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22 Easy Paint Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Cozy


Tired of your existing home design? This is the time to create a change.

You might look at your house and think about making some changes. In this process, you might feel intimidated since you do not want to spend a stack of cash and make a huge renovation. However, think again. Opt for a more affordable idea: Paint ideas to make your home feel cozy.

Wall that embraces your space is the main key to present your home decor. When you make a change to it, you make a big change to your house. Start to create some magnificent art in your wall using these paint ideas.


The Pattern from Whisk Broom

Thinking about what the people do from the home catalog to make a trim pattern in the wall? Whisk broom is the key behind this magic.

Unlike a regular paintbrush, whisk broom will give your wall an accent you crave so much before. You can choose any shades that you love. However, it is better to use deep tones so that the pattern will pop up and is enough to make a change.

This wall is painted in dark paint then brushed it off with a broom. The result is a wall that has a texture and has an appearance that looks aesthetic.

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Don’t forget to attach ornaments to your wall like quotes. This will give an aesthetic impression on your wall and not too look boring.

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Curious how some furniture has a vintage gradation effect? The answer is to apply the paint tool which produces an interesting grain effect. You can use a whisk brush to make it happen. Don’t hesitate to try it on your wall for very old-fashioned yet luxurious results.

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In addition to rough finishing appeal, the trim pattern on the wall is also often a favorite because of the shadow effect on the surface. When exposed to light or sunlight, the rough texture on this wall is emphasized and looks clear and aesthetic.

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Texture paint on the wall produces more aesthetic value, so the walls appear more unique and varied. Compared to plain or flat paint, this texture paint has different effects, schemes and structures.

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Painting with a cursory roller is considered faster and more practical. However, in practice, applying texture paint with a roller will instead produce uneven patterns. You can show the trim pattern by using a whisk broom after you apply the base paint on the wall. It will create an unordinary pattern to your bedroom.

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A Classic Pattern

A retro-minimalist style is often characterized by the combination of two colors: black and white. Besides subway or honeycomb tiles, you can opt for an easier wall decor project. You can choose a classic pattern and makes your home looks beautiful and long-lasting. This is one of the best paint ideas to make your home feel cozy, and you can create it by yourself.

You can combine your green paint with flower wallpaper to make it looks fresh and classic. Combined with vintage furniture and you will get a beautiful home decor.

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The same is true for the decoration of this leaf-shaped wall. You can prepare several different leaf patterns first. Use some pretty matching wall paint colors too.

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For those of you who like classic patterns or motifs, you should try making this unique wall paint motif. You can search for mandala motifs on the internet and then cut them into patterns on cardboard.
Do you like things that smell like art? Just make the walls of the house eccentric. Simply using cheap chamois cloth, you can make beautiful art at home. It’s easy, first of all, to paint the walls of the house with a favorite color. Then use a different paint color and apply it to the wall of the house with a roll of cloth instead of a brush.
The desire for a dream home is worth fighting for. Unique and genius ways you can follow to be more efficient, one of which is to paint the walls using a sponge. You can use dishwashing sponges or sponges for bathing
How to paint the latter is quite economical. However, more requires patience and patience. First, make the desired print motif with paper media. Stick some molds that have been made using adhesive. Start painting the walls on the patterned paper. Use a small brush to make it neater. To be pleasing to the eye, make sure the patterns are neatly arranged.
Choose the color that matches the wall paint, for example, paint your wall in gray, choose a white paint marker. Cut out the desired geometric pattern using cardboard then start drawing the wall using a marker.
Deciding on a wall paint as a person who occupies the house not only considers the effectiveness and functional aspects, but we also need to have a view of an aesthetic that you can get from designs, models, and motifs from various references.
In the mural motif, you need experts to help you realize the picture on the wall. This motif is very rarely used on some people, but it never hurts to try. This mural can give the impression of artsy in the room, but still harmonious with the decor huh. In order to remain artistic when viewed.

Image Source

Polka Dot Patterns

Polka dot never stops bringing joyful statements to your house, but you can make it less childish with this concept. Just like the previous pattern, the first thing you must do is to paint the wall with your preferred color. After that, you can create a model using a carton and make some holes on it. Stick the carton model on the wall and paint it so that you can have some polka dots for the wall.

The used cloth can actually make cool motifs on the walls you know! The trick is that after the paint has not dried, take a damp cloth and stick it on the wall. The trick is like removing but by pressing the cloth and lifting it, do it evenly on the wall. If you want to get an artistic result, try to choose a basic color that is solid and dark so that the patches of cloth are visible.
Polkadot motifs can be sorts with some colors, can also be combined with other motifs. Polka dots motifs are widely used in the area of guest zones, main zones, nurseries, play zones, and certain desirable areas.

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Do not hesitate to choose a polka-dot patterned wallpaper. Just choose neutral colors that don’t make your eyes hurt. Or, it could also be on a wall that has neutral patches on polka dot motifs with a darker color. It will definitely change the atmosphere of the room instantly.
The corner area of the house is sometimes forgotten. Though it can be used for the work corner. To give the impression of enthusiasm and trigger productivity, try to decorate the walls with a touch of polka-dot. In terms of color, just adjust it to taste.
Along with the passage of the ideal Polkadot, motif is now being warmly realized to sweeten or decorate the walls, ceiling to the furniture.
With large dots motifs combined with nice small dots along with random or regular patterns, this one pattern causes the walls to look attractive, beautiful, charming, and cheerful.
Polka dots motif can be varied with several colors, can also be combined with other motifs. The polka dot motif in this bedroom can make the room looks cheerful and cozy.

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The paint ideas to make your home feel cozy give your house more value without too much hard work. The result is so relieving that you feel like being transferred to other places. Fascinating, isn’t it?

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