your home. 


1. Candy Cane Ornaments for Chair Decorations

Transform your dining room chairs into something nice and lovely with a simple ribbon decoration. You’ll need a length of peppermint stripe wired ribbon and oversized artificial candy cane ornaments. Tie the ribbon around the top rail of the chair and the candy cane onto the end of dangling peppermint stripe wired ribbon to make it hangs down. 

a creative decoration candy cane that applied to your dining room chair which adds with ribbon to match

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DIY wreath combined with candy cane that you can hang with red ribbon to decorate the dining room chairs

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farmhouse dining room added with wreath ornament with candy cane that hung into the wooden chairs using ribbed ribbons

Image Source

unique candy cane decoration applied to the chair that added with red ribbon to make it harmonious and memorable to welcome the Christmas season this year

Image Source

two candy cane that combined with wreath and red ribbon as an ornament that hung on your dining chair

Image Source

2. Hanging Candy Cane Ornaments

Decorate your window by placing garland and hang the candy cane ornaments on your window. It’s simple yet looks festive at the same time. You can hang the real candy canes or the artificial ones onto the window frame. 

cute candy cane hanging in your window to welcome this year’s Christmas season

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various ornaments that have the characteristic of Christmas can be hung on your window that will resemble as if it is a curtain to make it looks memorable

Image Source

window decoration to make it looks memorable during the Christmas season this year where you can add the pine cone and candy cane to make it looks wonderful

Image Source

If you want to have the memorable look, you can pay attention to the part of your window that added with candy cane in the form of a star and wreath garland.

Image Source

creative candy cane shaped like a sunflower where in the middle of it added with snow ornament that hung on your window using red ribbon

Image Source

3. Candy Cane Ornaments as Tree Decoration

Decorate your Christmas tree with candy cane ornaments, and your kids will like it. It also reminds you of childhood since red and white it’s the colour of Christmas.

festive unique Christmas tree by using several Christmas ornaments, especially the candy cane which loved by the children.
cute white Christmas tree by adding some ornament such as candy cane, and squishy to make the tree looks festive.
A magnificent red Christmas tree that added with candy cane ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree so that it’ll be more festive and memorable
Christmas tree decorations decorated with LED lighting and given the candy canes to look memorable this Christmas season
simple Christmas tree decorations that require candy cane and lollipop ornaments that will be loved by children

Image Source

4. Candy Cane Ornaments as Christmas Swag Decoration

Who said a Christmas sway could not be made with candy cane ornaments? The things that you need to make this classic Christmas decoration are available in every craft store, including the big candy cane.

Candy cane candle decoration that is romantic to be placed in the table settings that will create such a memorable dining
large candy cane in collaboration with wreath and various ribbons to decorate your door for the Christmas season this year
creative Christmas tree that uses candy cane that arranged like a Christmas tree and placed in your family room
an elegant centerpiece that utilizes candy cane, that arranged soaring high which given a lollipop icon for the topper
Stocking holders that use candy cane to decorate your fireplace or your cabinet in the living room

Image Source

5. Candy Cane Ornaments as Festive Floral Arrangements

This beautiful festive floral arrangement using candy cane ornaments, flowers, and a vase or a simple pine plant. Decorate the plant with Christmas trinkets, ribbons, and candy cane ornaments. It’s perfect for placing it on the porch or the table.

candy cane vase of matching red flowers in the Christmas season where the vases can be created by adding striped ribbons and placing them on your table.

Image Sourcce

Candy cane vase arrangements that you can add with the Christmas ornaments to look beautiful like pine cones, Christmas bells and red ribbons to beautify your table
flower vase with candy cane added to the sides to decorate your table this Christmas season

Image Source

DIY candy cane vase that wrapped a red ribbon so that you can complete and match it on your table to welcome the Christmas season

Image Source

beautiful and red flower planter that added with a large candy cane in the centre of the flower. Here, you can place it on the side of the stairs of your house.

Image Source

These are our amazing candy cane ornaments ideas to decorate your home. Have you found your favourite yet? Don’t worry; candy canes ornament will always fit perfectly to all Christmas decorations.

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