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23 Clever Kitchen Utensil Rack Ideas to Tidy up Your Cooking Space

Keeping a kitchen organized can be somewhat challenging for every homeowner. There are always a bunch of essentials to store in the room, be it utensils, cookware, baking sets, or kitchen appliances. That being said, having smart storage is a must; not only to ensure that your kitchen will look clean and tidy all the time but also to make your cooking routine a lot easier and enjoyable.      

Ready to reorganize your kitchen? Read on! Here, we’ve gathered the best kitchen utensil rack idea to help you turn your cooking space into the neatest area in the house.


Create a Handy Rack from Copper Pipe

The first smart kitchen utensil rack idea is to create a handy rack using copper pipe. To do so, you’ll only need to install the pipe on the wall or, better yet, hang it from the ceiling to get a more dramatic effect. Then, use the hooks to hold all the kitchen utensils. You can also display greenery or other decorative accessories on this hanging rack. 

This is a kitchen decorating idea that will bring a more practical touch. Because through the concept of storage using a rack of copper pipes it creates a dramatic look and can save space.

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Besides giving your elegance and practicality in the kitchen, the decoration of the copper pipe rack gives a more dancing concept in the kitchen. So as to improve the quality of the kitchen more beautiful.

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This is a kitchen decorating idea that will bring a more practical touch. Because through the concept of storage using a handy rack from copper pipes. Hang it on the ceiling can give a dramatic effect to your kitchen decor.
This is a copper pipe handy rack design that is quite antique, but apart from that, the design is still attractive for this main kitchen. You can easily and neatly store your kitchen utensils and make your kitchen more organized.
This one smart kitchen utensil storage idea by hanging the pans on the pipes around the chimney hood cooker. Besides, giving practical it also can make your kitchen neat and organized.
This handy rack from copper pipes has functioned as storage for hanging cooking utensils. You can install the copper on the wooden board and add hooks, so that you can easily hang your items.
It will look more dramatic if you use long pipe frames to make a handy rack. Installing from the on the wooden beam of the ceiling and it can be the center of attention in your kitchen decor. Besides, you can easily hold your kitchen utensils there.

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Repurpose Towel Rack

If you have an unused wall-mounted towel rack, why don’t you repurpose it to get more storage spots? Just like copper pipe racks, you’ll also need S hooks to hang kitchen utensils. As an alternative, you can reuse other unutilized tools like stainless-steel bars, hanging wood rods, or metal ledge to create similar utensil racks.   


Use your towel rack for the kitchen utensil storage idea. Attach it on the backsplash and add S hooks to hold all your kitchen utensils. It can make your kitchen more organized and you can easy to fine it.
This is smart and also on budget kitchen organization idea. You can repurpose your towel racks to become kitchen utensil storage idea. Use the surface to put your pans and if you add S hooks you can use the rod to hang the cups and tableware.

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This is an interesting storage idea in the kitchen. By utilizing the former towel storage holder and converted into a kitchen spice rack. By adding basket accents it creates the concept of storage is really more practical.

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The kitchen will look simple and practical. That is through the touch of the former towel holder which is over functioned as storage of cooking utensils. Namely by adding hooks and used cans as containers. Being able to realize the concept of storage kitchen decor always looks neat.

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Change metal towel holders and add hooks and containers that are placed in the kitchen for the kitchen utensils storage idea. This is the simple storage ideas that appear more presentable and orderly.

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Turning a towel holder into a kitchen utensil storage idea is a unique concept. Namely by adding a hook accent made from stainless. And this gives the idea of storage with a large enough space without taking up much space.
Besides functioning as a towel holder but it can also be transferred to kitchen utensil storage ideas. This design makes creative alternative ideas for you.

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Change your towel rack for the kitchen storage idea and you don’t to buy in the store. It is simple to do, you don’t to make changes just add S hooks on the rod to hold your kitchen utensils. And the surface of the rack can be used to put your bowls, teapot, and another kitchen supplies.
Attach the towel rack on the wall next to the stove and you can easily to store and reach your kitchen utensils. Add some S hooks and you have done to make a simple storage idea in your kitchen.
For the wall-mounted storage idea in your kitchen, you can combine the towel holder with wall holder that made from wood. The wood rack can be used to store your herbs and for the towel holder just add some S hooks, so that you can hang your kitchen utensils.

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Mount the Wire on the Wall

For DIYers, you may try to craft stylish, budget-friendly wire racks. What’s great is, this functional storage not only provides precious spaces to hold your utensils but also adds a catchy and neat look to your kitchen walls. To create this appealing rack, utilize some simple materials like wire mesh or rebar, S hooks, and ceiling hooks.

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For the smart and simple kitchen utensil storage idea, you can make it by yourself. You can use wire for the main material. Create the wire into the grid shelf and attach it on the wall. Add S hooks to help you hold the kitchen utensils. It is also can enhance your kitchen wall decor.

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If you have unused garden fence from wire you repurpose it to become a kitchen utensil storage idea. Just hang on the wall behind the stove and use it to organized your kitchenware and some herbs. It will make you easy to reach the pans and some herbs when cooking.

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This clean kitchen uses a stainless wire rack. In addition to the slick design, it also features a practical and no-hassle storage idea. So that displaying a simple kitchen has a maximum functional.

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For those of you who have small kitchen decor using wire racks and baskets is a good idea. Because this decoration is able to make good functional. So as to create a more orderly kitchen.

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Your kitchen will look more beautiful and attractive. Because through the touch of a wire basket rack that is able to work as a maximum storage space and become the main attraction.

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The kitchen storage space does not have to use wood or metal for the storage material. But even the wire basket can provide the maximum storage concept. For the simple look and save your countertop, you can attach the wire basket on the wall.

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Now that you’ve discovered the best kitchen utensil rack idea, it’s time to install those smart storage solutions in your cooking space. In the end, you’ll have a super organized room filled with nice-looking racks, where you can store kitchen utensils and other essentials in style.

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