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4 Easy DIY Items for Winter Decoration


Christmas moment has passed, but the winter still lasts. Thus, your decoration should also last until the end of the season. You should keep in mind that decorations don’t need to be expensive. Anything simple but functional gives more value to the appearance, and you can make it yourself out of unused items. So, take a look at the following DIY winter decoration.


1. Hot Cocoa Bar

Who can resist the sweet hot cocoa in the winter? Set up a hot cocoa bar in your kitchen or living room. It will both add decorative elements and function as a hot drink station.

Place some mugs, spoons, hot pot, and ingredients to make a mug of hot cocoa. Decorate the table with a table cloth and some small pine trees in pots. You can wrap those pots with some natural-colored paper to make them earthy. Also, use a wooden tray for those glasses and ingredients.

A hot cocoa bar with a wooden table combined with black checkered tablecloths and placing mugs and pine trees that give a cheerful winter feel.

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Hot cocoa bar decoration ideas with white wood tables combined with pine leaves and wood plank accents give a charming impression in winter.

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A winter decoration with a hot cocoa bar in the kitchen using a minimalist white wooden table combined with pine tree accents and checkered tablecloths can give a pleasant winter feel.

image source

Winter decorating ideas with a hot cocoa bar that use a white old wooden table. Completed with pine leaves, red touch and old window to make your DIY hot cocoa bar looks more interesting.

image source

2. Light Jars

Another DIY winter decoration that also provides warmth is a set of candle jars. You can make it out of empty jars of jam. Decorate some jars you have with lace fabrics, pine cones, or ribbons. You can glue some glitters or hemp rope around the mouth lids.

As the source of light, you can either use a candle or some LED lamps. Candles are great when placed on the table. Meanwhile, you can hang the jars on the wall if you use lamps.

Warm your home with DIY candles for your winter decoration. Put the candles inside the jars and decorate the jars with cute ribbons. Beside can warm your home it also can make your home feels romantic. Place on the tables to enhance your home decoration.

image source

To give a warm and attractive in your home, you can use some jars for the LED lamp shade. Hang the jars for the chandelier idea.

image source

Light jars with pine cone accents and lace wrapped around the mouth of the jar to make a nice look. Put the candles inside and white powder provide an attractive decoration in winter.

image source

Light jars decoration with fake snow-white combined with rope and pine tree stalks in the mouth of the jar. Put the candles inside the jars and place on the table to enhance your home decoration.

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3. Greenery on Interior

Garlands are typical decorations for winter since they look fresh and are easy to find. When arranged, the garlands will be beautiful for every interior.

Put a few bouquets of flowers on a banister, cupboard, mirror or window. Combine them with decorative ribbons or flowers. You can also arrange pine cones and sprigs on the wall just above your bed.

Garland that installed in the ladder goes down in combination with a beautiful blue ribbon making it even more charming in winter.
Winter decoration with garland in the vanity completed with living flowers decoration and photo frame to make your house more alive.

image source

Wooden cabinets with garland decoration and snowflakes ornament accents can make the winter season feel fresh and charming.

image source

For the simple winter interior decoration, you can make a DIY garland and place on the stairs to make your home looks interesting. Completed with faux snow to strengthen the winter feels.

image source

4. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

If you love making some handicrafts, why don’t you create snowflakes out of popsicle sticks? Get some sticks and glue them together to create any forms of snowflakes that you want. This DIY winter decoration will be big, so make sure you have a good number of sticks. Then place it on the wall. Those are some ideas on DIY winter decoration worth trying. Which one is your favorite?

A red snowflakes that made from popsicle sticks hanging on the wall can make your decor more pleasant. Combined with candle and placed at the corner of the room to make a decoration looks attractive.

image source

DIY snowflakes are made from popsicle sticks and hang under the floating shelf can make your winter decoration looks nice. Combined with candles and wall decoration to create a beautiful shades in winter.

image source

Red snowflakes made from popsicle sticks are attached to the fireplace can give a charming feel in winter. It will be the pleasant decoration in winter.

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