25 simple window decoration ideas to cheer up your wintertime2

When it comes to a winter home décor, it means every part of the room needs the seasonal updates, including the windows. Also, they are the most noticeable feature of any room in a house. Thus, they really deserve a winter makeover. Turn your drab windows into something pretty and frosted through decorations. But, we are not just talking about drapery or curtain. We are speaking about exclusive winter window decoration ideas.

So, cheer up your wintertime with these simple décor ideas. 

25 simple window decoration ideas to cheer up your wintertime1

1. Snowflake Ornament 

Bring the snowy and wintery vibe into your home. You can use snowflake ornaments to decorate your window. Buy or create them and install on your window to cheer up the winter decoration in your home. With the white color of the snowflakes, it can strengthen the winter vibe in your home and make the winter season more pleasant.


Just buy an ice snowflake ornament with a size large enough to be used as a statement window in your home. Next, take advantage of the windowsill as an area to place evergreen arrangements and candlesticks. Icicles Snowflake Ornament from @fjordfiskerenhjem


Don’t let your glass window look plain and boring when winter comes. What you can do right now is stick some snowflake paper of different sizes using adhesive glue, DIY snowflake paper you can make yourself easily and inexpensively. Statement Window Snowflake DIY from @winterdragoncrafts


If you have white colored paper lying around at home then just turn it into an essential ornament that will suit this winter season. For example, you can turn it into several pieces of snowflakes with a size that is quite large and wide. This ornament can be seen from outside the room as an interesting new look for your neighbors to see. Paper Cutting Snowflake Window Decor from @thesagaofsagacross


Various sizes of snowflakes with two different colors are the best choices that you can try to apply to the glass windows in your home. Just hang this 3D snowflake using a white rope that is sturdy enough so it doesn’t come off easily when used throughout the winter. Different Size and Color Window Snowflake from @mamas_kram


A garland with a snowflake pattern can be stretched over a glass window to emphasize the winter theme in your home. Not only garland snowflakes, but you can also combine them with villager lighting windowsills which can be arranged neatly and orderly. DIY Snowflake Garland with Bunting from @ladybagrova


A winter decoration idea using brown paper snowflakes hanging on windows is a great idea to bring a winter atmosphere to your home. Hang the snowflakes on the glass windows using the dark colored ribbon you already have. Brown Paper Hanging Snowflake from @bloomingrosepreschool

2. Window Snowman on Guard 

Have some snowman stickers? Fix them on your wall. This idea may be the lightest window décor, but it gives you an enchanting look of the window from the outside. Make it like a real window guard by also fixing a sign says “peeking not allowed” over it.


If you have a talent for painting why not try it at the right time and where it is needed? When winter comes, you can paint the windows and glass doors with three snowman paintings that have different poses, complete with snowflake paintings that are dominated by plain white paint. Triple Snowman Window Painting from @soledbymelissa


The windows of your house will be seen clearly from the outside, so you have to do something when winter arrives to have a different view or appearance. You can repaint the glass windows with a winter theme that is dominated by snow patterns, Christmas trees and snowflakes. Winter Glass Window Art from @eleisha_paints


Snowman and snowflake are two mixed patterns that become the main symbols when winter arrives. Yes, you can try these two patterns on the glass window so that all your neighbors can see it. The large size of this Snowman painting is like being on guard in your house and ready to be used as an outdoor statement. Snowman and Snowflakes Window Painting from @one.sixteen_designs


This painting of a snowman standing straight is like being on guard in your house. In order to make your glass window look funnier and more stunning, you can also apply a penguin painting along with a Christmas tree and snowdrifts which are dominated by white. Window Snowman and Penguin Guard from @whimsical.twist


Don’t let your glass window decoration look plain, now you can paint it with a snowman pattern that comes in a variety of different colors in the use of the scarf accessory. You can paint this snowman pattern in a variety of different sizes using colorful scarves and hats to add color to the outdoors. Snowman Painting on Window from @jbg.custom.creations

3. Special Winter Wreath 

Winterize your window décor by having a snowball wreath hangs over your window. Create your snowball from styrofoam balls wrapped in colorful yarn, or burlap. To add its super-simple style, you can have one snowflake ornament attaches to it. 


