Sometimes an entryway can function more than just an entryway. With the free spaces it often provides, you can turn it into a mudroom, shoe rack, place to hang coats, and a lot more. But making some of them is quite hard, so here we are going to help you with three easy designs to make your entryway functional.


1. Make Your Entryway Functional with a Mudroom

Having a mudroom is very beneficial because not only that you can store many objects in it, but you can also build a desk to sit on it. This mudroom design is easy and simple, but very practical. It has bench because sometimes you need to sit to tie your shoelace. 

However, another reason why this mudroom design makes the entryway functional, is because it has wardrobes on each side of the space. While you can hang smaller things like hats and bags on the mudroom’s hooks, you can put heavier, and bigger objects like a particularly heavy coat in the wardrobes. The lower cabinets can be used to store your shoes. Efficient, isn’t it?

The white entrance combined with a white dressing cupboard and storage of rattan which makes the decoration looks more cool.
A white entrance with white dressing cabinet and patterned carpet complete the décor
The white entrance with a dressing cabinet for the family at home.
The entrance combined with a long white chair made of wood and also serves as a room for laundry.
The entrance combined with white storage, wooden planks and iron storage.
The entrance integrated with white cabinets, white storage and hangers for clothes and so on.
The entrance integrated with dressing cabinet for the family and decorative ornaments placed on the wall.

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2. Make Your Entryway Functional with a Sofa

Sitting in the mudroom for a long time is probably going to be uncomfortable, but you can actually spend a relaxing time in this sofa. This is one of the best options to make your entryway functional if the empty space in your entryway is not big enough to make a mudroom of. 

The space behind the sofa can be used as a stand for placing two small lamps and other pretty decorations. As for the wall near the entrance door, you can decorate it with silver decorating plates.

The white entrance is added with white storage and hangers for hats and long white sofa with grey pad.
The white entrance added with white storage for the children’s dressing room and sofa for the seating.

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The white entrance added with sofa seating and other furniture which make the decoration looks simple.
A white entrance added to the sofa seat with rattan storage under the sofa.
The white entrance combined with a white storage cabinet and a small sofa that makes the room beautiful.
The white entrance added with simple striped sofa and some decoration hang on the wall

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A simple white entrance that coupled with a small sofa makes the decoration more complete

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3. Make Your Entryway Functional with a Cabinet

Maybe you don’t need place to sit. Maybe you need more space to store your shoes and bags instead of a chair. If that’s the case, then you can make your entryway functional by building a wall cabinet. You can build extra-long cabinets, with eight compartments in total. 

Obviously, you can store anything you want in it, and it doesn’t need strict organization as it’s a closed cabinet. To beautify the surface, you can decorate it with plants and small lamp. You can also hang some paintings and a mirror so you can use it to tidy yourself before you go out of the house.

The entrance equipped with unique brown cabinet to add to your home decor
The entrance equipped with small white cupboard plus plants for fresher ambience and paintings as the decoration.
Entrance decorations combined with long storage and plants above it. Then, the paintings placed above the cabinet can really add the beauty.
The idea of ​​a doorway that combined with storage boxes and patterned rectangular rugs
The entrance design combined with white storage and small round mirror for the decoration.
The design of the entrance with white house added with white storage, white shelves and hangers to put goods or clothes.
The entrance design combined with classic gray storage cabinets and sofas to complement the decor.

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Some entryway designs are great but hard to replicate. It’s maybe because the lack of resource or skill if you want to build it yourself. Hopefully, our picks on three easy designs to make your entryway functional can help.

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