27 Rustic Bathroom Decor Inspired by Nature


Having its authentic charm, a rustic bathroom decor has been long acknowledged offering serene and warm effects. Mostly inspired by nature, this kind of bathroom style mostly incorporates the harmony of natural wood, reclaimed wood, stone, and rocks. This bathroom will be full of earthy colors and natural beauty.


1. Wood

Cabin-style. Bring the mountain vibe to your bathroom with natural logs as the rustic wall design. You may combine it with other rustic accessories and furnishings, or you may go for contrasting contemporary and minimalist ideas.

The wooden wall for the rustic bathroom design can bring a warm impression and natural. You can complete it with modern wall sconces to give a modern touch.
This rustic bathroom design uses a cabin with wooden style. The wall was built using natural logs. In addition, a strong chestnut color creates a warm and relaxed feeling.
Combining rustic with a modern touch might be an inspiring idea. By using a wood log for the walls shows the natural bathroom feeling. The modern bathroom appliances can give a contrasting look yet beautiful.

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Wood planks. Walls covered with planks of reclaimed wood are also welcome here. Or else, you can conceal a certain wall area as the backdrop for your rustic marble countertop beneath a truly charming wall mirror.

Contemporary rustic bathroom decor with reclaimed wooden planks in decorations for walls and wooden furniture to bring a surprise that captivates.
You will be more comfortable to be in this bathroom because of the touch that was born in the bathroom. It provides vibrations through the touch of reclaimed wood like a wall. In addition, rustic nuances will be created to the maximum.
The rustic bathroom with reclaimed wood and a large mirror can bring a warm atmosphere. Reclaimed wood as a wall brings the feeling of a more environmentally friendly bathroom.

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Wood floors. Natural wood flooring is so rustic, calming yet inviting. Depending on your interior color scheme, light or darker toned of wood floors are preferable to be paired up with other rustic decors.

Wooden floor accents will bring elegance to the bathroom. In addition, the touch of combination wood and stone wall makes the impression of a rustic bathroom more perfect.
This modern rustic bathroom decorating ideas that offer maximum comfort. Namely born of the wood floor giving a feeling of natural and warm. Besides that, stone walls and wooden pillars bring rustic feeling thicker.
To create an elegant rustic feel in the bathroom, you can add a shiny textured wood floor that can show the bathroom feeling more special.

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Barn-styled door. Another trademark for rustic style is a sliding wooden door in a barn style. It’s not only highly practical but also space-saving, as well as genuinely captivating.

By using the bran door will bring the bathroom to look more rustic antique. The rotten woodwork gives an old feel. And inadvertently a charming rustic taste will be created in the bathroom.
Sliding barn door decoration ideas for bathrooms embodies a more practical feeling. Besides that, the rustic taste will be accidentally created through this wooden accent.

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A good choice for using a barn door besides saving space, it can also bring a more rustic bathroom atmosphere. Because it arises through the color of old wood. And then combined with stone walls and wooden tiles are able to add the impression of being more friendly.

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2. Stone and Rocks

Stone tiles. Rustic bathroom decor brings in also the element of nature in the form of stone tile flooring. It has the rustic look and vibe compared to other concrete flooring options. Stone, rocks or pebbles are especially perfect for the shower area.

A touch of stone tiles will create a sense of cold in the bathroom. Apart from that, the brown color gives warm and natural feels. And also it realizes the concept of a perfect rustic bathroom.

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Superb rustic style bathroom design. Because with a touch of natural stone that is combined through accent walls and tiles. Tiles that use gravel and natural stone make the bathroom look more natural. Thus realizing a natural and environmentally friendly concept.

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This will give a more elegant bathroom touch. Besides, the rustic taste in the bathroom will be better. Because with soft-tiled natural stone tiles combined with ancient stone walls. As well as going to the wooden log ceiling. Which adds to the feeling of the bathroom more extraordinary.
Accent stone tiles with dark colors can bring a more enchanting sense. Stone tiles seem more natural than concrete are able to bring a natural rustic feel.
You will feel more comfortable in this bathroom. Accented with natural stone tiles to bring a more natural bathroom feeling. Besides that, the rustic nuances will flow optimally.

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Patterned or real stone tiles. You can have like natural stone cladding for your rustic bathroom walls. Or else, instead of tiles, you go for the actual stones as your walls. They create an immediate warm atmosphere.

They will create the feeling of a warmer bathroom. Through the touch of this patterned stone wall and rough texture, and helped with good lighting. Besides that, this bathroom will feel more rustic.
A charming decoration idea for you. A touch of patterned stone walls and texture of this gauze. Will bring you to the feel of a beautiful rustic bathroom.
Enchanting bathroom decorating ideas through this rough-edged stone wall accent gives a calmer bathroom feeling. So make bathroom decorations that inspire you.
The vibrations given in the decor of this bathroom. Made through a touch of the stone-patterned and rough-textured bathroom. So that displays the concept of rustic bathrooms bring to the privilege.

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3. The Combination

Other than walling and flooring, both stone and wood are the signature materials for a rustic bathroom. They make a great pair; thus, you can use them interchangeably. Use the wood for walls and floors, and stone for the tub, countertop or washbasin, and vice versa.

A natural touch is present in this bathroom decor. Through the touch of wooden walls, stone tiles, and stone bathtubs. Creating the concept of a solid rustic bathroom.
Combining elements from wood, stone in the bathroom. Give a touch of the bathroom more inspiring. Because of the natural feelings can create a beautiful bathroom.
Bathroom design created through the concept of combination wood and stone elements. Namely from wood wall accents and stone tiles, it can create a natural rustic bathroom decor.
Comfort that is displayed in this bathroom. Arise because of mixing stone and wood accents as a rustic bathroom decoration. So that it gives a really calm and comfortable feeling.

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You will feel the more comfortable bathing. Because of the modern rustic bathroom decor with lots of wood, stone tiles, and a fun cow print bathtub.
beautiful bathroom with lots of natural stone and wood, with a large metal bathtub. Showing special rustic-style bathroom decorating ideas.

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Rustic bathroom decor is meant to bring you closer to nature. Earthy tones from wood and stone are simply calming and welcoming.

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