15 Cute Valentines Day Room Decor Ideas Your Girlfriend Would Love


Valentine’s day is celebrated by almost everyone across the planet. However, not many know how to surprise their partners on that special day. If you want to surprise your girlfriend with a special Valentines Day room décor, we have some cute and lovely ideas for you. No worries. Just thank us later. 


1. Cuddly Upholstery 

Decorate your living room with some cozy stuff like pale pink curtains or snugly blankets in the same color covering your sofa. Don’t forget some fluffy cushions to complete this sweet retreat. There’s nothing wrong with cuddling each other all day long while enjoying a box of chocolate on a Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s living room decoration with a touch of pink will give a warm feel that is pleasing to the heart. Add heart-shaped pillows and blankets to enhance the decoration of your living room so that it is more comfortable.

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Simple living room with a touch of pink will thrill you valentines decor. Pink pillows and pink blankets will provide the perfect comfort for you and your loved one.

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2. Sheer Pastel Color Scheme

These Valentine’s Day room decor ideas are great for bedrooms. Pink or red pastels will really enhance the romantic impression of the room. Red or pink heart-colored balloons will give a romantic impression. Also, add some roses in a vase and candles on the bed or back.

A floating heart balloons will give you a valentine’s vibe in your bedroom so it looks amazing. Add the flower distribution in the shape of the heart so that it will look more romantic.
Decorate your bedroom with romantic accents to give the impression of valentine. Heart-shaped balloons floating on the bed look simple but perfect for your valentine’s decorations.

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To provide a simple valentine’s vibe in your bedroom, letting a floating heart-shaped balloon never fail. Then add a balloon that fills the floor so that it will give you pleasure.

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3. A Large Heart Made of Roses

Plan a romantic dinner for two at home and arrange the furniture in your dining room as sweet as possible. Start it with setting your dining table in front of a window, place a cozy furry rug below your dining set, and make a DIY heart-shaped display made of not a dozen on the wall, but 12 dozens of roses. That’s large, isn’t it? Yes, it is, but certainly not larger than your love for your beloved one. 

Decorating the dining room with a heart shape made of roses looks amazing. Add flowers on the table to create the perfect romantic feel.

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A heart accent will give you the perfect valentine mood. Accent DIY heart made of roses on the wall will enhance your valentines dining room decoration so that it looks amazing.

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4. A Tray of Edible Flowers

If a bouquet of flowers seems so yesterday for you, try baking (or buying) a cake or cookies with some sweet frosting and edible flowers as toppings. Serve them warm on an artistic tray for a lovely dessert of your romantic candlelight dinner.  

Celebrating valentine with delicious cakes is an idea that will never fail. Delicious cake on a tray that is equipped with flower topping looks amazing for your valentine party.
Putting a pink cake on a tray with flower and strawberry topping will give you a perfect valentine vibe so that it will feel fun.
Serving a cake on a tray with flower toppings looks beautiful and is perfect for celebrating valentine and will give you happiness.
The wooden tray for displaying cakes looks very attractive on Valentine’s Day celebrations. Add a flower topping on your cake so that it will look more beautiful.

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5. Romantic Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfast is not always associated with accommodation service. Decorate a bedroom with any romantic stuff and fix some delicious breakfast on a tray. Spoil your girlfriend with this lovey-dovey service in the morning when she wakes up. She would definitely say, “Yes, I do” when you propose to her. 

Celebrating valentine by pampering your girlfriend with intimate service in the morning is fun. Prepare breakfast on a tray so that it will give the perfect romantic impression.

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Decorating your bedroom with romantic things will give a happy feeling to your lover. Put breakfast on a tray then place it on the bed so that it will look romantic.
Prepare breakfast on a tray then place it on the bed for your lover so that it will give happiness on valentine’s day. Then decor with romantic things so that it will look amazing.

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To give a romantic feel in your bedroom, prepare breakfast for your lover so that it will provide happiness on valentine’s day.

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So, are you ready to make your girlfriend fall in love with you once again? Then, give these ideas of Valentines Day room décor a try. 

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