The cubicle workspace can be a grey jail that limits your moves and motivation, and in the end, affects your productivity. There are a lot of ways to optimize your workspace to establish flexibility and dynamism. Here are some ideas you can use.

Decorate with Pegboard

Decorate your cubicle with a pegboard organization to hang small items that you frequently use and often hide under the clutter. It’s a great addition to great use of vertical space.

The hook that is attached to the pegboard serves to hang several office supplies and wall clocks. Hang the pegboard right in front of your office desk. Image big pageboard from hoppier
To make it easier to hang paper or scissors, pegboard is the right storage organizing idea that you can try. Image bright pageboard from homedit

DIY Mousepad

You have to admit that there are better days when your mousepad was in its best appearance. Though it still functioned, you can see it’s getting old and icky. Instead of throwing it, consider giving a retouch. Use material like leather, suede, or faux leather to make DIY mousepads.

In addition to the mouse pad, the striped mouse pad also provides its own color that can enhance the appearance of your office desk. Succulent plants make for an adorable finishing touch. Image striped mouse pad from homeyohmy
The leather on the mousepad will be more durable and comfortable when used. Do washing regularly to keep it clean. Image leather mouse pad from manmadediy

Coffee Corner in Cubicle

You need to love your workspace to be fully dedicated to your job. To do so, you need to make it as comfy as your home. For you who love to include caffeine into your passion, adding a little coffee corner in your cubicle workspace is a brilliant idea. 

Table with pc in front of a white wall
In addition to adding a stylish element to your office table, a glass of coffee also provides an inspiration that will increase your thinking power while working. Image glossy cup coffe from shape
No matter how small your work space is, don’t forget to apply the coffee corner as a relaxing area after doing such a complicated job. Image coffe corner from nolledesign

Add Greenery

The green color is one of the best colors that can boost productivity. It also provides a balance that can treat your sore eyes. Succulents are one of the beautiful indoor plants that require little maintenance. Simply grow them in pretty planters then place them on your work desk.

Apply a few succulents plants to the walls of your room to brighten the room. In addition, this plant also does not require much maintenance. Image small succulents plants from modernize
Succulent plants give a modern and latest style to your office décor. Place it on a table that has free space. Image corner succulents from witanddelight

Comfy Throw Pillow

You’ve been sitting all day at your desk. Add your favorite throw pillow for extra back support that you desperately need. It’s never a bad idea; instead, it provides you with a comfortable ambiance that makes you feel like home.

Make your sitting area as comfortable and soft as possible to do the work throughout the day. Suede fabric is a recommended pillowcase for you. Image suede pillows from fabricadeimaginacion
A pillow patterned that is thrown over the work chair provides two distinct functions. The first function is to support your back and can give a different color to your workspace. Image patterned pillow from homedit

If you find yourself unmotivated at work, it may be your workspace that needed an update. Try one or two of these cubicle workspace ideas and see the enhancement.

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