When the first time And And And Architecture studio visiting this house, they knew that the size of the house is the problem. This building originally was a compact bungalow, built in the 1910s. And the owner, a newly married couple, decided to redesign it. Before the project happened, the rooms are too small. There’re not enough bathrooms, too. The garage is not large enough for modern cars, and the kitchen is placed in a dark, out-of-the-way corner.

‘We think it was originally built by a WW1 work program that had female construction crews construct small houses in LA,’ say the architects.


As we all know, the availability of the space become the main problem of this house. To solve it, the team decided to move the main entrance. From the long plot’s narrow end to the middle of the site, creating an ‘entry tower’. The entry tower allows them to avoid surface-consuming corridors and to dedicate the maximum amount of square footage to the main living spaces. 

With And And And Architecture studio‘s help, all rooms are bright and comfortable now. And also, it consist of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a separate laundry, and an open-plan living space that encompasses sitting, kitchen and dining areas. 

The exterior itself has been redesigned in a custom pattern and tactile. And the natural material inside provide a sense of warmth and welcome texture. The team also add a large door to see the views across rooms and the green garden outside through an extensive glazed facade in the living room. 

‘With every project, we always look to create a beautiful sequence of spaces that connect to the site, play with natural light and ultimately create a series of unique atmospheres for living,’ say the architects. ‘Our studio’s interests are always evolving within those larger goals. When we were designing this project we were exploring simple construction techniques as a way to create textures and patterns that introduce a finer scale of detail, so that while the house may relate to the site, the interior starts to relate to the person inside.’


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