Kitchen is not just a place to cook. It can also be a family bonding area or just a private place where you can sit and enjoy some midnight snacks. However, not every kitchen provides a kitchen island, and choosing one for a house with a minimalist design can be harder than originally thought. 

For a minimalist house, a kitchen island needs to have aesthetic restraint. It has to be simple and not space-hogging, but still stylish at the same time. That is why we are here to help you with four stylish kitchen island ideas for minimalist house.


1. Minimalist White Kitchen Island

Having a minimalist, white-colored kitchen island can be a great addition to your house. One of these simple kitchen island ideas is made of white color scheme and smooth surfaces. You can use white marble for it, combined with cabinets with the same material and tone. To give an accent, use black modern steel stool as part of the kitchen island.

Minimalist kitchen design in white kitchen island with greenery above the kitchen island in order to get fresh air.
White minimalist kitchen design with white kitchen island that you can apply to your kitchen that can be used for the dining table as well.
White minimalist kitchen design with white kitchen island with a sink for you to wash the dishes.
White minimalist kitchen design with white kitchen island that using granite for the surface.
Minimalist kitchen design where the majority color used is white with space to add the sink where the bottom part can be used to hold several things.
White kitchen in minimalist design with modern stove in the kitchen island.

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2. Minimalist Two Tones Kitchen Island

A minimalist design doesn’t have to be monochrome. You can add colors to it, but always remember, keep it simple. For example, you can draw inspiration from this minimalist two-tones kitchen island idea. Paint your kitchen island white and blue. If you are bored with all-marble furniture, you can use wood as chair cushions.

Two tones kitchen island with white kitchen island and dark gray granite on minimalist kitchen design.
Two tones kitchen island inspiration for your minimalist kitchen with white and gray kitchen island for you to apply.
Minimalist kitchen design with two tones kitchen island and ivory ceiling color.
Two tones kitchen island inspiration with white and pink kitchen island that you can apply to your minimalist kitchen in order to get a different touch.
Kitchen island inspiration for minimalist kitchen with light blue kitchen island and white granite suitable for your kitchen.
Minimalist kitchen design with white and gray for two tones kitchen island will create a pleasant atmosphere.

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3. Minimalist Barn Kitchen Island

As mentioned before, you can have a minimalist kitchen island design without having to go all-marble. This wooden barn kitchen island has a rustic style, and it goes so well with other wooden-based furniture. To add more of “barn” vibe, hang wooden hooks to the lower part of the kitchen island.

Minimalist barn kitchen island which basically uses light brown granite and makes spaces for sinks.
Dark minimalist kitchen design inspiration with barn kitchen island that uses gray granite for you to apply to your kitchen.
Minimalist barn kitchen island is perfect for your minimalist kitchen application.
Simple barn kitchen island at the bottom can be used to store a few bottles in your minimalist kitchen.
Minimalist kitchen design inspiration with barn kitchen island at the bottom is given wheels so that it is easy to move its position.
Large barn kitchen island at the bottom that can be used to store several dishes and apply to your minimalist kitchen.

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4. Minimalist Futuristic Kitchen Island

If you are a fan of science-fiction or just into futuristic style, you can apply this idea into your kitchen. Of course, to have the best effect, the whole kitchen needs to be in theme. However, if you manage to do it, a black trapezium cupboard will look perfect with a kitchen island with the same color and shape.

Minimalist design for your kitchen with futuristic kitchen island that is classy and creates its own luxury in your kitchen.
Minimalist kitchen inspiration that is suitable for your home with futuristic kitchen island equipped with a kitchen sink to make it look luxurious.
Futuristic white and green color kitchen island that looks luxurious is suitable for you to apply to your minimalist kitchen.
Futuristic kitchen island with minimalist inspiration for your kitchen with sleek black kitchen island and seductive curves.
Your minimalist kitchen design is perfect if you apply the futuristic kitchen island and kitchen pendant lights to give the decor a classic finesse scheme.
Futuristic kitchen island in the center of the kitchen, creating a different nuance for your minimalist kitchen to look luxurious.

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At first, you might think having a minimalist house will limit your options on kitchen island design. We hope our pick on four stylish kitchen island ideas for minimalist house can prove that it isn’t the case at all.

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