Whether for a tiny patch or an expansive lawn of outdoor space, there is always something you can find to create a lovely space. These outdoor curtain ideas will shade you from the sun and provide privacy at the same time. First thing first— the material—not all curtains are made for outdoor use either it’s the fabric or the visually attractive factor. Read more to know more.

Select your Fabric

Make sure you are clear with the list of features to ask before choosing the material, such as the availability in the patterns and colors you desire or the resistant level to the elements of outdoor living including water and fade resistance. For aesthetic reasons, make sure it will hang beautifully.

Light blue curtains from homebnc
Long red curtain from homebnc

Patio Shades

There are a few ways to protect your space from sun damage. You can mount shades over your patio like creating an awning that is retractable so you can simply remove it every time you want to enjoy the open air. You can also hang shades like a sail, a better option for consistent shade needed.

The white screen curtains from housebeautiful
Light brown curtains from recognizealeader
White linen curtains from recognizealeader
The white curtains from recognizealeader
Long white sheer curtains from deavita.net

Aesthetical Drapes

The outdoor space is an ideal spot to sit and enjoy your favorite tea or coffee with friends and family. But when the sun is excessively blistering, outdoor drapes work very well to block out the light. It is one of the great outdoor curtain ideas to create a glamorous aesthetic look too. 

Long gold curtains from gardenedit
White curtains from gardenedit
Outdoor gazebo drapes ideas design home ideas outdoor cabana curtains
Outdoor cabana curtains from recognizealeader
Long red curtains from recognizealeader
Linen brown curtains from recognizealeader

Pergola Curtain

Imagine relaxing underneath a luxurious oasis made from a stunning wooden pergola, especially for summer entertaining. Complete the perfection by adding an outdoor curtain to save your moment when the sun is shining bright right into your eyes.

Pergola with brown curtains from architectureartdesigns
White sheer pergola curtains from architectureartdesigns
Green curtains on the pergola fromarchitectureartdesigns
Red curtains on white pergola from architectureartdesigns
Wooden pergola with yellow curtains from architectureartdesigns
Long green curtains from architectureartdesigns
Long white tied curtains from architectureartdesigns

Outdoor Blinds

You can install blinds on your pergola or over the opening of your porch. It’s a perfect choice to block more sunlight, can be lowered and raised to create shade that you need.

Striped blind curtain from pycawnings
Transparen blind from hipages
Black pullout curtains from betterhousekeeper
Black blind curtains from realestate

Your home deserves a privacy outdoor to define your space between you and the neighbors, but it doesn’t mean you have to build walls. These outdoor curtain ideas will turn your outdoor space into a private oasis.

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