In urban life, there might be hard to find a park or garden. Why don’t you create it by yourself in your apartment? A balcony garden with green plants will is common wich for the one who lives in an urban city. It will add a natural tone and give your fresher air. If you are looking for balcony garden design ideas, check out our lists below!


A Japanese Styled Balcony Garden

A japanese styled balcony garden

In this balcony garden, we are given a great view of urban life with green trees and various buildings. The balcony looks awesome with a potted green plant and a tiny pond. It has some stones and pebbles that look like a real park.

Balcony Garden With Vertical Space


Are you a plant lover? This simple balcony garden might be interesting for you. Look at some tiny pits with different grass and flowers, and succulent that so fresh and beautiful. In this space, you may see some butterflies fly around.

Vividly Green Balcony

Vividly Green Balcony

Though you only have a small balcony, installing more potted green plants will give you a wonderful view. In this balcony, the owner also plants vegetables and fruits. As long as you have the pot, you can various plants.

Oasis Within The City

Oasis within the city

Look at this balcony that gives you a gorgeous view of urban life. Look at the floor that has done with timber woods and faux green grass. It has real grasses and tiny trees around that look so fresh. The glass railing makes this balcony appear so modern and minimalist.

Blooming Green Balcony Garden

Blooming green balcony garden

The grey floor works well with a jute rug area to create a warmer look. It doesn’t have to green plants, you are pleased to plant some blooms or herbs. Spending time here with your partner every evening will be much more fun.

Big Bushy Plants

Big bushy plants

With the combination of urban scenery and natural elements look so fabulous in this balcony garden. Big bushy plants looked fresh and eye-catching. If you need a place to gain a more relaxing time, this balcony is all you need.

A Long And Narrow Balcony Garden


In this area, there are various potted plants in the long narrow balcony garden. You are pleased to plant flowers, herbs, green grasses, or other plants as you like. Even a small space can be as great as this. So awesome!

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