Pink Kitchen Design Ideas That So Inspiring For You Who Love To Look Girlish


Pink colors are tend to count as a girlish color. Shades of pinks are more popular to be used for clothing. However, they still have a high possibility to use pink colors in home decoration. In this article, we are going to discuss pink kitchen design ideas that most women will love. As well as we are able to decorate every single piece very well, our pink kitchen will look more interesting.


Coral Pink Kitchen Decor

Coral pink kitchen decor

Look at this pink that looks like candy with pink, coral, and green. Those colors are great for a kitchen to appear more eye-catching. We love the island with a wooden cabinet and white countertop. What makes this kitchen so sweet is the pink wall and coral touches.

Pastel Pink Theme

Pastel pink theme

We love the stools with pink color and matching herringbone-patterned tile wall. It has a set of tea with pink color as well. The designer combines pastel pink and white to end this kitchen into a pretty look.

Light Pink White Kitchen


Light pink and white colors are nice for a girlish kitchen look. In this kitchen, the cabinet is done in a pastel pink color that so sweet. Furthermore, the designer dresses the countertop with nature’s greenery to add a fresh look.

With A Subtle Pink Glow

With a subtle pink glow

Look at this futuristic kitchen that has been finished very well in a girlish tone with white and pink colors. We love the pink area rug and glossy pink backsplash. The surface looked clean and sleek with a white glossy.

Bright Flamingo Pink

Bright flamingo pink

We will directly pay attention to the bright flamingo pink cabinet with pink marble countertop and backsplash. The cabinet works well with the wooden herringbone-patterned flooring and the dining set. This pink kitchen looks so clean and sleek as well.

Blush Pink L-Shaped Kitchen


This L-shaped kitchen has done very well in a cool design. There are some colors that work together to create a girlish but elegant tone. Pink cabinets, dark countertop and backsplash, and pastel-colored dining set are so awesome.

Watermelon Pink Grey Kitchen


You might never want to leave this area. The room is designed in an open floor layout. So, the kitchen, dining space, and living area are in the same location. The pink cabinet on the kitchen seen as the focal interest.

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