This project by STUDIO EON is located on a downhill of a mountainous topography in Wonju City, South Korea. The goal is to compose a roof slope that becomes a facade of this house. The roof is not only an instrument that gives strong visual. It is a metaphor of the slope of the Kam-Ak mountain at the site. Also the sculpted out terrace on the roof provides you a spectacular view.

This three volumes house will be split underneath the sloped roof. All the volumes will be facing the approach trail and thus inviting visitors. Furthermore, since it’s one of the coldest areas in South Korea, the compact volumes justify themselves in terms of energy efficiency.

Sloping in both section and plan wise creates various spatial forms. Points where the roof connects to the wall turns into canopies, eaves, balconies and courtyards, which all function as transition spaces between the inside and outside.

As for the materials, there are three main materials in use; zinc panel, brick, and corten steel. Dark-hue zinc used on roof is in contrast with light gray brick wall, which distinguishes the two distinct elements. Likewise, zinc was chosen for roof finish in order to resist the cruel winter heavy snow. The third corten steel is used as an accent material between the zinc and brick, bridging the two finish materials.

The north facade and the south one has a significant difference. The north one has limited opening, while the south one has larger openings that allows day lighting to the interior space. Also, the roof surface’s part extends down to the living room, creating an eave that filters summer sun lights.

The 2nd floor terrace is connected by both the exterior and interior stair. This is the best place of the house to appreciate the unobstructed view. The small terrace allows the member of the house to enjoy the eastern view, especially at sunrise. Other than that, it frames vary of sceneries throughout the four seasons, bringing the nature inside the house.


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