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15 Country Winter Outdoor Decorations


Outdoor decorations help visualize your readiness in welcoming a day. Even though the inside of your house has not been decorated or only has a small touch of decoration, that won’t be a problem. You can use various decoration ideas; one of them is country winter outdoor decorations.

The following ideas are perfect for you who has a house with a farmhouse or rustic design. However, you can always apply this idea to any designs you want.


1. White Winter

Do you suddenly remember the Winter Queen or white walkers? Everything is white, except for the door and window frames.

Indeed, the decorations are made of paper. White paper snowflakes are everywhere. You can see them hanging from right to left or up to bottom or attached to white branches in pots. If that’s not enough, hang two white baskets filled with white sprigs or evergreens painted in white.

Put white twigs and evergreens into a container then sprinkle with snow made of white cotton to give the feel of a perfect winter. Add wooden chairs to give the feel of country so it looks perfect.

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Simple porch decoration with white walls looks perfect in winter. Add a rattan bench to create a country and wreath feel to vibrate your winter decor so it looks better.

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Hanging wreath with a sprinkling of snow on the wall will give you the perfect winter feel on your terrace. Putting wood and containers containing pine seeds will provide a pleasant country touch.
A white deer statue with string lights looks amazing for your outdoor decoration in winter. Adding some candles and hanging wreath on the door will increase your winter decor so that it is more lively.

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Outdoor decoration with a white theme is the right choice for winter. Place the pine tree with snow topping and add some wooden decorations to give it a little country touch so it looks stunning.

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2. Evergreen

There is no doubt that lots of people love something natural and green, including decoration. If you live in a warm place where the winter season is just about the breeze, then this is definitely for you.

With some small pine trees in front of the door, you can hang a green mistletoe on the door and then arrange some sprigs or evergreens around it. Moreover, to enhance the country winter outdoor look, place some wooden décor on the wall and rustic chairs by the trees. 

Evergreens in a pot placed between the door looks simple but is amazing in winter. Add wooden decorations to give a touch of country so it will look more attractive.

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Decorating a terrace with evergreen tree decorated with red ribbons will make your winter more festive. Adding rattan chairs to relax will provide the perfect comfort for you.

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If you want to have a terrace that looks attractive in winter, decorating with evergreens is the right solution. Just add some wooden decorations and rattan baskets to give a warm country touch.

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The terrace is a favorite place to enjoy the beauty of the open nature, laying chairs to relax will provide comfort for you. The decor of the terrace with some pine trees and garlands sprinkled with snow looks simple but is still perfect in winter.
Adding a touch of country to your winter decor is an amazing idea. Just set the fir tree on your outdoor and add some wooden decorations so that it will look amazing.

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3. Warm Winter

If you live in the countryside, then collecting natural winter decors must be an easy task for you. Gather natural decoration items you have in mind like sprigs and pine cones. 

Arrange them to create garlands or wreath in as many as you want. After that, hang them on the door, by the window, or under the lanterns. You can combine them with some festive decorations like white, silver, or gold ribbons. Do not hesitate to use all the items you have to the decorations pretty. Finally, leave those natural colors as they are to warm your heart in the cold winter.Creating country winter outdoor decorations is easy, right?

Combining garland and wreaths for your outdoor winter decor looks amazing. Add pine seeds in baskets and mini evergreens to make your winter decor even more festive.

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Garland made from pine leaves and pine seeds will provide a winter vibe in your outdoor decor. Then hang the wreath on the door using a gold ribbon to make it look more attractive without having to be complicated.

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Hanging a wreaths at the entrance with a golden ribbon decoration looks simple but festive for winter. Add some ornaments like lanterns, pine seeds, and fir to beautify your decor so it looks more beautiful.

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Simple winter outdoor decor with floral arrangements looks appealing. Place wooden benches and wire baskets to put pine seeds so they will give a simple and pleasant touch of country.

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Wreath with a red ribbon decoration that hangs on a wooden door gives a touch of country to your winter decor so it looks more attractive. Just add evergreen and simple wooden decorations to make your outdoor decoration look stunning.

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