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25 Design Elements for Nordic-style Rustic Interior

Nordic rustic décor is a bit different from the other similar designs. It still incorporates worn, cozy, and natural elements, but with an extra touch of minimalism. Instead of warm, Nordic style offers a more balanced tone between warm and cool. 

How can you combine rustic and Nordic styles in a balanced way? Focus on these five design elements.


Multipurpose Furniture

Nordic-style décor emphasizes on functionality so that you can look for multipurpose rustic furniture. A wooden chest can serve as a coffee table. A bed frame may have drawers underneath. Many Nordic shelves or racks have unique designs that double as decorations.

If you do not want to have a desk in the living room, you can choose several furniture designs that use the space below to facilitate some additional storage as a drawer for storing books.

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It is always recommended to make use of the space under the bed. There you can place drawers or other storage systems, to put blankets and sheets, for example.

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This lift up coffee table offers many places to store food, offerings, and snacks for guests. A practical solution to get everything you need and also is very multifunctional.
If we talk about taking advantage of a table in a room, in this other design, we can see how a table can bring up another surface to become a table or place to eat, while underneath it becomes a space for storing books or accessories.
Choosing a coffee table that has storage underneath is a good idea to keep everything you want, such as throw pillows and blanket. It will help you to make your home looks neat.

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Rustic but Warm Fabric

Both Nordic and rustic styles get benefits from warm, slightly rough fabric. Jute, burlap, sheepskin, or wool are great materials for rugs, curtains, and throw rugs since they add warmth in an otherwise cool, efficient Nordic design.

Combine Nordic and rustic design in the form warm fabric can create a comfortable nuance in the bedroom. For this idea, you can use a woven jute rug to cover your wooden floor. It surely suitable for the climate in Nordic.
Choose neutral shade and complete with a woven jute rug can make your bedroom feels warm. By applying this decoration you have been combined two-design at the same time that is Nordic and rustic.

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Nordic-style family rooms are indeed unique and funny. Because usually not only the sofa contained in this one room but the furry throw blankets are also used as an additional place to relax. Besides that, you can add a woven rug from the burlap to bring the rustic nuance.
Add a throw blanket from sheepskin and woven burlap rug to warm your living room with Nordic and rustic elements. These elements can make your home more convenient and looks more natural at once.
One of the important decorations that characterize Nordic style is a large number of thick fabrics in the room. The sheepskin rug can be an option to cover your wooden floor.

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House Plants

House plants lend natural elements in rustic décor and add more colors in otherwise Nordic design. You can choose multiple smaller plants or one large plant. Also, ferns in hanging baskets, large tropical palms, and medium-sized succulents make your interior more interesting.

Peace lily flower is one of the best ornamental plants that you can treat at home because of its beautiful appearance and its ability to clean the air. These flowers can also be bought in the market in various sizes, giving you more choices.
Today, monstera is always used as a complementary decoration on several interior concepts, such as minimalist and Scandinavian style. You can place the plant at the corner to get a neat and aesthetic look.

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Monstera itself is a vine originating from the jungle located in the region of Mexico and Guatemala. But with the unique shape of the leaves and the shiny green color that it displays, it cannot be denied that monstera is indeed able to bring a cool atmosphere of tropical forests into the room
For fans of ornamental plants, the name of this one must be familiar. Elephant ear ornamental plants are very popular and are the most collected by fans of leaf ornamental plants. Taking care of it is also not difficult, and the shape is also very unique.
If you want to place the mosquito in a garden, you should place it in an area that is exposed to shadows – for example under a tree – or paraphrase so it is not exposed to direct sunlight. If placed indoors, take it outside the room once a week and leave it exposed to the morning sun.

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Blue as Accent Color

Blue is a favorite accent color in Nordic design because of its “cool” characteristic. Meanwhile, rustic design favors a lot of nature-related colors. You can use blue as accent colors, such as for the rugs, the main sofa, or wall ornaments. However, don’t let it dominate the entire look.

Use a neutral and soft blue accent for the sofa and the kitchen cabinet can bring a soothing Nordic home design. The reclaimed wood table will create a good combination in Nordic and rustic style.
Blue is a calming color and can reduce stress. This color is also the typical color of the Nordic style. Give a little touch of blue color to the kitchen cabinet can make your home more comfortable.

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You can also use a dark blue kitchen paint color, but choose one that is not too dark because it will burden the atmosphere in the kitchen. Or, you can also mix colors with blue kitchen paint with neutral accents, such as white, beige, or pale gray.

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The trick to making blue can be used in the dining room is to “dampen” the cold impression. Blue is available from very light to dark shades. Combining blue with wood, for example, can make it seem warmer.

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Worn Leather Items

Worn leather is a popular material in a transitional Nordic décor. However, it also lends a proper fresh look for a rustic room. You can apply worn leather in the forms of feet bolsters, ottomans, accent chairs, or lounge chairs. Worn leather items are quite classic, but they don’t make your house look “too antique”.

Using leather chairs for the Nordic living room can bring a classic look without too aesthetic. It can make your home more warm impression.
Place a leather sofa and combined with a simple wooden chair, your Nordic living room looks harmonious and homey at the same time.

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It is a good combination to combine a leather and wood element for your Nordic home design. These two natural materials can bring a classic and coziness nuance.

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There are three types of leather commonly used for sofas, namely genuine leather or genuine leather, synthetic leather, and suede. Among the three, genuine leather has a very high resistance. Under normal use conditions, genuine leather will last a very long time, the skin fibers do not break or crack easily.

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Meanwhile, the bench with soft foam that covered with worn leather can make your Nordic home style look classic and sharp. Combined with neutral color shade will more comfortable.

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The leather ottoman does have several advantages compared to other sofa materials. This ottoman is more durable and can create a variety of impressions in the room. From the impression of a classic, elegant, modern to feel luxurious.

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A Nordic-style rustic decor combines natural, cool, and warm elements to create a cozy interior. Mix and match these design elements to create a welcoming interior without making it look empty. You can browse more fluffy throw blanket as a perfect addition to your decor ideas.

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