Wreath is always the best choice every year in different seasons, the only difference being the main material used. To decorate the winter kitchen window, you can hang a wreath made from evergreens that are still fresh so they don’t wilt easily when used for a long time. Winter Window Wreath from @tjun_zhou


Look at the two winter ornaments applied simultaneously to your kitchen window, won’t it add natural color instantly? Yes, you can make both with the main ingredient evergreen which can be made directly on weekends with your children to fill your free time. Combination of Wreath and Garland from @makingitinthemountains


This simple window decoration with a round nature wreath will feel more natural and bring a natural feel to the room. Wreath combined with a cute red ribbon makes a beautiful impression on this room. Nature Material Hanging Wreath from @monicabeatrice


The wreath design made of snowy pincones on the window will look cuter when hung using a satin ribbon with a bold red color choice. You can buy a snowy accent on this pinecones wreath online, then sprinkle it evenly on the top surface of the wreath to emphasize the winter theme. Snowy Evergreen Wreath Ideas from @thetruehouse


Greenery is always the best choice which is usually used for the main ingredients of winter ornaments such as wreaths and garlands. When you are going to make a garland, you can combine it with white ribbon to give it texture while making it look even cuter. White Ribbon with Greenery Wreath from @tuftandtrim

4. Easy Winter Garland

Draping garland along the top and bottom of your windows is another way to decorate your windows during winter. Use as many various garland materials as you have, such as evergreens, pine cones, cutouts, and flowers. Isn’t it easy to make?


You can get a different look directly from using a greenery garland in combination with more than one snowglobe. Its existence can be tried on the glass window in your kitchen as a beautiful view that can be enjoyed when you are doing cooking activities in this room. Garland Combined with Snowglobe from @villahimmelblaa


Besides being able to be used as a winter window ornament, a stars lighting garland will also add new lighting to this room. Therefore its existence is very multifunctional and can be made by yourself. Stars Lighting Garland Display from @garten_tante


Apart from wreaths, winter also cannot be separated from garland decorations that have the appropriate materials. Make a garland made of evergreen material with a minimalistic size to frame a glass window in the kitchen in a simple way. Evergreen Garland Display from @jodipetitpas


Evergreen is one of the selected natural materials that is often used for winter ornaments throughout the year. For now, you can turn it into a garland that can be hung on the part of your kitchen window which is dominated by white paint so that its existence can look more statement. Nature Material Winter Garland from @thriftedhazelhouse


Paper materials that are in your home will be more useful when reused as the main material for making DIY garland winter this year. Just turn this paper into the shape of a Christmas tree, just make enough of it so that it can be strung together into one part of the garland using a long enough rope. DIY Paper Christmas Tree Garland from @theredbrickranch


The evergreen garland, which is used as an outdoor window decoration this winter, will look more attractive and festive when completed with several ice ball ornaments that you can buy online. Just use enough of these ice balls to make the decoration more fun. Winter Garland with Ice Ball Ornament from @thedaisychaindesignedbynicola

5. Stunning Heart Details

Make a few hearts, then cut into pieces. All you need is to hang it over the window or fix it on your window. If possible, attach the fairy lights above the heart details. So, you can have a brighter heart icon at night. We hope the window decoration ideas above inspire and motivate you to decorate your window for the winter. If you need to save these ideas, please copy them.


Put a heart ornament on the window which makes it interesting. The heart of lighting with a fairly bold lighting color is captivating when combined with transparent curtains so that it allows you to see the outside situation freely. Heart Lighting Windowsill Ideas from @shes_christine_


Colorful paper cut into various sizes in the shape of a heart can be pasted vertically onto the glass window in the dining room. The paper colors that you can use are red, yellow, green and purple which will combine perfectly. DIY Colorful Paper Heart Shaped Window Decor from @heartsofpg


Winter decorations on the windows that give off a graceful impression by using a combination of hanging heart ornaments with the use of lace curtains which are perfected with perfect motifs. You can buy or make this heart ornament yourself according to the ability or budget that you have. Window Hearts Ornament from @needlemind

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