16 Brilliant Inspirations of Winter Wedding Decoration


Winter can be a perfect season for a couple to tie their knot. The ambience is so tempting that you would want to add some wonderfully romantic touches to your wedding décor. Nevertheless, flowers and greens have probably been a bit too old-fashioned today. Why not try something new? Hence, here are some brilliant inspirations for your winter wedding decoration. 


1. Candled Aisle

Walking down the aisle is already like a common wedding ritual before the bride, and groom read their sacred wedding vows to each other at the altar. Instead of decorating the aisle with some flowers, why don’t you try to place some pillar candles on the end of every guest-seating row near the aisle? That will add warmth and inviting ambiance to the whole wedding ceremony. 

The simple way to decorate your winter wedding but can create a romantic vibe and really inviting is placing some candles along the aisle. This candles arrangement can make your winter wedding decoration feels warm.
To attract your guesses in your winter wedding decoration, you can place some candles on the end of the guests seating. This decoration is suitable to increase your rustic style in your wedding concept. Completed with some greenery to make your wedding decoration more interesting.

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Get your romantic and warm impression in your winter wedding decoration by placing some candles along the aisle. It can create a good view when you walk down to the altar. In other hand, this decoration is more inviting and can make your guests feel amazed.

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2. Candy Cane Surprise 

Winter is also associated with sweet treats such as the red and white striped peppermint candy canes. Now, since you are doing a winter wedding decoration, you may place one candy cane on each of the napkins on your guest tables. Wrap the candy with a pine garland to sweeten the look better. That would be a sweet surprise for your guests. 

Attract your guests by decorating the wedding table with candy cane ornaments. Completed with red table clothe to make your wedding table decoration looks more festive.

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Even though it’s just a simple decoration but can enhance your wedding table looks. All you need to do is just place some candy canes and tied together with the napkins. It can create a beautiful vibe on your table decoration.
To get festive look in your wedding table decoration, you just place a candy cane ornament on the plate. Wrap the candy cane together with napkin using a burlap and add pine leaves to sweeten the look.

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Red and white are identical color for winter decoration. This is also can be used to decorate your wedding table. You just need put a small candy cane and tied together with white napkin using pine leave. If you want a neat and clean look you can use a table clothe in white color. So, this candy cane decoration can be a focal point on your winter wedding table decoration.

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3. Hot Chocolate Corner

This might sound funny, but a hot chocolate corner is a brilliant idea for your winter wedding decoration. It’s winter, anyway. So, your guests would feel happy to warm themselves up after dinner with a cup of hot chocolate topped with some options of treats such as extra chocolate granules, fluffy marshmallows, and candy cane spoons.

Putting a hot chocolate corner for your winter wedding decoration is a good idea to make your guests feels warm after got the dinner. This can be a second option for your guests to feels warm and pleasant at the same time.

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If you want give an extraordinary serve for your guests in your winter wedding day, a hot chocolate corner is a brilliant idea. This is surely will attract your guests to taste it. Because they want to get a warm and pleasant feels after the dinner.

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To provide a second opinion after the dinner, you can place a hot chocolate corner for your guests. I think it’s will be a nice experience for your guests, because in the cold weather they need something that can warm their body. And a cup of chocolate is a good idea for this.

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4. Homey Ceremony

If you have a rustic concept for your winter wedding decoration, draping a knit blanket over each wooden chair for the guests would be brilliant. Why not? It will keep your guests warm during your wedding ceremony and add homier and welcoming feels to the décor.

If you want to give the best serve for your guests in your winter wedding day, add knit blankets to the chairs are very suitable. It can make the guests feels warm and homey at the same time. So, they will feel comfortable and stay a long.

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Decorate your winter wedding decoration by adding some knit blankets to the chairs to give a warm impression for your guests. In other hand, this decoration can make your winter wedding decoration feels more homier and intimate.
This decoration is very suitable especially if you held a winter wedding day in the outdoor. Maybe it’s will be more freeze rather than in the outdoor, so add the blankets is a must. It can be useful for your guests to warm their body and can make they feels more comfortable.

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5. Enchanting Illuminated Trees

Don’t limit your décor creativity only in the ceremony and reception rooms. You may as well decorate the trees outside with string lights, creating a gorgeous view of illuminated trees when the night arrives. It would definitely add more memorable wedding moments of yours.

Don’t forget to pay attention to decorate your outdoor in your winter wedding day. You can decorate your big trees with some string lights and arrange some table and chairs for the dinner. Completed the table decoration with white flowers for centerpiece idea, so it will be a memorable moment in your winter wedding day.

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To bring a pleasant vibe and memorable in your winter wedding day, you can decorate your yard with some string lights. Install the string lights on the trees and it can give a gorgeous view when the night arrives.

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If you want have a memorable moment in your winter wedding day, decorate the trees in your backyard with some string lights. Arrange some tables and chairs to get an extraordinary and pleasant dinner experience.

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So, be ready to turn many heads in your special day with the brilliant inspirations of winter wedding decoration above.

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