Home Living And Office with White Small Steel Threads to form Cubes


“This house means everything to us because it is the fruit of constant efforts to pursue our dreams,” said the homeowners, a married couple of young age and active lifestyle. They have just bought this house and decided to renovate it into a new living space and home office. It’s an office for their fashion factory that producing handcrafted leather products.


“For a product to be accomplished, say a handbag, it takes many processes involving fastidious needlework,” they said about their job. And this is how the architect renovate the house. Like meticulous craftsmen, Block Architect carefully combining the old and new ones in every part of the house. They also separate ones and share ones, together with wood, brick, concrete, metal and trees.


The house appears as if it were “sewed” with thin, white, pure thread, which fills the house with excitement. The architect removing the unnecessary walls and floors in order to make more space and to expose the large structure which has ‘sewed’ on walls alongside with big frames both at the front and the back of the house. These frames made of painted white small steel threads to form cubes. After that, they decorate it with green creepers. This cube steel threads are strong and efficient. They protect the house while letting air and light go inside.


The architect remove the old concrete staircase to make vast space for light to come in the floors. And they replace it with the new one made of wooden pieces that looks like it’s floating and it ‘sewed’ together with white threads, was put up. This idea allows the light from above to come through to the ground floor. On the ground floor, there is a long kitchen counter and wavy table surrounding the small garden. This produces movement contrasting with the stillness of the brick walls. As the result, it contrasting with the stillness of the brick walls.



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