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4 Ways to Transition Outdoor Decor to Holiday Winter Decor


The holiday has passed, but winter still lasts. That means your Christmas decorations should change to suit the moment. However, don’t pull everything down yet as some items remain suitable for the season. Pine cones, springs, and evergreens are also decoration items for winter. Here’s how you transition your outdoor décor to holiday winter décor.


1. Snowflakes Hanger

Holiday and winter have so many things in common; one of which is snowflakes. 

Do some cut and attaching to create this decoration. You can buy or make those paper snowflakes out of delicate white paper. Connect them with threads to a wood or metal. Then hang it on windows, walls, or the front door. The illusion of snowflakes falling from the air will chill everyone.

If you have a snowflake hanger, you can put it at the entrance. You can make it yourself from paper as an Illusion of falling snowflakes. This method will make your home more attractive.
A classic look for entrance decorations with snowflake hangers for you to try. Use fine white paper to make this decoration and hang it on the door will give a simple but attractive appearance.
Put the paper snowflake hanger for the illusion of snow falling from the air will make everyone feel cold. Attach it to the window to make it look attractive.

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You can put snowflake hangers to get the illusion of snow falling from the air. Use fine white paper and hang it on the wall to complete your winter home decor.

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2. Pine Cone Wreath

A pine cone is a natural winter item that can add a touch of earthy to the design. The brown color adds warmth and rustic elements. 

Create a wreath out of pine cone. You can decorate it with some branches and sprigs. The good thing about this décor is that you can prepare it in the fall and hang it on the door until the first spring. Thus, you won’t need much change to the décor.

To add a classic style to your pine cone wreath, add a red ribbon enhanced with Pine Cone. This wreath can be a popular decoration during the winter of 2020.

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If you want to decorate your terrace by adding pine cone wreath to get the perfect beauty. You can use a classic bouquet of flowers equipped with red fruit, green plants and pine cones. You can try it now.

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To welcome the family to your home, you can use pine cone wreath on the door of the house to look attractive. Use tree branches, leaves and pine cones to make it look beautiful in holiday winter decorations.

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To decorate your winter terrace, use pine cone reath on the doorway of a house consisting of pine cone, ribbons, used sky shoe leaves and circular ornaments to get a different classic feel.

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3. Icy Branches

This transition of the holiday winter décor includes icy branches. When winter comes, don’t wait until those flowers bloom. 

Decorate those sleeping plants in pots in the terrace with some Epsom salts and glitter. Spread those materials all over the branches to make them look as if covered in snow. You can add some decorations like sprigs and ribbons.

To decorate your winter terrace, use ice branches on the branches by adding epsom salt for the illusion of snow. Complete with other ornaments to get a different winter feel.

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If you want to decorate your terrace to get perfect beauty, you can add plants with ice branches. Use epsom salt for an interesting snow illusion and you can try it now.

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Applying plants with ice branches is one of the decorations on the porch of the house to welcome guests with lively. Use epsom salt for the illusion of snow to make it look attractive.

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Apply branches of the ice tree to decorate the terrace as a warm welcome to the guests who come to your house. Complete with wreath decorations and lights to make it look more classic.

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4. Garland

Don’t pull down those garlands yet as they fit in the season. You can remove those stars or red cherries or keep them there.

If you don’t have any garlands, then creating one out of white papers will do. Add some holiday decoration items, such as gold balls, pine cones, dry oranges slices, and sprigs to the décor. Arrange them on the corner or all over the garland. Then, you hang it around the door.We hope you find some help out of these ways to transition holiday winter décor.

Garland will be an adorable decoration in winter. Perfectly attached to the door with a green wreath, several round ornaments, and lanterns to beautify your patio.

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A fun way to enhance your Outdoor Decoration into a Winter Vacation at the door by adding garland and wreath will make your terrace look attractive. Perfect with red ribbon decorations and deer statues.

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Stylish terrace decoration with Garland, ball accents and tartan fabric for you to try. Add bouquets of flowers and used Sky Ornament shoes to decorate your porch.

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Simple porch decoration with garland with gold and silver ball accents and adding coral flower will make your decoration look more attractive. You can try.

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