What is the best way to treat the unused mason jars when you are ready to welcome Christmas? Why don’t you change them into festive decorations that are also functional?

Customize and decorate a mason jar for Christmas and being more crafty this year by checking out our favorite picks here:

1. Exclusive Candle Mason Jar

Lovable and easy to make, candle in a jar is an everlasting decoration for any occasion. The staff enhances the holiday spirit among your family.

Pour the oil to float the candle, opt for thyme as an additional decoration. Where is Christmas? It’s here!

Apart from the oil, add greenery and red fruit to enhance the look of your mason jar. Wrap the rope around the top surface to perfect. Image DIY mason jar christmas candle from decoist
The combination of spices and oil makes the mason jar candles float and gives a festive glow to your current Christmas decorations. Image mason jar oil candle from decoist
Ribbons and labels give your mason jar a different feel. Place the candle jar on the table surface that your guests frequent. Image holiday floating candle from evermine

2. Kitchen Jar

The kitchen canister is a perfect pal to accompany all the culinary lovers during Christmas time. Paint the outside of the jar with whatever Christmas color, tie a rope in the jar neck.

It adds flair to the kitchen and boosts your spirit to cook many Christmas dinner menus for all the friends and your family.

The lid of the jar covered with red and white ribbons gives a cute and funny impression. Add labels to match the Christmas decorations. Image pop corn gift jar from craftaholicsanonymous
Don’t leave food in the plastic. The kitchen jar is the best food container for Christmas. Image biscuits jar from craftaholicsanonymous
Instead of storing plastic in the kitchen jar, the food will be safer and look tidy. Give ribbons and labels the main decoration. Image marshmallows kitchen jar from craftaholicsanonymous

3. Tree Stand

Looking for a simple yet incredible mini stand for the Christmas tree? You will fall in love with this idea! You can pick a branch of Christmas tree then decorate it before you put in inside the jar.

It will look great wherever you put it, moreover if you feature some small LED lamps. This set up sparks your house and brings you a more festive feeling in the Christmas day

Tree stands are one of the must-have decorations for Christmas. The LEDs on the Christmas tree can light up the guest area well. Image corner tree stand from hgtv
Apart from being used for lighting, the LED wrapped around the Christmas tree also becomes a shiny decorative item. Crystal balls enhance the appearance of the Christmas tree. Image LED fairy lights tree stand from hgtv

4. Yummy Snowball Jar

You don’t want to miss a touch of sweetness in the Christmas Day, right? Fill the jar with snowball cookies, add a gift tag and tie it with rope or ribbon. It is perfect for any guests that coming to your house in the lovely Christmas.

The Yummy Snowball Jar also works as a good present to give the neighbors or co-workers.

Apart from cakes, snowball peppermint can also be a Christmas day dish. You can make it with red as the signature color of Christmas. Image snowball peppermint jars from cleanandscentsible
Make a snowball cake according to the recipe you have, then put it in a jar. You can enjoy these crafts with your family or friends. Image snowball cookie jars from cleanandscentsible

Are you ready to watch your favorite holiday movie, make a hot chocolate, and doing some DIY to decorate a mason jar for Christmas? 

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