SNOW House; Private Residence and Work Space with Adorable Rooftop


SNOW House is a private residence and office function all at once. Even though it only have a small frontage, the architect successfully synchronizes the facade to create the illusion of spaciousness.


1st Floor

The front first floor is for the working area. It’s the company staffs’ space that specializing in interior design and construction. At the back, ther’s a studio apartment serving as Model Gallery. Many sample of furniture here so customer can visit and feel the quality of products.

2nd Floor

And this floor, it contains a family area with kitchen, dining room and two bedroom. The kitchen design is so special. It crafted carefully so the fresh breezes can flow through since it’s a regular gathering space for the family member.

3rd Floor

3rd floor is an altar room, laundry corner and small garden. Client can grow vegetables and fruit tree here so they can harvest it for daily meals. They also want the rooftop garden to be the space for kids to have fun while adults enjoying BBQ parties with friends.


To connect the space of different floors together, the arch-shaped void is the solution that the team choose. The light well supports air convection, bringing natural sunshine and wind deep to the house. To cool down the temperature, a Koi pond with mini landscaping are located directly under the light well.


Even it’s a multi-purpose project, client still want to have a clear boundary between private residence and work space. Hence, team placing staircase right next to the door to separate walking routes of family members and company staff.

To create a cool shading, they plant a big tree in the front yard. They also decorate the loggia with ‘natural curtain’ from green climbing vines. It also useful to prevent Eastern sun-rays from entering the bedroom deeply. The minimalism style is request by customers in the interior design of the bedrooms.


The style of SNOW House is simplicity, sophistication and modernity at the same time. They choose not to fill the space with many furniture and decorating objects. Useful things and aesthetic elements are enough to create a harmonious place in an open-space area.

The sliding door bathroom is cleverly hide on the side of bookshelf. And the team takes advantage of under-the-stair space to build wardrobe. The bedroom interior is designed neatly ad fully equip. That also goes for the bathroom. It have great natural ventilation and amble lighting, too.


To allow the eyes to appreciate the streak of sunlight from terrace to the laterite wall, team put a relaxing sofa next to the koi pond. Team also put a lot of effort to the modern kitchen since the mistress of the house love to show her cooking skill. A small resting corner brings a sense of peace to the house. A combination of sunlight and iron railing create a shadows of different shapes on the surface of walls and floors. This is so great especially when having a rooftop BBQ on the weekend.

To have a home is to have place to return. To have a family is to have people to love And at SNOW House, the young couple has both a home and a family. That is happiness.



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