25 Simple Storage Ideas You Can Try to Keep Your Living Room Organized

You should never tolerate any clutter filling your living room. As the most public spot in the house, this room needs to be clean, tidy, and fresh all the time—ensuring that the only thing you’ll get from the guests is a good impression.

Ready to reorganize your gathering area? Scroll through to figure out the best simple living room storage idea you can take advantage of. Then, get yourself ready to try out these smart storage solutions and keep everything in order. Let’s take a closer look! 


Accessorize the Walls with Wall-Mounted Box Shelves

If you’re looking for functional storage that can add style to your living room walls, wall-mounted box shelves are all you need. This simple storage comes with a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes—giving you the liberty to combine every box type and create a unique storage system that everyone wants to copy. 

Living room storage decorating ideas with a box-shaped wall rack. This storage touch gives the concept of non-empty wall decor. Apart from that it makes the room more beautiful.
Minimalist living room with bright shades and use wall-mounted box shelves as the storage idea. You can use them as a place to store books. The touch of this wall shelf can improve the quality of the living room more beautiful.
The design of the living room is so charming. Through the touch of wall-mounted box shelves. To complete your minimalist home decor, pick the box shelves in white color. Besides functioning as storage, it is also able to give a decorative impression in the living room.
Utilizing used items such as some suitcases for wall-mounted box shelves is a good idea. You don’t need to throw away the suitcases just attach them on the wall and arrange neatly. You can use them to store your books and some ornaments. And the antique look from the suitcase can give a huge impact on your home decoration.

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Display the living room that gives modern with white dominant color combined with interesting touches of color from the box shelves. They are able to bring the concept as a maximum and decorative storage idea.

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For those of you who want your wall not to be blank, place wall-mounted box shelves accent is an interesting idea. Because it has a dual function that can enhance your living room decorating ideas.

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Use Storage Ottomans to Hide Clutter

Every DIYer would love to craft eye-catching storage ottomans. This simple living room storage idea is a smart solution for those who are after practical, stylish, and multipurpose furniture pieces. What’s great is, storage ottomans will help you clear all the clutter in no time, so you can effortlessly turn the area into the neatest spot in the house. 

By using ottoman in the living room it is able to keep away from chaos. In addition, some items such as pillows, blankets, and others, you can save neatly inside the ottoman if not needed. And if it is closed, it can be used for an extra chair or even for the coffee table in your living room. Thus providing furniture that has a dual function.

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If you have a lot of stuff in the living room this is the right furniture idea to hide clutter. You can use an ottoman for this idea. The hidden storage space will be created and you can save more safely and easily than search.
Ottoman is a modern storage furniture idea for the living room. With the elegant black shape, has drawer and container features this ottoman design is able to bring the quality of the living room to look more neat and stylish.

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Use an ottoman accent in the living room, it provides a decorating concept that has double duty furniture. Because this ottoman can be a storage idea to hide clutter in your room.

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Smart idea for the living room by using the ottoman accent as furniture. Besides functioning as a seat or table it can also be storage space. You can easily store your items inside the ottoman and make your living room looks clean quickly.

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This is small furniture but can offer some function to make your living room looks neat. This small ottoman can be used as the coffee table and for the storage area. And also, it can be used as the tray if you flip the surface. It is so practical for your storage idea in your home.

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Ottoman is a round, brown color. Able to provide furniture ideas for beautiful living rooms. Because with a simple form this ottoman has a dual function. Besides serving as a table can also be a storage room. So that makes the concept of living room decoration more special.

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Ottoman is able to make the design of a more classy living room. Because of the dual function that is given is able to avoid chaos.
Objects that are often needed in the living room, now there is no need to store it far away. Because with through touch ottoman it is able to have dual functions in the living room. Aside from being a table or bench but also as storage space. This design is a very interesting and inspiring living room storage decoration idea.
A touch is given to this living room that provides an interesting concept for you. Because with the ottoman accent that is able to keep away from the chaos of the room. This ottoman is able to provide multiple tasks. Aside from being a seat, it can also be a storage room. You can place your throw pillows, blankets, and some books inside the ottoman.
With a hidden storage room on ottoman the living room will increasingly provide an interesting concept. You can put your stools inside the ottoman and if you flip the surface, you can use it as the tray to put your candles. So, it can make your living room looks neat, organized, not clutter, and also stylish.

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Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the next simple storage option you can use to accessorize your blank walls. The best thing is, you’ll get additional catchy spots to display art pieces, books, houseplants, and other pretty accessories. This storage item also offers various designs and sizes, so you can install it in every spot you like.

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As alternatives to those three options, you may also choose other simple storage like nesting tables, storage baskets, cubbies, and ladder-style shelving; all of which also provide valuable spaces to store all your living room stuff and create a clutter-free area to entertain your guests.

A simple idea for living room storage is to use a floating shelf accent. The floating shelf is one of the practical ideas. In addition you can decorate this floating shelf with beautiful decoration. So that it displays a charming living room decoration.
The living room will look attractive and smart if you use a floating shelf accent. Besides being able to provide the right storage space to store your book collections, it is also can make the living room more special and decorative.
Display a modern and minimalist living room using the touch of cubbies as a storage room for books and TV. A touch of cubbies is able to make the living room design more decorative and interesting.

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Adding a floating shelf accent in the living room can enhance the concept of a more special living room. Because the touch of a floating shelf is not only used as storage space. But you can also add accessories or wall art. Which is able to give the feel of a more attractive living room.
These floating shelves can be the focal point in your living room and for the simple storage idea in your home. Put and arrange neatly your book on there and you will get the inviting living room decoration idea.
To captivate your guests and make your living room more cheerful, paint your floating shelves in a bright color. Use them to display your ornaments and get a stylish appearance.
A charming feel in the living room with an open look through a glass wall accent. Besides that, decorate the living room using floating shelves that have dual functions for the storage and wall decoration idea.
Floating shelves are a simple choice for decorating a living room. But the floating shelf is able to provide maximum functionality. In addition to providing the concept as a storage area, but also can create a more decorative wall impression.

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So, which simple living room storage idea has impressed you the most? Will you install them in your gathering area?

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