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Bring Your Garden To Life with These 25 Small Garden Designs

Let’s be honest; the whole thing about climate change and sustainable living at least have infiltrated your mind to do something with your garden. However, not all people have the privilege to capitalize on the garden. So, even if it’s just a balcony, a tiny courtyard, or a small back yard, you can always bring them to live. Here are some small garden design ideas you can try.


Garden landscaping

Rather than keeping your tiny backyard into a useless messy warehouse, give them life with some greenery and terracotta. In this case, build a garden landscaping to show that this is a healthy and well garden.

Because this is a small garden, you can pick the easiest way: build a line. It means you can use horizontal and vertical decoration. For example, you can go vertical with your greenery. Then, you can build a geometrical gravel path. Of course, you can add another touch to complete the landscaping.

Create a beautiful feeling in the courtyard with a small garden decoration that displays fresh power. With the vertical landscape design, it will save space and maximize your small yard. Combined with natural stone pathways it can make your garden looks beautiful.
A circular stepping stone surrounded by small pebbles, lights, and greenery creates a path through this backyard. Make small garden decorations more lively and interesting.
This small backyard uses stone slabs in various sizes to make a vertical landscape. And accents of fresh green plants. Offering immortality in the backyard small garden.

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The view is stunning in the small garden. With fresh vertical greenery and the black gravels pathway can bring the taste of this park to change the mood more pleasant.

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Vertical landscape garden design with loose gravel paths is great if you have a limited budget. Plant some plants and green grass along the pathway to give the impression of a fresh and more natural feeling.

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You will not be bored even in a small garden. Because with a touch of beautiful green plant accents in combination pool accents in the middle. Which makes it increasingly gives a touch that is the main attraction.

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Small garden decoration in the backyard of the house by using a black tombstone and pebble stone pathway. In addition, it will be a fresh vertical garden landscape design if you combine it with green grass and some plants.

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The attraction that is given at this small garden. It comes through green plant accents as well as con-block pathways and gravel. Forming a small garden that displays pleasing charm.
Through the vertical landscape garden design, this small side yard is very beautiful and can freshen up your outdoor space. All you need to do is just make a pathway and plant some plants along the pathway. To make more green, you can add vines on the fence.

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Lots of Pots

Many have tried this, and even a balcony can do too. The thing is if you don’t have soil or just cannot have it, a pot is always an answer. However, one or two pots and flowers doesn’t make them a garden. You need lots and lots of pots.

So, arrange them in a mix and match combination. A certain height and a type of flower or greenery will build a texture. It is something that will make your garden alive. Moreover, small garden design is all about measuring the possibility. Space is the highlight. 

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The elegance that is present in the small garden. Through the touch of greenery and flowers in pots. You can use pots arranged through each corner.
If you don’t let soil anymore in your yard, you can put your plants in the clay pots and arrange and group them in your garden. It can make your outdoor space feels fresh.
Even with limited space and you can make a garden even though it is small in size. Namely by using some pots and arrange them in the garden. You can plant different plants with different height to make it look more lively.
Arrange your clay pots on the stairs and make your porch looks fresh. You can put some big plants and low plants at once to give an attractive look in your garden. Surely, this is an effective way to have a garden in your limited space.

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Through a good pot arrangement on the edge of the railing, it creates a fresh and green look in your balcony. You can combine with vines on the brick walls and make them look so beautiful.

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The charming nuance of this small garden. It is produced through the touch of a pot placed on a ladder rack and combined with white gravel. It makes the garden flavor more lively even though it is small.
The attraction is given to this plant. Through the concept of a small garden from the touch of the layout of the pot. The clay pots with colorful blooming flowers will make your garden looks cheerful.

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To bring a more lively touch on the balcony, you can add a small garden on the balcony of your home. Through the arrangement of the pot combined with faux green grass and white coral, they are able to create a pleasant small garden.

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This small terrace gives a fresh feeling. Namely by forming a small garden through accent pots and greenery. A light balanced combination of green plants can realize a good air cycle.

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Choosing a perfect thin tree

A tree is always the final touch of every last garden in the world. If you think you can, then you should. However, don’t underestimate how a tree can go wrong in your backyard. So, begin with choosing the perfect thin tree that will help to expand your garden upwards.

For this matter, any witch hazel types, or Japanese flagpole flowering cherry tree, or the gorgeous gold spire ginkgo can be a promising list. They are thin, narrow, but tall.

By using Japanese typical witch hazel in your small garden will trigger a wider feeling and the uniqueness of thin trees. It provides a more perfect atmosphere.

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Small garden in the backyard of the house with the concept of a garden that uses a Japanese flagpole tree as well as a combination of green grass and beautiful flowers. Realizing a small garden with an atmosphere that looks more enjoyable and spacious to you.
A small garden on the patio gives kindness. Through the witch hazel and greenery on a solid wood partition. Which brings a touch of looking more beautiful and comfortable.

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By adding a Japanese flag pole in your small garden. With a thin tree texture besides that it does not require much space. So that it will still grow perfectly in your garden.

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Add a Japanese flag pole with a thin tree shape. The touch of a thin tree is very perfect in a small garden. Which will bring the feeling of a wider looking garden.
Of course, by adding a thin tree in the small garden can bring a sense of garden seems shadier. And bring a more comfortable feeling.

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Planting thin trees in a small garden is a good idea. Because the touch of this tree triggers a better air cycle. Besides that, the impression of a shady and cold garden will be more leverage.

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 Ready to build? Those are some small garden design you can try!

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