Decorating kitchen space in a farmhouse theme is no longer impossible to do. Furthermore, it’s unbelievably easy and fun for making your cozy farmhouse kitchen happen. All you need is a unique concept in the typical theme and sparks of creativity to charm your kitchen space. It’s brilliant how the rustic farmhouse kitchen design could showcase the comfort and sophistication to your dining room.

Get inspired with our list below on easy ideas for your farmhouse kitchen décor.


1. Pottery and Crocks

Farmhouse kitchen can be enhanced with a set of pottery and crocks that’ll adorn your space. Place them on the hanging shelves or simply display them on the table. This pottery dish ware is not only beneficial in use but also decorative for decking out your farmhouse kitchen view.

You can put ceramic kitchen utensil holders on the kitchen table to store various spoons.
White jar to store cutlery where you can put it on your kitchen hanging rack.
Ceramic kitchen utensil holder combined with mosaic to store cooking utensils that you can put on your kitchen table to make it looks simple.
Ceramic kitchen utensil holder vintage ceramic to store various cooking utensils made of wood.
Ceramic kitchen holder handmade ceramic kitchen organizer crock rustic pottery can be used for storing cooking utensils in your kitchen.

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2. Woven Baskets

What is better décor than occupying woven baskets that’ll boost your farmhouse kitchen performance? These woven baskets certainly radiate natural sensation to your rustic space. Place your baskets on the kitchen island for fruits or jars of jam, and be fully ready as they would steal your kitchen’s focal point.

Arrangement of wicker baskets placed on kitchen hanging shelves to make it looks neat to store some equipment.
Unique chandelier for your farmhouse kitchen with woven baskets to get a touch of his farmhouse.

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Inspiring woven baskets with purple flower plants to beautify your kitchen and provide fresh air.
Woven baskets storage to store fruits that you can place under the kitchen table to make it looks simple.
Simple inspiration woven baskets that you can place under your kitchen table to store several dishes.
Large woven baskets for storing some cooking utensils by providing woven baskets, that will feel the touch of a farmhouse for your kitchen.
Woven baskets that you can provide to your kitchen farmhouse to store some fruits.

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3. Antique Signs

Looking for a powerful statement that brings your farmhouse kitchen’s look into another level? Try installing antique signs on the hook. Wooden materials can be your absolute alternative for uniquely handmade venerable yet charming signs. Hang them on the wall as your kitchen decorations.

Antique signs inspiration to decorate your wall that reads ‘cocoa bar’ can be used to hang the cup and lantern.

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Adds the perfect rustic touch to the frame, as well as to decorate the wall of your kitchen.

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The shutter shelf hanging wall kitchen was the perfect place to get a tiny bit fussier.
The strong coffee sign is a Christmas gift to decorate your kitchen to get a farmhouse touch.
Hanging up a Hot Cocoa Christmas tray and turning it into a festive cup holder behind the stove.
The farmer sign in white pallet that decorate with evergreen and wooden star.

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4. Handmade Kitchen Table on Reclaimed Wood

You can always build your kitchen table yourselves. All you need is to have your wooden materials ready and start making your customized table that’ll be a perfect charm on your reclaimed wood. Sand and prime your kitchen table before use. You can paint them in basic rustic colors, such as white or wooden brown. Or else, you can set it unpainted to showcase more naturally rustic warmth to your kitchen ambiance.

DIY kitchen table made of wood to get a rural touch for your kitchen.
DIY kitchen table for your kitchen to get the touch of farmhouse where you can use wooden materials for it.
Farmhouse kitchen repurposed island made of wood for your rural kitchen.
Farmhouse kitchen design with DIY wooden pallet kitchen table with zevron patterned for the surface.
DIY kitchen table using wooden pallet that added with the sink to your kitchen table.
Farmhouse kitchen repurposed island made of wooden pallet so that your kitchen gets the touch of a farmhouse.

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Hopefully, those ideas on easy farmhouse kitchen décor would get you inspired. Happy decorating!

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