Having a stylish farmhouse bathroom right in a modern home is a charming addition you should consider at least once. With its unique traits of looking elegantly rustic and retro, a farmhouse-style in basically any room will draw admirers effortlessly! If you’re thinking to go for this one, read more to discover which ideas got homeowners’ attention.


1. Sliding Mirror Door

Installing or remodeling your current door into a bathroom sliding mirror door can be a statement feature that blends perfectly from a mixture of natural and neutral shades. There are various shapes and colors out there, but we encourage you to go for one giving a full-body look.

Installing a sliding mirror door for your bathroom decoration will make it easier for you to see the look of your whole body.

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Having a sliding mirror door for decorating your bathroom is extraordinary. Because it will make it easier for you to see the look of your entire body.

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2. Double Sink

A double sink isn’t only workable for the kitchen. Consider changing your current vanity into a bathroom double sink with wooden framed-mirror and flat surface.

Bathroom decor with double sink looks amazing. Add wood frame mirrors to vibrate your farmhouse style bathroom so it looks amazing.
Double sinks and wooden mirrors will provide vanity in the bathroom of your farmhouse so that it looks more perfect.

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Using a double sink for decorating your bathroom will look fabulous. Add a mirror with a wooden frame to reinforce the style of your farmhouse.

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3. DIY Toothbrush Holder

For a house with many family members, making a DIY toothbrush holder will be an excellent idea to increase the organization as well as contributing a bit to the farmhouse vibe.

Making a toothbrush holder would be a great idea for decorating your bathroom. Make a toothbrush holder out of a wooden block and then make a hole to place your toothbrush so it will be neater.

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Using a DIY brush holder will reinforce the decor of your bathroom farmhouse. Just use an unused glass cup then add gravel so that it will look simple and attractive for your toothbrush holder.

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DIY brush holders made of plastic bottles will enhance the decor of your farmhouse bathroom so that it looks more presentable.

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4. All White

Go for a consistent and clean look by all-white farmhouse bathroom, a design that’s guaranteed to deliver an airy and open atmosphere in the area. Not to mention: this design is also undeniably classic and easy to work with, particularly when you want to add another splash of color.

Choosing a white theme is the perfect idea for decorating your farmhouse bathroom. Just add some wood accents so it will look perfect.
A white bathroom with a wooden bathtub will give the feel of a warm farmhouse so the terrace is more comfortable.
Having a bathroom with all-white decoration will enhance your decor so it looks cleaner. Add some wood accents to give the perfect farmhouse touch.

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5. Ladder as Towel Hanger

Consider leaning an old ladder (which you have cleaned, obviously) to function as a bathroom towel hanger. With this rustic touch, the bathroom already obtains a charming personality.

Farmhouse bathroom decoration with rustic wooden ladder will provide a perfect rustic feel so it looks more attractive.
If you have an old staircase, you can use it to decorate your bathroom. Just paint it again then it can function as towel hangers.
Decorating the bathroom with old ladder as a towel hanger will give a luxurious personality to your bathroom in a farmhouse style.
Using an old ladder that has been cleaned for bathroom decoration is the right idea so that it can function as a towel hanger

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Living in the city with a farmhouse bathroom? Why not?

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