If you love planting flowers, decorative plants, or just gardening in general, you must know that creating a stunning, mind-howling garden is not something easy to do. 

While mastering gardening technique should be your utmost priority, you can create something more interesting, such as building modern rustic decor for your garden.

In this article, I’m going to give you some practical tips on how to create a modern rustic decorin the simplest way possible.


1. Grow Plants that Suit the Purpose

In general, people may consider a rustic-themed garden as something boring since rustic colours are not “eyes-popping”. That being said, there is nothing wrong in growing flowers and plants that have a bit of dark-coloured accent. In fact, these plants are quite aesthetic!

Black tulip, purple calla lily, hellebore, black petunia, and black widow cranesbill geranium are excellent choices for this purpose. Try combining these dark-coloured flowers with bold flowers such as rose and dahlia to get even better result.

Beautiful black tulip flowers for your garden decoration

image source

Purple calla lily that is applied to your yard to make it looks beautiful and natural

image source

A kind of white flower plant that is placed in the middle of your rural garden

image source

A kind of yellow and pink flower plant that is placed in a garden that gives offense

image source

Black petunia plants combined with green plants that look very natural for your rural garden decoration.
Black petunia plants combined with green plants placed in wooden box containers.

image source

Small black flowers that look beautiful and cute as a complement to your garden decor.

image source

2. Give Rustic Touch through Small Decorative Items

Small decorative items can give such a big impact on creating an aesthetically pleasing modern rustic decor.Try placing a copper-colored statue between your plants or adding a bit of ornamental decorative accent on your fence. 

You can also try putting a tall garden lamp with wooden frame to make your garden looks even more classic. Do not forget to lay some decorative stones on the ground to create a vintage footpath that will amaze any visitor who is casually walking into your garden.

Decor with wood-framed chandeliers and beautiful green plants

image source

Decorative candle lamps combined with a frame placed on a simple wooden staircase
Decorative string lights wrapped around the tree and added with wooden chairs for your cool garden.
Yellow light decoration combined with glass jar decorations that hung for the dining room in your garden.

image source

Decoration of the footpath combined with black stone placed in the middle of the path that can provide beauty.
The paths in the park combined with bricks which are placed in the middle of the road with green plants beside them.
Rectangular stone paths placed in the middle of the lake make your garden perfect.

image source

3. Build a Fountain

Adding a beautiful and fully functioning fountain in your garden will enhance the modern rustic decor you try to create in your garden. It does not to be big. Just make sure that you regularly clean it, so it will always look amazing as you intend to.These modern rustic décors are worth to try, especially if you are tight on budget.

A fountain decorated in large and small terraced pots to compliment your garden decor
A small fountain with rustic decoration that looks unique which combined with small statue for the decoration.
A fountain using a multilevel iron bucket for your rural garden that can make your garden look simple.
The fountain is applied using jars painted in green color as the complement to your garden decoration.
Fountain decoration by using brown mushroom form that look unique and funny
A fountain combined with a multilevel can of water on the fence that makes your garden looks unique.
Fountain using large black barrel with white stripes and added with green plants placed in pots.

image source


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