As time draws closer to Valentine’s Day, you might found yourself finding ways to celebrate it with your loved one. There are a wide variety of decorations that you can pick, be it store-bought ones or crafty, DIY trinkets. 

Since Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, why not try to involve yourself by making the decorations yourself? Not only that it saves money from spending over single-use decorations, but homemade decorations will also make your Valentine’s Day party even more special. Simple and easy to make, here are 15 homemade Valentine’s Day party decorations that you can craft to keep the romance burning.


1. Homemade Flower Wreath Decorations

Nothing is better than welcoming your partner with a set of flower wreath on your front door. Using a bunch of artificial flowers, you can make an elegant heart-shaped flower wreath to create Valentine’s Day mood even before entering the house

Applying heart-shaped flower bouquets is one of the decorations on the door of the house to celebrate Valentine’s Day with splendor. Add a ribbon to make it look attractive.

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A fun way to enhance your home decoration on Valentine’s Day by adding heart-shaped bouquets of flowers will make your door look attractive. Perfect with other decorations.

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Heart-shaped bouquets of flowers will be an adorable valentain decoration in your home. Attach to the door of the house and mix with other valentain ornaments to beautify your home.

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2. Valentine’s Day Love Letters Decorations

Forget being “old school” and all, any partner who receives a romantic, handwritten letter will surely fond of the idea. Making love letters is simple and relatively cheaper than other kinds of decorations. Prepare for the cheesiest, most romantic words that you have and pour it all out in your letters. 

Valentine’s love letters with this box-shaped envelop with love patterns are suitable to represent the contents of your letter or poem to your beloved one. Add “Happy Valentine’s Day” greeting and heart shape ornaments to make more romantic. In this way will make your and your partner more intimate

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Interesting ideas for Valentine’s letters you can write valentine love letters in the form of heart shape paper. Complete with intimate words to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

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Valentine’s day love letter decoration forms love with some intimate words that you can try for your beloved one. Add a ribbon to hang a letter to your window and give a surprise for your love in Valentine’s day.

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3. Romantic DIY Paper Flowers Decorations

Spend more time in crafting these DIY paper flower decorations to please your partner with its beauty. No need to buy complicated materials, this craft only requires papers and a pair of scissors to create a gorgeous blossom.

To welcome the valentine party in your home, you can add paper flower decorations to the burlap board to make it look attractive. Attach it to the table to look beautiful in valentine’s decorations.
To decorate a house party with a valentin theme you can add some pink paper flowers that you can attach to the wall to get a different feel.
To add valentin party decorations to your home, add pink paper flowers attached to the walls of the house. Pair with other valentine ornaments can be a popular decoration.

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4. Heart-Shaped Balloon Arrangement Decorations

Looking all grand and majestic, these heart-shaped balloon decorations will look perfect as a photo booth backdrop for your party. Foolproof colors such as red, pink, or white are nice, but you can also step up your game by adding other grand colors such as gold or silver.

A cute decoration of the valentine party by adding a heart shaped balloon for the photo backdrop idea. Completed with some pillows and foods and you get ready to held a valentine day party.

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Create a cute photo backdrop by applying heart-shaped balloons for you to try. With pink you can combine it with other valentine ornaments and some foods. This decoration will give a simple but attractive appearance.

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If you want to decorate your home for photo backdrop you can installing a heart shape balloon to get the perfect beauty. You can use several pink balloon colors and you can try it now.

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5. Sweet Photo Collage Decorations

Personal and memorable, there’s nothing like giving a photo collage decorations of you and your partner as a gift for Valentine’s Day. There is an endless possibility of nailing this craft. You can make it out of anything, be it printed on papers, canvases, or the vintage ones such as woods.
Since Valentine’s Day only comes once each year, make sure you’re spending most of the time with memorable activities with your partner. Be it a stuffy party or an intimate one, these homemade decorations can be an alternative to decorate your home with a romantic mood.

To make your home decor look attractive with the valentine theme, you can add sweet photo collages. Attach the photos on the wall and arrange in the form of heart shape to make the valentine vibe more feels.

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If you have family photos or other photos, you can stick them on the wall of your home. Shape in the form of heart shape and you will get a memorable valentine’s decor. Combine with other valentine ornaments to decorate your home.

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