28 cozy winter outdoor decorations porch ideas2

Winter is a tough season that can kill everyone’s desire to go outside or do things. However, it shouldn’t stop you from decorating your porch to look wonderful. Here we show you some winter outdoor decoration porch ideas. It’s perfect for helping you think about what style you should have.

28 cozy winter outdoor decorations porch ideas1

1. Small Porch

Porch comes in any size. If you have a small-sized porch, don’t fret just yet. You can decorate it in any way you want without making it look stuffy. One simple thing to do is making a wreath out of small, thin branches and attach it to the door.

Go with natural items like logs, branches, a small pine tree, and any accessories you have. You can keep their natural color or paint them white. Arrange them around the door to create an inviting vibe.


No need to worry when you have a winter porch decoration with a simple farmhouse look. What you can do now is paint the walls in a neutral color for a more modern look, don’t forget to use some of the winter ornaments that you have in a neat arrangement. Modern Farmhouse Look Porch from @littlefarmstead


Re-painting can be done to welcome winter in this front porch area. Paint the entire porch decoration with plain white which you can try on the walls, ceiling and wood fence area as a whole. Green plants and flowers are blooming beautifully into natural decorations that you can use to add color. White Paint Wall and Fences from @mybigwhiteoldhouse


You can do the dominant wood material that is applied to the winter front porch, this material will give an instant warm feel. You can try it on the walls, fences and ceiling without repainting so that it looks more natural and can blend with nature more perfectly. Dominant Wooden Small Front Porch from @linenandlogs


The use of neutral colors in this winter front porch decoration is the right first step. Next thing you can do is use outdoor furniture with the same material and paint, for the seats you can add throw pillows and blankets too. Neutral Color Outdoor Furniture from @farmhousefourwinds


There’s nothing wrong with using a porch as an outdoor dining room decoration that can be used simultaneously with your family or friends. But when you are going to use it in winter, you can use the right furniture, for example, you can use an iron chair covered with soft cushions and blankets. Vintage Small Winter Porch from @farmhousefourwinds


The snow entering the front porch area signifies a natural winter decoration. What you can do here is decorate it with some evergreens which are turned into mini Christmas tree ornaments and can be placed on a DIY pallet box which seems natural and on a budget. Snow Small Front Porch Decor from @the_woodhouse_family


Look at some of the winter ornaments that are applied to this small winter porch, doesn’t it look more festive? Yes, you can try it by making it from red, blue and pink tinsel. In this way, even though your porch decoration is small, it will be more interesting. Colorful Ornament Winter Porch from @officialavablake


A winter theme with a country style will work well together in the same area. Now you can try it on a small porch decoration which is dominated by neutral colors, the dominance of white and gray will work well together. Small Country Front Porch from @sanctuaryhomedecor


2. Minimalist Décor

If you don’t have time to decorate, you still can achieve a winter outdoor decoration porch look. A touch of minimalism makes it happen. 

You can start with your wooden long chair and cushions. Dress it with a knitted blanket hung in one side of the chair. Then add one or two accent throw pillows. However, don’t stop there, you can lean snow skis on the wall and probably hang an evergreen wreath on it.


For a look that will never go out of style, try using black and white decorations. These two colors can never fail to add to your winter decor. On both sides of the front door you can place mini Christmas trees made of evergreens. B/W Minimalist Winter Porch from @sarahjanechristy


The minimalist arrangement that dominates the winter porch is perfected with warm lighting which is perfect for use when winter arrives. Here you can use yellow or orange lighting. Warm and Minimalist Porch from @rootedinjoyplanters


The arrangement of outdoor furniture and ornaments in the winter porch area looks very minimalist, you can use it sparingly without going overboard. However, the presence of wood materials in several different areas presents a rustic theme simultaneously, you can try both of them so that they have a different final look. Rustic Minimalist Front Porch from @gilliamhomestead



This limited size front porch area is perfect when you are trying to apply a minimalist theme. The first thing you can do is repaint the door with black and the walls with nude color. Snow sprinkling on the floor combined with evergreen mini Christmas trees is a touch of winter that you can make. Minimalist Porch with Greenery Decor from @faithfootballandfairytales


