Christmas trees are a must to have in celebrating the festive day, and bringing them inside your space is now no longer impossible. It’s amazing how Christmas trees could share the joy in your merry Christmas day. For those who aren’t into the fuss of bringing the big planter inside, opt for mini Christmas trees that’ll adorn your space look! Have as much inspiration as possible for your petite trees to deck out your room and make your day.

This is our recommendation on making your mini Christmas trees more dazzling.


1. Petite Felt Christmas Trees

DIY handmade projects would certainly work for your mini Christmas trees. Try gathering your felt collections ready. You can pick the colors in accordance with the Christmas-themed décor, like white, red or green. Start designing your mini felt Christmas trees, create some, and hang your ornaments on the wall or Christmas trees. You can also paste them wherever want!

Chrismats tree
Use green felt to make your Christmas tree adorned with some ornaments mounted on the tree to make your decoration looks perfect.
Christmas tree decoration
Making a Christmas tree made of felt is simple but can decorate your home at Christmas. Then, combine it with some ornaments that make this decoration looks perfect.
Christmas tree
Christmas tree made of felt is very easy to make to beautify your home at Christmas. Here, you can add some cute ornaments to make this decoration looks perfect.
Felts can be used to make Christmas tree decorations that can beautify the walls of your home. By adding some ornamentation of various shapes to make this tree looks beautiful.
Making a homemade Christmas tree made of felt is easy to make. By being adorned with several ornament gifts you can adorn your walls at Christmas.

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2. Adorable Tiny Kitchen Tree

Do you want cozy yet festive kitchen décor for welcoming Christmas? Try an adorable tiny kitchen tree. You can either occupy a real mini Christmas tree or a faux one. Set your mini Christmas tree plant on natural-based stand, like wood, to add more natural sensation to your kitchen. Kitchen-themed ornaments like a cheese grater and mini toaster would absolutely adorn your pretty little kitchen tree, too!

Tree 12
Mini Christmas tree decorated with artificial snow to make this tree looks natural. Then, you can apply the tree to make your kitchen looks beautiful at Christmas.
Tree christmas
Kitchen decoration using pots wrapped in burlap fabric for this Christmas tree looks beautiful which added with pine cones to make this tree looks beautiful.
Green Christmas tree combined with string lights to make your kitchen decoration looks perfect at Christmas.

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Kitchen decoration uses a mini Christmas tree combined with several ornaments to make the Christmas tree looks beautiful.
Christmas tree decorations adorned with ornaments and equipped with string lights that will make your kitchen decor looks fabulous at Christmas.

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3. Small Citrus Tree

Looking for ideas for unexpectedly unique mini Christmas trees? Go for a small citrus tree instead of regular ones. You can always use your mini pine Christmas tree, but, to get into a citrus theme, you can embellish your tree with citric accessories, like artificial mini citrus ornaments. It’s awesome how a mini citrus tree could bring refreshment and joy to your space.

Decorate the bedroom by using a mini Christmas tree decorated with orange pieces to beautify this Christmas tree.

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Christmas tree
Christmas tree decorated with citrus combined with orange-colored ribbons to make your home decoration looks beautiful at Christmas.
The Christmas tree adorned with citrus fruits which thinly cut to make this tree decoration looks amazing at Christmas.
The dining room table which centered with mini Christmas tree equipped with citrus fruits to create an extraordinary decoration.
Christmas tree adorned with orange fruit that hung enhanced by lighting from candles to make your Christmas decoration looks elegant.

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4. Mini Tinsel Tree

For those who are the big fans for sparkly Christmas décor, you can create your mini Christmas trees from tinsel décor. It’s kicking-ass how shiny tinsel materials would spark the spirit of the holiday to your festive space. Set the base of your mini Christmas tree ready and start arranging tinsel on it. You can also add more accessories, like tiny Christmas balls, for your Christmas tree embellishments. Those ideas on mini Christmas trees would hopefully get you inspired. Happy crafting!

Mini Christmas tree made from tinsel material combined with colorful balls make your Christmas decoration looks perfect.

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Tinsel tree
A silver Christmas tree made of tinsel material that adorned with white balls and some other ornaments that can beautify your home at Christmas.
Mini Christmas tree made from tinsel material and combined with colorful balls hanging to make your Christmas decoration looks perfect.
Colorful little balls can be used to beautify a Christmas tree made of tinsel material that supported with light blue pots to make your Christmas decoration looks beautiful.

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Mini silver Christmas tree that adorned with colorful little balls and some other ornaments to beautify your room at Christmas.

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