Here are some tips about wintery decoration for your apartment. Winter is about white and cold. But it doesn’t mean you have to paint your apartment walls white. What you need is just some decorations that says “winter is here”.



1. Christmas tree

Christmas tree which is fir tree is very closely related to winter. Being called a Christmas tree doesn’t always mean that this tree is only for Christmas. Even a few weeks after Christmas, people still keep the tree inside the house. 

Cashmere trees are truly beautiful with thick and full branches. The big star at the top of the tree is perfect for gold and silver ornaments and really helps create a good contrast.

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A wonderful winter Christmas tree decoration with three Christmas trees adorned with snow and fake crystal balls. This contrast is perfect for decorating your living room with a white theme.

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Beautiful winter Christmas tree decorations with so many flickering lights and glass cloche that add to the perfect sparkle. Complete with fake Christmas gifts to add a dramatic impression.

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2. Snow Man!

The first fall of the snow is where people go out to celebrate it by playing with the snow, like playing snow catch and making a snowman. Snowman is usually placed outside but it can also be brought inside the house for decoration. 

Of course, it will melt, so we have to find replacement materials for it. Using different sizes of cans painted in white and adorned with some decoration, we can bring the winter atmosphere inside our apartment.

A silver Christmas tree is decorated in such a way as a snowman complete with a hat and scarf. This decoration is perfect to be installed in your children’s room after Christmas.
A pair of mini snowman complete with other winter decorations such as evergreen and snow. Small decorations like this are suitable to be installed on floating shelves to make your apartment more attractive.
Charming apartment decor with snowmans, Christmas trees, and artificial snow placed on wicker baskets. The lights on the Christmas tree make it available to be put anywhere in your apartment.

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3. Evergreens

Decorate your apartment with wintery leaves and branches. That means wreath! During your walking home from work, make some stops to collect some evergreen branches. Create a DIY wintery wreath with them and hang it on your wall.

Snowy wreath with evergreens, pine cones, and lights arranged together to make interesting snowflakes. This decoration is suitable to be installed in your apartment when winter arrives.
An evergreen wreath with a birch branch candle holder for a rustic feel. This decoration will make a perfect contrast in your modern apartment.
An evergreen bouquets with paper-thin petals, pine leaves, and pine cones. Striped bow makes it look more full and attractive to decorate the stairs in your apartment.

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4. White Candles

Put some medium-sized white candles in your apartment. The white color resemblances wintery-white-snow. Later on, when you lit the candles, the bright radiance will bring in warmth sensation to your room.

A warm apartment decorated with white candles of various sizes placed on the fireplace. A mirror with a classic frame and creative hanging decoration complete the winter decoration.

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Items that are not used you can use for winter decorations. Cut your small sweater and use it to cover the candle holder and vase. Add a rope to make it even more interesting.

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Put a white candle on the fireplace with a glass stand, and other candles under the side with a classic lantern. A few small pots with pine cones add to the perfect winter vibe.

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5. Faux Fireplace

Perhaps you don’t have a fireplace in your apartment, No problem! Let’s bring in a new fireplace, the fake one of course. This faux fireplace can be disguised as storage for multimedia equipment. 

Decorate the mantel with wintery accessories such as garlands, figures of evergreen trees, and deer figures. You can modify the inner hearth with electric candle-like lamps. Once lit, it will look perfectly like a fireplace.

Winter decoration that fits the faux fireplace which consists of a fireplace complete with white wood and a mirror above. A few candles with brass stands and evergreen decorations complete the winter decoration in your apartment.

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This winter decoration relies on a faux fireplace with a writing board and a series of snowballs made of wool. Real wood makes this decoration drama more tangible.

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A faux fireplace with geometric mirrors, silver candlesticks, white deer, and magnolia leaf vases. Generate Scandinavian style in your home this winter with a minimalist all-white look.

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These ideas are meant to give you a glimpse of creativity when it comes to decorating an apartment, especially during winter. Dig into your own creativity to find more interesting changes.

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