Decorating kitchen space in a farmhouse theme is no longer impossible to do. Furthermore, it’s unbelievably easy and fun for making your cozy farmhouse kitchen happen. All you need is a unique concept in the typical theme and sparks of creativity to charm your kitchen space. It’s brilliant how the rustic farmhouse kitchen design could showcase the comfort and sophistication to your dining room.

Farmhouse area rug

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A perfect way to decorate a farmhouse kitchen is with area rugs that add warmth and style. Like this Farmhouse Moroccan Tribal Black/Dark Green Area Rug, which features a traditional tribal design in neutral colors that complement any rustic decor. The plush texture and durable construction make it ideal for high-traffic areas in the kitchen.

Get inspired with our list below on easy ideas for your farmhouse kitchen décor.

1. Pottery and Crocks

Farmhouse kitchen can be enhanced with a set of pottery and crocks that’ll adorn your space. Place them on the hanging shelves or simply display them on the table. This pottery dish ware is not only beneficial in use but also decorative for decking out your farmhouse kitchen view.


Antique ceramic kitchen utensil holder for storing various wooden cooking utensils. Putting this on the table will create a neat and stylish look. Utensil Cork from @thosefarmhouseideas

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Ceramic kitchen holders can be used to store cooking utensils in your kitchen. Choosing these two colors will give you a gorgeous look and more Two Tone Pottery Utensil from @astrosoundscapes


White jar for storing cutlery that you can put on the kitchen hanging shelf. Adding this cork utensil spruces up your home counter. Pottery Utensil from @potejstronielustra


A place for ceramic kitchen utensils combined with cork utensils to store cooking utensils that you can place on your kitchen table to make it look simple. Pottery and Cork from @mon_coin_broc


You can put a ceramic kitchen utensil holder on the kitchen table to store various spoons. White Utensil Pottery from @mel_chdyb


Using a ceramic vase filled with blooming flowers can present an interesting room design for you to try. Putting it on top of this contest manages to give it a charming look. Ceramic Vases from @antiquefarmhouse

2. Woven Baskets

What is better décor than occupying woven baskets that’ll boost your farmhouse kitchen performance? These woven baskets certainly radiate natural sensation to your rustic space. Place your baskets on the kitchen island for fruits or jars of jam, and be fully ready as they would steal your kitchen’s focal point.


Arrangements of wicker baskets are placed on the kitchen counter to make it look neat to store some utensils. Combined with several other kitchen tools, it manages to create a perfect design. Wicker Tray from @farmhousekitcheninspo


Storage for your farmhouse kitchen with wicker baskets for that farmhouse touch. Placing under this kitchen island manages to make the home look clean and tidy. Wicker Basket Storage from @ideal.farmhouse


This inspirational wicker basket with added storage on a kitchen island would make the perfect home look. You can use this basket to easily store various ornaments and furniture. Basket Storage from @farmhouseaninterior


Wicker storage baskets for storing ornaments and groceries that you can place under the kitchen table to make it look simple. Wicker Basket Under Table from @farmhouseaninterior


A simple inspirational wicker basket that you can place on your kitchen counter to easily store multiple cutting boards. This idea will enhance the appearance and design of an attractive home for you to try. Wicker Cutting Board Storage from @silmarabarbieri


A wicker basket for storing some cooking utensils by providing a wicker basket that will have a farmhouse touch to your kitchen. Basket Tray Storage from @babudecohome

3. Antique Signs

Looking for a powerful statement that brings your farmhouse kitchen’s look into another level? Try installing antique signs on the hook. Wooden materials can be your absolute alternative for uniquely handmade venerable yet charming signs. Hang them on the wall as your kitchen decorations.


The farmer’s signature on this cutting board lends a rustic look to your entire home. Hanging on this kitchen island will also make an interesting home display for you to try. Eat Farmhouse Sign  from @silmarabarbieri


Placing an antique sign on this kitchen island counter provides an interesting home decor for you to try. In addition, adding a sign that is hung above this window can provide a perfect home design. Harvest Farmhouse Sign from @farmhouseismystyle


This vintage stove top sign will decorate your kitchen with a farmhouse touch. Making it yourself or buying it cheap will give you a kitchen design on a budget. Vintage Farmhosue Sign from @farmhouseaninterior


This sign cutting board adds a unique and stylish look. Applying this to the home counter will also make it an interesting focal point for your space to try. Cutting Borad Sign from @cozyhome_ne


You can apply the inspiration for an antique sign to decorate your wall that says ‘Flower Market’ on your home stove. This sign will be the center of attention and provide a beautiful home design for you to try. Wooden Farmhouse Sign Frame from @my100yearoldhome


Adds the perfect rustic touch to the frame, while also decorating your kitchen wall. This vintage sign will add to a rustic look and provide an eye-catching and different design. Antique Farmhosue Sign from @maison_1930

4. Handmade Kitchen Table on Reclaimed Wood

You can always build your kitchen table yourselves. All you need is to have your wooden materials ready and start making your customized table that’ll be a perfect charm on your reclaimed wood. Sand and prime your kitchen table before use. You can paint them in basic rustic colors, such as white or wooden brown. Or else, you can set it unpainted to showcase more naturally rustic warmth to your kitchen ambiance.


DIY kitchen countertop for your kitchen to get a farmhouse touch where you can use wood materials for it. Applying this to countertops gives a natural touch to the whole farmhouse kitchen. Reclaimed Wood Countertop from @mels_home_and_garden


DIY kitchen countertops made of wood for a rustic touch to your kitchen. Using materials from reclaimed wood is able to provide an interesting design for you to try. Reclaimed Kitchen Island from @tonehammer


Recycle wood farmhouse kitchen island for your country kitchen. You can apply this to the design of the dining table in this farmhouse kitchen for a perfect home design. Wooden Dining Table from @farmhouseaninterior


This farmhouse kitchen design with a wooden pallet worktop provides an interesting look for you to try. These white walls give the impression of a large and airy space throughout the house. Dark Wood Table Farmhouse Kitchen from @decorsteals


DIY kitchen countertops use wooden pallets added to your kitchen dining table. Chairs that have the same material produce a contrasting decoration in the kitchen of this family’s house. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table from @ideal.farmhouse


Recreated farmhouse kitchen island made of wooden pallets giving your kitchen a farmhouse touch. This white painting will make this kitchen look even more charming. White Reclaimed Wood Table from @homevibbe

Hopefully, those ideas on easy farmhouse kitchen décor would get you inspired. Happy decorating!

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