15 Simple Window Decoration Ideas to Cheer up Your Wintertime


When it comes to a winter home décor, it means every part of the room needs the seasonal updates, including the windows. Also, they are the most noticeable feature of any room in a house. Thus, they really deserve a winter makeover. Turn your drab windows into something pretty and frosted through decorations. But, we are not just talking about drapery or curtain. We are speaking about exclusive winter window decoration ideas.

So, cheer up your wintertime with these simple décor ideas. 


1. Snowflake Icicle Light 

Bring the snowy and wintery vibe into your home. You can use snowflake ornaments to decorate your window. Buy or create them and install on your window to cheer up the winter decoration in your home. With the white color of the snowflakes, it can strengthen the winter vibe in your home and make the winter season more pleasant.

A creative decorating idea in winter with this snowflake ornament in this simple window. Ice white snowflakes made from plastic that are hung above the window create a charming winter atmosphere. This is a window that was once simple but with snowflake ornament making a special nuance.

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Simple house windows with brick walls and iron metal windows. With a beautiful winter ornament accent using a snowflake accent hanging above a shiny white window. This creates a nuance of autumn decor at home even more charming by utilizing the window with beautiful snowflake ornament.

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Winter decoration idea by using snowflakes that installed to the window are a good idea to bring the winter vibe in your home. Attach the snowflakes to the glass window to give a beautiful impression.

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2. Window Snowman on Guard 

Have some snowman stickers? Fix them on your wall. This idea may be the lightest window décor, but it gives you an enchanting look of the window from the outside. Make it like a real window guard by also fixing a sign says “peeking not allowed” over it.

Cute window decorations ornament snowmen in this simple red-framed window. With a white snowman accent that clings to the glass wall of the window, it provides the right color combination. Which creates an elegant and decorative winter feel.

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The wood-framed windows decorated with cute ornaments using snowman and Santa sticker accents to make this home window more lively. Combined with snowflake stickers to complete the window decoration.

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A pleasant winter with simple window decorations is transformed into festive by using funny snowman accent stickers against the window glass wall. Snowman combined with Santarklas and bears wish you a Merry Christmas. With the snowflake ornament and fairy godmother that makes the window more lively this winter.

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3. Special Winter Wreath 

Winterize your window décor by having a snowball wreath hangs over your window. Create your snowball from styrofoam balls wrapped in colorful yarn, or burlap. To add its super-simple style, you can have one snowflake ornament attaches to it. 

Simple window decoration in the kitchen with snowball ornament wreath attached in the middle of the window looks interesting. Wreath combined with snowballs and berries plus a cute ribbon makes a beautiful impression of this room. And the addition of a soft white curtain and a rectangular box filled with snowballs adds to the funny window decoration this winter.

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Design Wreath is made from soft white fur on a cute window that is combined with a red and green Christmas house. Added accents of cups and pillows with snowflake motifs. creating a special winter ornament.

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Winter by decorating a simple window using wreath gives a beautiful impression. Wreath made from soft white fur resembles a snowball and polka dot ribbon accents with pine cones add to this wreath looks charming. This creates window decorations that look appealing to winter.

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4. Easy Winter Garland

Draping garland along the top and bottom of your windows is another way to decorate your windows during winter. Use as many various garland materials as you have, such as evergreens, pine cones, cutouts, and flowers. Isn’t it easy to make?

Creative ideas by utilizing the rest of Christmas in winter for winter decoration in the dining room window. By placing garlands accented with pine cones that look charming on the white wooden window wall. And in the mix of Christmas trees and wooden dining tables with garlands in the middle of the table creates a pleasant atmosphere in winter.

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The ornament decorated kitchen window looks elegant. Using garlands with pine cones and string lights that create a beautiful winter feel on the window. Combined with a dark gray curtain gives a warmer feel. Window decoration in the kitchen with a winter atmosphere creates a soothing feel of the heart.

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Winter by decorating the window of the house using wreath that is installed above the window makes it look interesting. Fresh green garlands on a berry cluster create a fresh appearance in the window. And the added combination of a wreath that is placed on the middle side of the window and red ribbon accents makes it a good combination of garlands. This creates a decoration of winter in the window of the house looking lifeless and fresher.

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A charming and pleasant window to the dining room to play with the family. By adding ornamental garlands decorated with snowballs and handkerchiefs installed to decorate the dining room window in winter. Plus accents of red roses and the placement of this wooden dining table and soft foamy bench. Make the feel more graceful and pleasant in winter.

5. Stunning Heart Details

Make a few hearts, then cut into pieces. All you need is to hang it over the window or fix it on your window. If possible, attach the fairy lights above the heart details. So, you can have a brighter heart icon at night. We hope the window decoration ideas above inspire and motivate you to decorate your window for the winter. If you need to save these ideas, please copy them.

Putting an ornament heart in the window that makes it interesting. A charming heart combined with warm string lights. Plus transparent curtain accents give the feel of a more elegant winter.
Winter decoration in the window that displays a graceful impression. By using a combination of ornament hearts that shine using the accent string lights show to the beauty in the window. This creates window decorations in winter that are charming and beautiful in winter.

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