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Try These Backyard Makeover Designs You Done in A Weekend

Everyone has their own rooms, and the backyard is the place you can come in any situation. So, make yourself feels good by making your backyard look good. Too busy? Try these backyard makeover designs you can do in a weekend.


Decorate with light ornaments

The thing about light in a backyard is it creates a warm oasis feel. Moreover, when you install it outdoor, it will also give a romantic sense. Of course, it is super easy because you can buy it online.

So, choose your design first. Try the easiest way like string lighting. Just simply string them up on your wall to your tree then plug them in. Maybe it only takes two hours.

Another design you can try is the lantern style. Spread it up to your backyard, whether it is a traditional or LED lantern, and let it set your mood.

Beautiful backyard décor comes with a touch of lighting through the string lamp wrapped around the pergola. This lighting touch is accompanied by fresh and elegant flowers. Which adds to the impression of a charming backyard decoration.
This is a charming backyard decoration idea. With lighting using string lamps wrapped around the tree. Make a romantic spark around the backyard.

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How to hang patio lights
Stunning decoration in the backyard of the house. Adding light through a lamp string that is attached to a wooden pole stretched to form the ceiling. It gives a beautiful backyard feeling.
How to hang patio lights
For the simple way, you can string the lamps on the tree for the high light. And then for the low light, you can tied the string lamps on the low pole. It can make your outdoor dinner feels more romantic.

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Make more traction in the backyard. Because with a touch of string lamps that are attached to the tree creates a captivating feeling. And adding a wooden bench will add comfort to you.

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Making a party in the small backyard will be very enjoyable. Because with a touch of string lamps and some traditional lantern can give a warm impression.
You can combine your string lamps with some lamps inside the jars to give a rustic impression to your backyard. Combined with the classic chairs and it will look perfect.
Surely this is a decorating idea that will inspire you. With the concept of the backyard using a touch of string lights and candles inside the lantern. And accompanied by soft sofas and comfortable blankets will make the atmosphere feels warm.
The beauty is found in the backyard decoration comes through the lighting design through the lamp string. Lamp string wrapped around a tree and paired with aromatic candles. This creates an inspiring and inspiring backyard concept.

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Backyard Pathway

This one needs extra moves. However, it will give you a significant change to your backyard makeover project. If you develop a garden before, the pathway is a great improvement because it creates a pattern and landscape.

So, choose the pathway design you like. Try steppingstones. You can arrange them anywhere you like, and it’s done. Maybe this takes you two hours to do, of course including digging up the soil.

Another design you can try is simply pouring the gravel stone to your pathway. It’s easy, cheap, and durable.

Design a pathway with a charming stone layout in the backyard. Create a fresh touch. The combination of grass and stone produces a cheerful decoration.

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Fun backyard decoration with a cute circle pathway in different sizes and combined with green grass can create an attractive look.
The shiny rock surface on the stone path does not mean the surface is slippery. The stone texture and appearance of the upper surface of the stone flag are dark grays which give the road no slippage during rainy days.
Gray natural stone chips with irregular shapes and different sizes when adding a few loose gravel islands, was born an attractive stone path design.

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You can combine your stone pathway with some white gravels to more aesthetic. It’s a simple way but can enhance your backyard look.
A touch that captivates the backyard with the vibration of the pathway. Pathway with decorative stone decoration combined with gravel. It gives a special look and maximum vibration in the backyard.

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The modern atmosphere is presented in the backyard. Through a pathway accent using white sand and regular shape of the path. This pathway makes the backyard impression more charming and enhances the comfortable atmosphere.

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Backyard decoration is not spared by the design of the pathway. This pathway displays natural stone and black gravel. Which gives the impression of more natural and fresh ambiance.
An interesting concept in the backyard of the house. By displaying the concept of the pathway using natural stone and beautiful white gravels. This decoration creates an interesting and special vibe.

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Set Up A Pergola

If you think those two are too easy, try to set up a pergola. Pergola will become the sweetest place in your house.

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So, pick the design you like, for example, pergola with curtains. All you need to do is set up four posts to place the curtains. You can also put a net on top of it as a cover.

Setting up four posts will likely take three or four hours. Still that easy, right?

Adding a pergola in the backyard is an interesting concept for you. The touch of the bamboo-clad pergola and the soft curtain can make it comfortable if you rest there. To make more warm and romantic, you can add proper lighting near the pergola.

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Build a pergola in the backyard as a place to talk at night will be a romantic moment. The fire pit and curtain vibrations will create warmth. Thus embodying a charming backyard decoration.

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A dancing display in the backyard with a sweet pergola touch. By placing the dining table and accompanied by a beautiful hanging lamp decor and bright color motif furniture that offers a convenience.

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The existence of pergola in the backyard displays a comfortable touch. With a pergola equipped with sofas and fire pits and fresh greenery. Featuring a very charming and beautiful backyard concept.

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For those of you who want a more attractive backyard, you can build a pergola complete with curtain, sofa, and outdoor fireplace accents. And add fresh green plants to freshen up the atmosphere.

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Of course, this backyard decoration will provide a charming impression by adding a pergola in the middle of the park. With a pergola equipped with soft white curtains, sofas and string lamps can give the warmth that is truly delicious special.

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The backyard will be more beautiful to build a pergola. Pergola equipped with sofa accents and greenery in addition to that more gracefully adding a soft curtain.
This backyard is more captivating because with a touch of pergola complete with attractive furniture. Through white curtains on each side of the pergola will the decoration more soothing and warm.

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Those are some backyard makeover you can try in a single afternoon of your weekend.

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