Similar to other areas in your living space, the bathroom is an important daily part of your life. A bathroom idea for tiny house requires careful consideration regarding its design and decor. To deal with the scarcely bathing space, some additional storage can be highly helpful. Let’s explore more about several storage tips and tricks to get the most of your little bathroom.


#1 – Go Vertical

Make the most of empty vertical space in your bathroom by adding wall-mounted storage ideas. You may have a wall-mounted rack or shelf for towels or other toiletries. Wall-mounted baskets in the tiered vertical design are also very practical.

This time the bathroom decor has a simple white wood storage rack. But it has a lot of storage so it is very helpful and can provide a nice decoration.
In storage, the decoration is very important. Especially this one storage, with level design and has a nice white color and can decorate your bathroom decor.
With vertical wooden storage racks, they are able to make your white bathroom decor neat and have a very attractive decoration.
This bathroom decor uses a simple wooden storage rack. However, it can make the decor look nice and you can make it easier to put your bathroom supplies.

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#2 – Back of the Door

Maximize the space behind the bathroom door or cabinet doors to add more hooks or other hanging or wall-mounted storage ideas. But, don’t make extra clutter instead.

For those of you who want a bathroom touch, the maximum is more leverage. Namely by utilizing the reverse door by adding accents of the gravel shelf on the white wall paste. This decoration is able to bring the concept of a bathroom more practical and creative.

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An attractive appearance in a small bathroom. Namely by utilizing the wall behind the door by adding a holder. Which serves as towel storage. With this, the bathroom concept will be smarter and more innovative.

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Adding a woven basket accent behind the door is a creative idea. In addition, the bathroom will look smarter. Because you can make the most of the small bathroom space.

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#3 – Hooks

Stick wall hooks to hang your bathroom essentials as well as for hanging rack or other storage hacks. You may choose hooks in various materials and colors that suit best your whole interior.

To make it look more practical in the bathroom. Namely by adding bathroom wall hooks able to provide good use. Besides, the towel will dry easily and you will not be too bothered to have to fold it first.
Hooks will certainly make the appearance and function easier in the bathroom. To put a towel that has been used. Besides reducing the humidity on the towel.
A small bathroom with accent hooks will help in more practical activities. Besides towels will dry easily in the bathroom. Of course, this will make you more practical and not complicated.

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By using a hook accent for a small bathroom it is able to carry simple functional concepts. Not only for towels. But you can put clothes and other accents. Making the concept of a bathroom with hooks very helpful.
By adding hook accents combined with ropes that are strung on the wall. Make a small bathroom concept for simple functional and creative storage areas.

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#4 – Over-the-Door Storage

Still pursuing vertical storage bathroom idea for tiny house, you can install a shelf above your bathroom door. Make it as neat as possible to hide away your bathing stuff.

In a small bathroom, you have to make the most of the minimum space. Namely by using its vertical rack accents on the wall. Which is capable of storing various purposes of clothing, shoes, and bags. This provides a versatile bathroom concept.
Innovative small bathroom decor. By utilizing a blank space above the door as a toilet paper storage rack. This is a creative and unique idea for you.
The concept of a small bathroom that has a floating shelf decoration above the door. This is an interesting and unique idea. Besides that, it will not disturb the activity while in the bathroom and does not take up much space.

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#5 – Storage Ladder

A leaning wooden ladder is a unique yet charming way to your bathroom must-haves. You can hang towels or other storage baskets in a truly nice look. The wooden element gives a natural vibe to space.

Besides bringing the concept of beauty in a small bathroom but it will also work very well in the bathroom. A wooden ladder that is lean on the wall is able to function as a towel holder and other clothes.
The look of an old ladder that was renovated and changed into storage for small bathroom decor. Which functions as a tissue storage rack and several other decorations. Of course, this will create a unique decoration and the center of attention.

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A small bathroom that utilizes an old ladder that has been turned into a storage rack is a smart idea. Besides giving beauty to a small bathroom it can also function optimally.
This is the best choice to decorate a bathroom more attractive and special. In addition, do not forget the concept as a holder. Use the old ladder that is leaned behind the toilet. It is able to provide more functional decoration in small bathrooms.

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#6 – Stick the Magnet

Keep your small makeups or other toiletries in place by sticking magnetic holders or organizers inside your pharmacy cabinet. You can easily find and use them.

Surely this will save more safely. Small items such as nail clippers, tweezers, tongs are often lost because of their small shape. Therefore to save, you can use a magnetic stick attached to the wall. This is able to bring a good storage concept for you.

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Small bathrooms will be smarter if you add a magnetic stick wall accent. Besides not requiring much space, it can also provide a more practical and functional concept.

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Using magnetic sticks on a small bathroom wall. You can keep your toothbrush and streak neatly. In addition, toiletries with a small form will remain safe.

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#7 – Hidden Cabinet and Secret Shelves

Disguise your bathroom cabinet behind a decorative and functional mirror above your sink. Or else, a full-length mirror that has secret shelves at the back. Full of roomy space for storage.

An interesting idea in this small bathroom. Accented with mirrored furniture with a hidden shelf. Hidden shelf shaped door that can be closed. This touch makes the bathroom design more unique.
Besides, it won’t take up much bathroom space. But it will also make the bathroom concept will be modern. Namely by hiding the cabinet on the side of the mirror. This makes the bathroom decoration special.
Small bathroom decorating ideas by displaying a mirror with a drawer-shaped storage space. This drawer is able to provide a good concept. Because the design is hidden behind a mirror and placed on the right and left side of the mirror. Making a smart bathroom concept for you.
The bathroom design is very charming. By displaying the concept of a mirror and a hidden storage rack. This is a bathroom concept that will provide a bathroom design that takes up space.

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Will appear modern and enhance the concept of a more attractive small bathroom. Because through the touch of the bathroom using a cabinet hidden in the mirror that gives it a functional addition also adds beauty.

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Place cubbies and baskets under your washstand or open-shelf vanity can be other solutions of bathroom idea for tiny house.

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