Mason jars come with its popularity as the landscape to plant any kinds of flowers, herbs, or even succulents. It replaces the role of vase to create a unique look. With little touch of creativity, this Mason jars change your room into more appealing.

A monotonous kitchen style will reduce your spirit to cook. While, changing the style every season also will need more money. So, you need to keep your kitchen timeless. It deals with the furniture, color, even lighting. Here are some ways to design timeless kitchen for any house style;

Live in a small house pushes you to have tiny bathroom as well. Here, you should be more creative in creating space to make your bathroom look larger. Here are some hacks to make your some bathroom feel extra cozy;

One of the most important rooms of a house is the living room. This is the first room that usually provided by the owner of a house to welcome their guest. The first impression also may come from this room. It means that, you as the owner of a house should give the best living room appearance. Here are shabby-chic living room ideas to copy soon;

Seeing the corner of a room, actually give a chance for you to use it as storage. By simple thing like adding some boards or baskets, this empty space can be used to save some tiny goods. The use of corner as storage is quite popular at this era. Here are some corner storage ideas that may inspire you;

Designing window box flower will be an interesting project this weekend. It helps you fresh your window feature. Though you live in a small apartment, this window box flower become one of the easiest way to plant some herbs you like as well. Purchase the window box at the nearest home improvement or gardening store. Here are some inspirations;

The duty of flower at your room is beautifying and refreshing. Not only because o the color but also the smell of flowers can relax our mind. Those flower also function to upgrade your house aesthetic value. Here are some ways to arrange flower to decorate your room;

Front Porch is the first place where your guest step their foot at your house part. Here, you can welcome them with glorious porch design to show your personality and character. When you only have small porch, means that you have to be more creative in designing it. Here are some inspirations for you;