One singular task you’re facing when living in a studio apartment: decide the right concept and design to transform a 500 square feet room into a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and possibly more. But don’t let limited space stop you from creating a stylish and super cozy home. Also, with so many professionals opting for remote working, taking up a home remodeling project and making the most of your limited space is important now more than ever. The friendly-budget ideas below will turn your limited space into a perfect sanctuary.

Less furniture, More function

You can use multifunctional furniture that serves double duty or multiple purposes. It saves your space as well as your money. For example, consider using a sofa bed, coffee table with storage option, or a bookshelf as a room divider.

Bookshelf divider from renoguide
Blue sofa bed from idealhome
Small grey sofa bed from idealhome

Smart Storage Solution

Small space should be well-organized and clutter-free, to accomplish those goals, you need to discover some storage solutions. You can take advantage of the empty corner and add a corner shelving, or install a floor-to-ceiling vertical bookshelf.

Tiered corner shelf from homebnc

Curtains Over Doors

Save your time, energy, and money, let’s easily define your space. Instead of installing doors in your studio apartment, you can use curtains to create privacy, especially for sleeping areas. The light fabric is the best option for your curtain.

Curtains over doors from merrypad
Light curtains white from decoraid
Light gray curtains from idealhome

Loft Your Bed

If your studio has tall ceilings, loft your bed is a great way to save space and create some additional spaces underneath the loft – you can add a kitchen, eating area, or even a mini music studio.  

Create Optical Illusions

By bouncing the light around the room, glass furniture and mirrors can create an optical illusion and work magically to brighten up space and make it seem larger than it is. 

Glass coffee table from housely
Glass coffee table from housely

Make the Most of All Available Space

Create extra storage under your bed, or take advantage of the corner nook to be a double duty corner that serves as a dining table, desk for home office, and spot to hang out with your guest. 
The most important way to make your studio apartment seem bigger is to allow as much natural light as possible. Besides that, brighten your space with additional light, including table lamps, floor lamps, and string lights.

Storage under the bed from mykukun
Corner dinding table from smalldesignideas
Corner desk home office from cinexcellence
Wooden floor lamp from trenduhome
Metal floor lamp from trenduhome
Large window and floor lamp from studio-mcgee


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