17 Refreshing Bathroom Makeover Ideas

With all those plumbing and tiling and installation techniques, the bathroom has a reputation for being the costliest room to improve. You can tackle the job by choosing only essential basics to renovate yet still have a refreshing look to achieve. A bathroom makeover doesn’t have to be too expensive as you can also work with the less anticipated pieces to add. 


1. Focusing on the Focal Point

Look around your bathroom, and see what piece that draws the most attention? Often, the bathroom vanity is the star of the room, and you can start working with that. However, it’s not necessary to scrap the vanity altogether as you can still have it refreshed by repainting the cabinet doors or replacing the drawers with the new ones. Just make sure the size fits. 

Vanity with soft gray color will be the focus of your bathroom that looks elegant and attractive.

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Repainting bathroom vanity and replacing drawers with new ones will enhance your bathroom decor and become a focus that looks stunning.
To create the perfect focal point in your bathroom, just repaint your vanity and replace the drawer with a new one so it looks better.

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2. Swapping Tub

A regular rectangular tub is fine, but don’t you want something more interesting? If the budget allows, plan for a bathtub makeover and replace the old one with sculptural design. The sleek line is an appeal to the eyes, and it boasts a luxurious soak moment in your dream-bath. 

Sculpting your square tub will make your bathtub look more attractive and creative. A finely crafted bathtub will enhance your bathroom’s decor so it looks more luxurious.

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Replacing your bathtub with a carved design will make your bathroom decor look attractive. Fine lines on the bathtub will provide pleasant bathing moments.

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A carved wooden bathtub will provide the perfect luxury in your bathroom so that it will offer a luxurious soaking moment.

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3. Beautiful Reflection

Sometimes, all you need to do to have a refreshing bathroom makeover is not replacing thing but adding. Placing a new driftwood mirror can add dramatic reflection to the overall bathroom visual, as it can drastically improve the atmosphere. The smaller room can appear larger and brighter, while the bigger room will look grander. 

Installing a mirror in your bathroom will give the effect of a room that looks bigger. A mirror with a driftwood frame will give a warm feel to your bathroom.

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Bathroom mirror frame
Placing a wooden mirror in your bathroom will increase the warm atmosphere in the bathroom so that it feels more comfortable.

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To create the impression of a bigger room installing a mirror in the bathroom is a perfect idea. Driftwood mirror will add dramatic reflection to the overall visual of your bathroom so it is more comfortable.

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4. Changing Color

In any room makeover, paint is your best friend. The paint can create a new theme, design, as well as mood to the room. For a bathroom makeover, consider sticking up to neutral palette. However, you can cheer up the room with bright white paint with a touch of floral pattern. 

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Using white shades to design your bathroom looks elegant. Add floral motifs to enhance your decor so it looks more beautiful.

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White bathroom walls with black floral motifs will enhance your bathroom decor so it looks more attractive.

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Cute bathroom decoration with white walls looks simple and elegant. Add pink floral motifs so it looks more beautiful and stunning.

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Adding floral motifs on your white bathroom wall will give you a graceful beauty in your bathroom so it looks more attractive.

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5. Light Fixtures

To finish your bathroom makeover, choosing the right type of lighting can brighten the room with style. Pendant lights are the most popular ones that provide general lighting with simple installation. If you wish to have a more interesting light fixture, try the wall sconces that support sleek and fancy illumination. Stylish bathroom makeover idea is a clever way to improve the decoration and changing mood to provide a more relaxing bathing session.

Try the wall sconces will provide perfect lighting in your vanity so that it will make it easier for you to indulge.

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Installing wall sconces next to your bathroom mirror will enhance your decor so it looks more luxurious.

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Lighting is one of the things that affect the decoration of your bathroom. Adding hanging lamps to your bathroom lighting looks simple but amazing.

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Using gold hanging lamps will provide luxury in your bathroom so it will look stunning.

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