16 Chic Ikea Bathroom Ideas: 5 Popular Suggestions


People choosing to go for the Ikea bathroom love super functional furniture in a sleek look and finishing. Whether it’s your first time going to Ikea to purchase new ones or replace old and existing furniture, you’ll have no regret going for this particular design. See some of our top picks below to inspire you further.


1. Retro Patterns

Celebrate going vintage with some retro patterned bathroom furniture from Ikea, too! Some sink and vanity set is constructed to mix impeccably with gold finishes, which can be another inspiration for the bathroom you can definitely try.

Adding a golden touch to your bathroom with IKEA ideas will enhance your decor so it looks luxurious.

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Sink and dressing table with a touch of gold for decorating your bathroom will give the impression of luxury that is amazing.

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Decorating a bathroom with a retro patterned floor will give a vintage touch that looks simple but still amazing.

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Add a touch of gold in your bathroom to enhance your decor so it looks more attractive.

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2. A Simple Design

See why people are shifting their lifestyle to minimalism by choosing Ikea minimalist furniture like clothing racks and lights. These simple additions help your bathroom feels much more spacious and luxurious, which works wonders for small bathroom.

White bathroom decoration with LED lights for lighting ideas will make your bathroom look brighter.

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Simple bathroom with storage shelves will make your bathroom look neater.
Choosing Ikea minimalist furniture such as clothes racks will make your bathroom decor look neat and orderly. Add a round lamp to enhance your decor so it looks perfect.

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3. Modern Storage

Ikea modern cabinets come in sharp lines and simple finishing, which can be your primary choice if you prefer a practical solution. Some are designed in patterns and hues resembling natural materials like stones and woods, too.

Bathroom with wooden furniture will give you a classic warm feel so it looks more attractive.

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Finishing wood cabinets for decorating your bathroom will enhance your bathroom decor so it looks more modern.

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Using wood furniture that has been finished for decorating your bathroom will give a modern impression that looks attractive.

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4. Charming Wood Tones

Speaking of woods, the wooden charm is the distinct method to get the homey bathroom you want (and clearly for any other rooms at home!). Grab your Ikea bathroom wooden furniture through the help of a sink cabinet ($111) or matching coat racks.

Wooden cabinets with drawers for decorating your bathroom will give a charming wood tone so it looks more classic.

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Using a small wooden cabinet to decorate your bathroom will provide a charming appeal.

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5. Modern Meets Traditional

The power of combination won’t clash as long as you understand the proportion and what to do to achieve the balance. After the modern furniture, consider adding traditional Ikea bathroom furniture as well to grab that gorgeous powder room. Finish the look with subway shower tiles and new wallpapers.

Modern furniture combined with wooden floors will give a traditional impression in the your bathroom so it looks stunning.

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Choosing a modern wall for room decoration your bath will look amazing. Add wood cabinets and wooden bench to give a traditional touch so it looks more attractive.

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Combine modern design with traditional furniture to decorate your bathroom so that it will look more attractive.
Wooden shelves and wooden cabinets will give a traditional feel in your modern bathroom so it will look amazing.

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Hopefully, the five chic Ikea bathroom ideas above help to spark your inspiration!

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