22 country winter outdoor decorations2

Outdoor decorations help visualize your readiness in welcoming a day. Even though the inside of your house has not been decorated or only has a small touch of decoration, that won’t be a problem. You can use various decoration ideas; one of them is country winter outdoor decorations.

The following ideas are perfect for you who has a house with a farmhouse or rustic design. However, you can always apply this idea to any designs you want.

22 country winter outdoor decorations1

1. White Winter

Do you suddenly remember the Winter Queen or white walkers? Everything is white, except for the door and window frames.

Indeed, the decorations are made of paper. White paper snowflakes are everywhere. You can see them hanging from right to left or up to bottom or attached to white branches in pots. If that’s not enough, hang two white baskets filled with white sprigs or evergreens painted in white.


The combination of white and green that dominates the outdoor porch decoration is perfect for use when winter arrives. White color can be applied to the use of wall paint and for green you can try it on the garland and a hanging wreath. Throw pillows and blankets to keep the body warm. White and Greenery Outdoor Decor from @theellensteam


Rustic outdoor furniture that is used on the back porch of your house can be used as a relaxing area when winter arrives. What you can do here is dominate the outdoor area with a touch of white so that the evergreens around it can look bolder and ready to be used as an outdoor statement. Rustic Themed Winter Porch from @theellensteam


The use of wood in the use of the front door of the porch is perfected by painting the walls and window frames which have been repainted in neutral colors, namely white and light gray. The two colors combined are perfect for instantly presenting a touch of country winter. Here you can also use two layers of mat with a plaids pattern. Country Winter Porch from @melissayackley


Black and white is a color combination that is suitable for outdoor themes with any season. White wall paint and black door paint that is applied to the front porch is highly recommended for you, because these two colors will work well together. Evergreen garland is an additional color that seems natural. Black and White Winter Front Porch from @_ambertiller_


The white nuance that dominates this winter outdoor gives a simple shabby chic impression. In this outdoor area, you can use a swing which is perfected with throw pillows and two candle lanterns as outdoor lighting that seems warmer and more dramatic. White Scheme Color Outdoor Area from @thefinleyfarmhouse


Black and white is a color combination that is suitable to be used to instantly present a modern style. Try these two colors into your winter outdoor decoration which will be the first visit by all visiting guests, here you can also use a wooden slice mat to place pillar candles which will be additional lighting. Modern Winter Outdoor Decor from @lechuza.world


Whitewashed, which dominates the winter porch, is suitable for use with a winter theme, which you can get instantly. This color can be applied to the use of wall or floor paint so that you will get a shabby chic look, the addition of snowy evergreen will also never fail to try. Add Touch Shabby Chic Style from @ourhomedays


In the winter porch area, you can place a set of chairs and a table to be used as a sitting area that can be shared with your family. When you use chairs and sofas with rattan woven material, you can cover them with seat cushions and some throw pillows that have the appropriate pattern. Cozy Outdoor Furniture Set with Neutral Color from @wilshire_collections

2. Evergreen

There is no doubt that lots of people love something natural and green, including decoration. If you live in a warm place where the winter season is just about the breeze, then this is definitely for you.

With some small pine trees in front of the door, you can hang a green mistletoe on the door and then arrange some sprigs or evergreens around it. Moreover, to enhance the country winter outdoor look, place some wooden décor on the wall and rustic chairs by the trees. 


Transfer any evergreens you have in your garden to the outdoors to turn into some easy winter ornaments you can make yourself. Use this evergreen material to make two hanging wreaths that can be hung over the front door as the first welcome for all your guests. Hanging Greenery Door Wreath Display from @designing_diss_house


Not only wreaths, but you can also make two winter swahs with the main ingredient evergreen to be hung on the porch wall or more precisely on both sides of the front door. Just hang it symmetrically for a more elegant and neat look, of course. Attach Winter Swag Symmetrically from @ms.beccasue


Wreaths and garlands will never fail in the winter outdoor decor section. Both can be applied to the front door, for the evergreen garland design you can use it to frame the door so it has a more different look. Evergreen Garland and Wreath Display from @tierraverdeplanters


Fresh evergreens or faux evergreens can be turned into essential ornaments in winter. What you can do now is turn them into two mini Christmas trees that can be placed on either side of the door together with string light accents to make the look even more dramatic. Christmas Trees On Both Sides Of The Front Door from @jaclynstokes


When you have a front door with bright yellow paint, you can hang a greenery wreath as the right decoration that has quite a contrasting color. DIY pallet wood snow sign can be placed vertically in the corner of the porch. Greenery Winter Wreath Door from @devriesdesignco


Take a look at this evergreen garland design which is quite large and wide, doesn’t it look more statement and ready to be made as a new focal point in your porch area? Yes, just use this garland to frame the front door as a whole. Statement Garland Frame Door from @tierraverdeplanters


Some of these winter ornaments made from evergreens can be perfected with snowy accents that you can buy at online stores in the form of sprinkles or white powder that can be applied easily. This evergreen material can be turned into wreaths, Christmas trees with quite a lot. Snowy Evergreen Winter Ornament from @kraab04

3. Warm Winter

If you live in the countryside, then collecting natural winter decors must be an easy task for you. Gather natural decoration items you have in mind like sprigs and pine cones. 

Arrange them to create garlands or wreath in as many as you want. After that, hang them on the door, by the window, or under the lanterns. You can combine them with some festive decorations like white, silver, or gold ribbons. Do not hesitate to use all the items you have to the decorations pretty. Finally, leave those natural colors as they are to warm your heart in the cold winter. Creating country winter outdoor decorations is easy, right?


Lighting is one of the important accents that is needed indoors and outdoors, now for the winter porch you can use a table lamp that has yellow or orange lighting. This table lamp makes your winter porch more dramatic. Dramatic Porch Lighting from @afterallkc


The layer of faux fur fabric that covers your outdoor table provides a warm touch that you can try when winter arrives. To emphasize winter in this outdoor area, you can use vases and candle holders that have Christmas tree patterns that you can easily carve yourself. Faux Fur Tablecloth Ideas from @theturquoise_house


One way you can do to bring a warm atmosphere to the winter porch decoration is to use the right lighting. For example, you can combine string lights with several candle pillars and lanterns which can make outdoor lighting feel warmer. Use Warm String Light Porch from @mlle.hygge


The outdoor winter in the backyard is perfected with a cover so it’s safer from snow. In this area you can use a curved sofa which is equipped with throw pillows and several blankets that come in a variety of colors and different materials. Warm Winter Outdoor Seating Area from @partywithsol


The two swing beds that are hung opposite each other are an additional sitting area that you can use in decorating your winter porch. In this swing bed section, you can complete it with some throw pillows that have neutral colors like white and beige. This pillow will make the swing bed surface softer. Swing Bed with Throw Pillow Ideas from @adam.kwan


String lights are one of the outdoor lighting that you can use for winter decorations that will never fail. You can try using this lamp in combination with a garland frame which is dominated by fresh evergreen materials which you can get in the backyard garden for free. Combination of Garland with String Light from @cherrystreetblossoms


Before using a mat on your doorstep, you can use a layer of rug for a warmer winter outdoor look. In this area you can also use some evergreen ornaments that you can make yourself and can be applied in several different areas evenly. Layered Rug and Mat Design from @annasflowers

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