29 Lighting Ideas for a Classical Look


Designing the look of your interior on your own can be a fun and challenging activity. One of the good ways to start decorating your interior is by deciding on the lighting. From there, you can imagine how the furniture would look.

There is a large variety of styles to choose from, and one of them is Classicism, a style inspired by the arts of Europe in the 17th – 19th centuries. Here are a few lighting ideas to give your interior a classic look.



Nothing beats chandelier in defining the word “classic” in lighting. It is commonly designed to be mounted on the ceiling, but some chandeliers can be mounted on the wall. There are three types of chandeliers: classic, contemporary, and modern. Each of them has its own characteristics, and if you are aiming for a classical look, it does not matter which one you choose as long as you are comfortable in using and maintaining it.

Huge cage cover with antique chandelier inside. In this gorgeous dining room, the chandelier creates a unique design with the bird cage.

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White themed bedroom collaborates with a silky white chandelier. The chandeliers also have a black accent on the lamp holder. Obviously, it provides a harmonious color scheme.

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This chandelier is suitable to complete your contemporary living room design. The ball-shaped of the chandelier will make the decoration looks attractive.
Give a gold touch if you want an elegant impression in your living room. The gold touch of the modern chandelier is really matching with your minimalist home design.
It provides a clear brightly lamp with harmony blended grey color room decoration. It also has four bulb directions in one hanger.
The classic luxurious chandelier in this living room creates a stunning decoration. Not only gives a perfect light but also makes the living room look better.
Stunning root-chandeliers gives a stunning look in this elegant living room decoration. The crystal accent makes this chandelier match with your contemporary living room design.

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Antique chandelier in this living room looks so perfectionist. The combination of a black accent will make a harmoniously to this living room decoration.
To give a dramatic look in your room, hang a classic chandelier in large size on the ceiling and for the small size attach on the wall. Surely, it will make your classic living room more perfect.

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Other lighting ideas for your interior is the sconce. A sconce is a type of lighting fixed onto the wall, the light inside the sconce is usually directed outwards or upwards, but not downwards. The purpose of the sconce itself is not only to light up a room or a corridor but also act as a decorative. Sconces nowadays can be mounted by an LED light, look for a warm yellow colored LED light to achieve that classical feeling as if there was a torch inside the scone.

Dual Scones on one holder, even if just one, it provides bright light to this room. Especially, the creamy wall accent makes more reflection of the lights.

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With the gold touch for the lampshade and the holder, this sconce can be the decorative item in your bedroom at the same time. Besides being the lighting source in your room.

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To give a natural impression in your modern room, you can use sconce from wood material. For more sophisticated you use LED lighting with yellow color.
Industrial-style sconces for a touch of decoration. Really good to put two scones like this in this living room to provide enough lights. However, it permanent but placed symmetrically.
For the simple look, you can choose the sconce in a box design to provides simplicity of decoration. Install it vertically to give a seamless decoration in this living room.
Make a bold statement decoration with these gold sconces. The warm light shows up from the scones to create the room more inviting.

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Bright white scones in this living room make a statement in your classic living room design. The silver plate on the scones provides a luxurious impression.
Three tiny scones in the bathroom work perfectly with placed symmetrically. The gold accent are blended like a good with the wall color.
The tube sconces that install side by side with the mirror will make your vanity looks beautiful. The silver touch on the sconce is really matching with your monochrome color scheme.
Sparkling scones glass cover in this bedroom makes a beautiful decoration. In addition, to make it looks so bold the holder is colored by black.
Upside cup glass sconces in this room provide a beauty in the simple decoration. Especially, the blue color wall makes everything on the wall bold look.

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Fabric Shaded Table Lamp

There are a variety of table lamps. Try looking for a base with brown or beige color to achieve a classical look.  Apart from that, you may need to think about color schemes. The color of the LED light depends on what color the fabric of the shade is. If you choose a white shade, then the LED should be yellow and vice versa. The goal is to make a combination that results in emitting yellow warm, faded lights.

The white lampshade in the table lamp will create a warm impression in your bedroom. It will make you feel more comfortable and intimate.
Yellowish shades table lamp makes the lamps not too bright but has enough bright to the room. With yellowish shade, it makes the bright light more golden.

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Black shades of the table lamp will make a focus light on below. Because of the light cannot penetrate the shade so that the light produced will focus underneath.

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Pink shades with a pattern table lamp. The beauty of this pinkish color collaborated with a unique pattern can create a calm impression and looks so beautiful.
By using a lace accent on the white fabric lampshade, this table lamp suitable to complete your farmhouse decor. The faded lighting that resulted from this lamp can create a warm impression.

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This table lamp probably the best ever I have seen. Because the silver touch on the carved stand works well with a white lampshade to create glamour looks.
You can combine the white fabric shade with the classic ceramic lampstand in a white and blue color scheme. To make this work properly, put on the side table next to the sofa in the living room. It will strengthen the classic vibe.
Not only provide the light but also gives a shot of decoration. The yellow light that produced from the white fabric shade can make your room feels warm and soothing.
Gorgeous table lamp with sparkling-gold and white fabric shade. Of course, besides giving a dim light, this table lamp absolutely matches the ornament on the side of the table lamp. And these are combined as a good decorated this living room.

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Are you interested? Try searching for the 3 items of lighting ideas above, have fun decorating!

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