Super Bowl—as its name—is super famous amongst more than 25 countries worldwide. Basically, everyone is excitedly waiting for the annual event.  People are thrilled to have a football party when the Super Bowl season is coming. And if you are hosting one soon, check out these football party decoration ideas. 



1. Party Sign

Balloons mean party. Bring in colorful balloons, and if possible, make decorations with some phrases or picture related to the games. Inflate the balloons and add strategic-player movements, phrases or even turn them into cute football-like balloons. Don’t forget that you can purchase real footballs balloons too.

Football party decoration with colorful balloons and some interesting phrases with a football theme. Super bowl ball shaped cake is a unique addition decoration that can be enjoyed while watching football.

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Party balloons of various sizes in dark green, light green and gold are arranged into attractive football party decorations. Big cake with super bowl ball topping is one of the party dishes from various other delicious dishes.
Wall ornaments connected from the wall to the table decorate posters and drinks with sporty green bottles. Green and black balloons with white-dots motif add to the festive uforia of the football party.

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2. Walls

Don’t let your walls left untouched. Adorn them with Astroturf bunting with yard-lines, or handmade football-decorated paper garland. You can add handmade colorful pom-poms to the wall for more festivity.

Paper bulletin boards with sketches of football players provide the perfect background. Bright yellow PVC pipe goalposts and thematic banners will definitely give you some extra party points.

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Outdoor banner with football themes decorate this unpolished brick wall. Miniature pitches filled with players in the form of cupcakes with colors from two camps made the football party more interesting.

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Cut your craft foam into triangles using your paint to paint white lines and compose with a rope to get a soccer wall decoration. A green paper plate is attached to the wall to create a textured green decoration.

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3. Score Board

Why don’t we put a temporary score board? Have a small black board and chalks ready for writing. Placing them close to the decorated food’s table will make a great sight. 

Create a theme for your buffet area by adding a scoreboard or sign with a simple inspired football message. Food served with a grassy tray makes this decoration look attractive.

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Large football scoreboard is used as a table background to place party food. You don’t need to overdo it to run your theme, just a few well-placed items will do the trick.

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Scoreboard and game boards made of black foam board, printed figures, and white chalk. PVC pipe painted in yellow is transformed into a goalpost to complement this football party table decoration.

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4. Decorate Your Table

Food is essential during a match-watch. People will always look for food. That is why the first thing that has to stand out is the food table. Fully decorate the table into football-friendly environment. Start with the tablecloth and change it into mini field of football complete with the yard lines. 

Add some yard-lines bunting on the front side of the table. If possible, find a football helmet and hang it on the wall or just simply put it on the table. 

Add more football theme detailing such as spoon and fork holder covered or decorated with green field-colors with the yard lines. Another detailing is football themed paper plate. You can purchase it at your local store.  

Football party table decorations with referee shirts printed with banners, soccer cakes, potato chips placed in mini metal buckets. Football trophies that of course to make the decorations look real.

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Serving delightful food and drinks will make your guests cheer with their favorite team. With a few pop flavors and a few spices, you can let your guests mix and match to make their own drinks.

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Decorate the buffet table with attractive football decorations. Simply wrap the lollipop gum with yellow and red drink napkins. For additional fun, use the center of the stadium to play a “game” between entrees.

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5. Photo Booth

Complete your football party-hosting moment with a photo booth. Make a simple background with vertical stripes colors of white and black, symbolizing the football referee’s uniform. 

Add football themed props such as pom-poms, referee’s whistle, football hat and ready-to-print football silhouettes.

Using black tape, make a locker cabinet shape on your wall. Put the black and green team spirit pom-poms in your balloon bouquets in various spaces. Don’t forget to show football photo stick props to use in your photo booth.

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A fake grass background that reads “Get Your Game Face On” with card stock cutouts that serve as a photo booth to celebrate football parties. Blue, white, and black baloon flower arrangements add to the full decoration of this photo booth.

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A large poster with a photo of the atmosphere of a football match becomes the background in this photo booth. Amazing party signage, football helmets, and fabulous party decorations can make anyone an instant soccer fan.

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The concept isn’t limited only to these ideas. There are more things you can try and do for your football party decorations. Happy creating your own concept.

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