The minimalist theme is perfect when dominated by plain white. Here in this porch decoration you can add some greenery ornaments to emphasize the winter theme. It’s a good idea to provide a sitting area with a warmer and softer surface. White Paint Wall and Ceiling Porch from @thevillagecape


Two chairs facing the outside of this room will perfect your minimalist winter porch decoration. Repaint the chairs white and of course you can also cover the floor with a rug made of quite thick material with a beautiful vintage pattern. Minimalist Rocking Chairs with Rug from @oursmalltowncottage


You don’t need to use too much outdoor furniture in the minimalist winter porch area so you can move more freely. The snowdrops that line the container plant are a natural decoration that instantly emphasizes the winter theme. Snowy Minimalist Porch from @bed_bath_airbnb

3. Greeneries Everywhere

Natural items mirror the natural shades of the season. Opt for natural decoration and spread it all over the porch if you love a farmhouse or rustic look. You can use evergreen branches, sprigs, and pine cones. 

After that, arrange them in wooden baskets, window boxes, on and hang them below the lantern. Enhance the rustic look by creating a table out of hay. Finally, you just need to lay a tablecloth to make it look more like a table.


The greenery material that is turned into a wreath ornament is the most appropriate porch door decoration idea to use when winter arrives. Not only wreaths, but you can also use the empty floor to place green plant pots that can be combined with birch and dry twigs. Greenery Wreath Hanging Door from @myhomemate.ca


The two sides of the front door which are decorated with hanging greenery wreath are the best choices you can make. You can decorate the wreath with star ornaments which are dominated by white so that they have quite a contrasting color. Double Wreath and Mini Evergreen Tree from @beyond_gray


The garland design combined with this greenery container is ready to make the most of your winter porch decoration. Here you can install and place them closely, but of course in a neat and orderly arrangement. Candle lantern is the lighting that you can use. Combination of Garland with Greenery Container from @makinghouseahome


Decorating a farmhouse front porch using green plants is the way to go. With a garland that frames your front door, it is enough to make a different view for every neighbor who sees it. Nature Garland Frame Design from @gilliamhomestead


If you use more greenery ornaments, then your winter porch decoration is also ready to be used as an initial statement when your guests visit your home. Here you can attach greenery wreath, garland and a mini tree applied to a simple vintage container can. Statement Winter Front Porch Ornament from @selling.sacramento


Not only applied to the porch door, but the greenery garland ornament can also decorate the fence which has been painted with plain white so that its existence can look more bold. This greenery garland can be easily made by yourself. Garland Ornament for Porch Fences from @home_and_cozy

4. Container Decoration

Large containers are the best decorations for indoor and outdoor. Use them for the winter outdoor decorations porch. Arrange one or two containers and fill with some decorative branches, pine cones, and sprigs. Then you can place them around the entrance or by the pillars to make your house look like those palaces in Greek history. From some winter outdoor decorations porch ideas above, which one(s) do you like to try?


The additional ornaments applied to the container winter add a beautiful texture to your porch. Decorations that you can apply are ribbons and a long enough birch. Red berries are a natural addition to the striking color. Textured Winter Container Design from @tierraverdeplanters


When you are going to use the planter design to perfect the winter porch decoration, then repaint it with a color that is bold enough so that it can be used as a focal point. Repaint the planter with a bold red color that can be combined with the various plants and ornaments you have. Bold Paint Color Planters from @huckleberrylanefarm


Evergreens, branches and red berries are a combination that will never fail to decorate winter containers that will be placed on the porch area of your home. All materials used can be obtained directly from the garden without having to buy. Evergreen, Branch and Red Berries Combination from @tierraverdeplanters


Usually when you are going to use a winter container, place it right at the corner of the porch. You can fill this part of the container with evergreens, snowy pinecones, and accent red berries that are still fresh and rosy. Container Planter at the Corner Porch from @tierraverdeplanters


When you use a black matte container plant, some types of green plants that you use will look bolder. Here you can complete the container with plaid ribbon material to add texture as well as beautiful colors. Black Matte Container Plant from @finnishfarmhouseco


Evergreen that is quite lush can be applied to a container so that it is ready to be used as an additional winter porch decoration that will be seen by all who pass by. Pinecones and an ornamental ball with glitter gold color are additional ornaments that you can use. Lush Greenery Container from @branchandbloom_kc

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