Welcoming a new year, there’s nothing better than closing your old chapter and starting anew. As a first step, why don’t you start from the most personal space, such as your home? While most will immediately go for refurbishing their living room or bedroom, a warm and beautiful kitchen is a worth investment spending for. 

Luckily, most kitchen designs are designed to outlast trends–which means that they will stick for a long time. From backsplashes to countertops, color palettes, and materials, here are the timeless kitchen design style inspirations for 2020 and the upcoming years ahead.


1. Elegant Marble Kitchen Countertops

A beloved material for furniture, a slab of marble in the kitchen is ideal to start your 2020. With various patterns and hues, marble has a handful of selection to offer.

Whether it’s a shabby chic or modern-styled kitchen, you can never go wrong with marble countertops. This quartz elegance is a perfect addition for a timeless kitchen design style and blends beautifully with the surrounding elements of your kitchen.

Modern kitchen decoration with blue marble countertops will look more attractive and elegant.
White marble countertops for decorating your kitchen will give a modern feel so it looks more luxurious.

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To make your kitchen look more luxurious, choosing marble countertops is the perfect idea. Choosing white marble countertops will enhance your kitchen decor so it looks cleaner.

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Marble countertops combined with wood cabinets will give a classic feel that looks amazing in your kitchen.

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Kitchen with white shades will make your room look more spacious. Use marble countertops to enhance your decor so it looks more elegant and luxurious.

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2. Upcycled Wooden Kitchen Cabinetry

For all the rustic kitchen maniacs out there, this kitchen design style might be just right to fulfil your wooden furnishing craving. Not only that it radiates warmth and homely feelings, but wooden kitchen cabinetry also proves to be timeless and suitable for any season. 

To make your kitchen eco-friendlier, you can opt for wooden and bamboo kitchenware in exchange for plastic and metal.

Upcycled wood kitchen cabinets will give a rustic feel to your kitchen so it looks more comfortable and quiet.

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To make your kitchen more environmentally friendly, choosing wooden furniture is the right idea. Using wooden cabinets to decorate your kitchen will give a pleasant rustic feel.
Rustic kitchen decoration with upcycled wood cabinets will make your kitchen more environmentally friendly and still look comfortable.
Using an upcycle wooden kitchen cabinet will emit a warm and homely feeling that will make your kitchen feel more comfortable.
You can use an upcycled wooden kitchen cabinet to give a rustic touch to your kitchen so will it feels warm and comfortable.

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3. Exposed Shelves for a Modern Kitchen

In 2020, we’re leaving the cramped kitchen design style full of unexposed heirlooms. Allowing you to showcase your beautiful collections of kitchenware and antiques, an exposed shelf helps you to find everything you need in no time easily. However, make sure to clean it regularly from dust and other particles that might harm your foods.

A well-furnished kitchen is a great step to start your 2020. With these timeless kitchen design style inspirations, find one that suits you best and be prepared for a big change!

White kitchen decor with white open shelves will enhance your kitchen decor so it looks more spacious and clean.
Modern kitchen decoration with wall shelves for storing your kitchen utensils so will make it easier for you to find it.

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Open shelves that made of aluminum for your kitchen storage ideas look simple but still amazing.

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Storing your kitchen utensils on an open shelf will make it easier for you to find the items you need. Use shelves made of wood so that it looks more attractive.
Using a wall shelf made of wooden and iron looks simple but will make it easier for you to find the items you need.
Luxurious kitchen decor with a vertical storage idea will save space and still look neat. Use wooden open racks so that it will make your kitchen look more perfect.

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