It is not surprising if today’s couples pick winter as their wedding days. That is because winter is a season that is full of festive celebrations, playful designs, and enchanting holiday spirits. So, are you and your mate ready for a winter wedding this year? Before coming to an agreement, you both might want to know some winter wedding decorations to consider.


1. Lanterns, Lights, and Candles

Your romance in the white snowy backdrop won’t complete without lights. Thus, people will always have these sparkling things as decoration. Scatter the candles and lanterns on the floor. You can place them from the entrance steps to the aisle. Or, you can string lights as the alternatives. It is how you get an inviting and elegant glow wedding venue.

Lighting is one of the things that affect the decoration of your winter wedding. Placing candles along the entrance will give a romantic impression at your wedding so it looks stunning.
Placing candles along the driveway will enhance the decoration of your winter wedding so that it will give a romantic feel.

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Use lanterns to decorate your winter wedding so it looks more elegant and romantic. Add glamorous hanging lamps to enhance your decor so it looks more festive.

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2. Pine Cones and Berries.

Spray pine cones in gold, and they can work as stunning decorative items at your wedding. Along with berries, pine cones can be the most adorable wedding table centerpiece adornments. Besides, they are also great for a cardholder and a wedding bouquet. 

Need more ideas? Use them as the guests’ chairs decorations.

Adding pine cones and pine leaves on the wedding table will thrill your winter decorations. Add a few candles to give a romantic touch so it looks amazing.

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Simple wedding table decorations with pine cones and white flowers in vase look very beautiful. Complete with a candle so that it will look more perfect.

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Pine seeds will be the most adorable in the middle of your wedding table. Adding a flower vase containing berries and flowers will enhance your decor so it looks beautiful.

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3. Wood Logs

Those who want to have classic winter décor can opt for this idea. Using wood log and tree stumps as the decorative items in a wedding can offer the brides, families, and guests a warmer vintage atmosphere. 

Utilize the wood logs as the candle holders and table centerpiece. Yet, use the tree stumps for the food tray and wedding cake stand. 

DIY candles holder made of wooden logs will give a classic touch in winter so it looks fun. Add pine cones and pine leaves to enhance your wedding decorations so they look more festive.

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Wooden log centerpiece will give a classic touch on your wedding table. Put pine cones, berries and pine leaves to give a perfect touch of winter.
Wedding table decoration with wooden centerpiece gives a classic impression so it looks more attractive. Placing a candle holder on it will give a romantic feel to your wedding party decorations.

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4. Evergreen Wreaths

Wreaths can be appealing everywhere, both indoor or outdoor. Use your evergreen winter wreath as a backdrop, wall décor, entrance sign, chairs’ markers, and even bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Simple winter wedding decoration with wreaths looks amazing. Hang evergreen wreaths on the wall to create the feel of a fresh winter.

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Winter wedding decorations with wreath will enhance your decor so it looks more festive. Use evergreen wreath for decoration of fishing chairs so it looks more attractive.

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Decorating a wedding chair is a fun idea to enhance your wedding. Use evergreen wreaths to give a simple winter touch.

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5. Barren Trees

What reflects winter better than a barren tree? Thus, this naked tree is a must décor at a winter wedding. They can be lined up in the aisle. Also, they can take a role as a wedding ceremony backdrop, or stand on a dining table as the centerpiece. Those are to highlight the gorgeous winter look.

So, have you come to a decision? Whatever your choice is, those above winter wedding decorations are the real adorable yet inexpensive, and stunning yet easy things to do.

A barren tree is the perfect idea to reflect the perfect winter. Place it on the dining table so that it will become a center that looks attractive.

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Decorating a winter wedding with a barren tree is a perfect idea in winter. Barren tree standing on the dining table will be the center so that it looks amazing.

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Using a barren tree is a must for your winter wedding. Barren tree that stands on the dining table will enhance your decor so it will look beautiful.

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