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18 Modern Front Garden Landscaping Ideas


While not all houses are blessed with a spacious front yard, some have to struggle on how to make their welcome point attractive despite any space available. Modern front garden landscaping ideas are now popular to give you the aesthetic pov as well as creating an impression. 

To help you plan better, here are some less-is-more design for your garden landscaping.


1. Simple Planter

You don’t have to cover the whole land surface with succulent. Instead, choose three or four large planters that mark distinguished modern design for your front yard – the bigger, the better. The container can be round, tube-shaped, rectangular, or tapered, depending on your preference.

The front yard garden decor with succulent plants looks very amazing. You don’t have to succeed using land large enough to plant succulents to make them look attractive.

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A round containers for planting succulents in your front yard garden will enhance your decor so it looks simple and modern.

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2. Stone and Wood

The most common modern decorative plan is using stones in different size and shape along the front garden path. Build yourself a wood plank surrounded by gravel or river stone that speaks more of character and prevalent.

The garden path will make your garden look more perfect. using a wooden park path with river rocks along the river path looks natural.

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Wooden garden paths surrounded by gravel will enhance your garden decor so it looks natural and pleasant.

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3. Pavers

Modern front garden landscaping with pavers are quite common and serve you any favors. It creates clear lining pathways and adds variety when compared to poured concrete. Choose pavers with clean lines and neutral color for minimalism.

Using pathways pavers will enhance existing garden decorations so they look more modern and varied.

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Paving pathways surrounded by black pebbles will enhance the decoration of your front yard so it looks more stunning.

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Pathway will enhance your garden decoration so it looks more perfect. Pavers pathway will add variety to your garden decoration so it looks different from the others.

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4. Lined up Succulent

We’ve seen front garden landscaping ideas with lush greeneries and tall trees but we want to create a more contemporary idea. Plant small succulent in a lined-up position, use some measured distance between one and another but make sure you keep a clear view ahead.

A simple front yard garden with some delicious plants in a line up position will make your garden look organized and more beautiful.

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Succulent plants in a row position and have the right distance between one and the other looks simple but will make your garden amazing.

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5. Colorful Touch

If you want to draw more attention to your front garden, the idea is to pop up more colors with flowers. Some color plumping plants in a large group is admittedly eye-catching and will brighten the mood of your house.

Colorful blooming flower will give perfect beauty in the front yard of your garden so that it will attract the attention of many people.

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To enhance your front yard decor, adding colorful blooming flowers is the perfect idea so it will look beautiful and attractive.

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Front yard garden with colorful blooming flowers looks very beautiful and amazing so it will attract attention.

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6. Garden Lighting

To create interesting front garden landscaping, clever lighting can play an important role for more versatility. You may opt for an up-lighting technique or lighting pathways for a dramatic entrance illumination.

Using lighting techniques for your bright garden ideas looks very amazing. Highlights from up-lighting will enhance your garden decor and look more modern.
Lighting will enhance your decoration so that it looks more perfect. Use the pathway lighting as lighting the entrance so it will look simple and attractive.

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LED lamps installed along the pathway will enhance the decoration of your front yard so it looks stunning.

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7. Clean Cuts

Contemporary modern garden ideas always include trimmed and clean-cut foliage. Be sure to arrange the plants carefully and shape your skip laurel to create clear patterns and sharp shapes.As these modern garden landscaping ideas are amusing enough, it requires well thought that compliments the natural terrain of your house before you plan to design one and choose your favorite feature.

Trim the leaves neatly for decorating your front yard garden is the right idea. Make it in a circular shape so that it will look more attractive.

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Be sure to arrange the pruned trees neatly along the pathway of your front yard so that it will enhance your decor and look more modern.

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