Low-Cost Kiosks and Public Toilets Project with Small Oasis


Before, when LANZA Atelier commissioned to design public equipment along the bicycle track at Av. Central in Ecatepec, Estado de México, they saw another opportunity. To achieve common spaces at a very low cost in an area that urgently needs qualified public infrastructure, they proposed three modules of baths and 13 pairs of kiosks intended to create a democratic urban fabric.



Since this place have a micro-climate, the architect propose the toilets and kiosks as permeable pavilions. And by the presence of the plants, this space is like a small oasis in the harsh climate of the bicycle track. There are four double modules deployed in swastika within the overall slab of each group of toilets. Each of these modules is a vacuum lass-cover. So that when you enter, you are going outside. Another three openings were designed as a small courtyards. It located over the beds of plants that cross the roof slab into the sun. It’s like there is no clear distinction between being inside and outside.



Kiosks are along the bicycle track. The kiosks’ wall also located in swastika. It have benches and tables that embedded in the walls of block. There is a central patio traversed by a large palm tree in each kiosk. And both toilets and kiosks using concrete blocks and sheet walls painted in white.


The landscaping project incorporating one hundred new trees. There are 4 kinds of trees that the architect choose; vines, palm trees, jacaranda trees and bamboos. To cover the fence and create a green division between traffic and cyclists, joggers and pedestrians, they choose vines. Palm trees’ location is within the kiosks in the small central courtyard. They plant jacaranda tress in a more organic arrangement within the bay. And bamboo were used in toilet modules as a division between male and female toilets.



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